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Chapter 250 – Unexpected Report of Victory (2)

Lu Fang and Lu Jing on the other side curled their lips at the scene before them. They preferred to present themselves in a primp and proper manner, lest the others not perceive them as a miss of a wealthy family.

“I like Yaoyao. I’m happy to see her.” The old madam said with a smile.

“Grandmother seems to be in a very good mood today, what’s there to be particularly happy about?” a beaming Ye Zhen asked.

“We just received good news about your eldest brother. The rebellion in the west will soon be quelled.” Old Madam Lu patted Ye Zhen’s hand. With such reports of victory about her grandson, the old madam was, no doubt, in the best of her moods for the past two months.

Deep inside, Ye Zhen was somewhat shocked, and the smile on the corners of her mouth nearly froze. “Eldest Brother won the battle?”

“Yes, the battle is won. Your eldest brother will be back soon,” Old Madam Lu said with a smile.


This was different from what she knew when she wandered in the palace as a spirit for two years. Ye Zhen did not expect the happenings to deviate to such an extent.

Why is Lu Lingzhi not hurt? He should have been injured!

Lu Shixun revealed a faint smile. “It’s a good thing for this family that they won the battle.”

As Lu Wushuang was put in limbo, many people in the capital thought that the Lu Family was going to fall out of favor and crash. With Lu Lingzhi’s victory, they believed that they could stand tall again and the people who were deadset on the family’s downfall would change their minds.

“I hope this will also help the wang fei,” Lu Shiming said.

Ah, those words did not go down well with Ye Zhen.

Lu Wushuang had been confined for over a month now. If it were to continue, with the xiunu selection underway, she would as soon become one of the many concubines losing the favour and stature she had up until now enjoyed.

She had hoped she would continue being confined and at odds with the emperor until the xiunu gained his favour. She was sure, given the wang fei’s personality, she would certainly clash with the girls and lose her standing further and further. But the concubines had yet to be chosen, if her confinement were to be lifted, who was to say she would not regain Mo Rongzhan’s favour?

“Grandmother, can we go to the palace to visit our elder sister?” The little girl sitting next to Old Madam Lu asked innocently.

Ye Zhen looked at the little girl. She was Lu Shixun’s daughter. She turned five this year. She looked very cute and adorable with her pink puffy cheeks. However, she looked a lot like Lu Wushuang.

Old Madam Lu said smilingly, “We should be able to visit the wang fei soon.”

“Great! I haven’t seen my elder sister for a long time.” Lu Tong clapped cheerfully.

Ye Zhen couldn’t vent her heart, she took the little girl over and poked the bun on her head. “You only like Elder Sister, don’t you like me?”

“I like you! Tong’er likes Third Sister too,” Lu Tong said hurriedly.

“Hmm, that’s more like it.” Ye Zhen added with a mischievous smile. “If you don’t like me, I won’t give you a cake next time.”

Although she seemed to be talking to the little girl, Ye Zhen’s mind was fast at work– Would Mo Rongzhan really lift Lu Wushuang’s confinement? With the way he weighs situations, he might actually do so.

“There is still one more thing to celebrate.” Liu Shi, who had been sitting beside Old Madam Lu reluctantly declared.

Ever since she was ordered by the old madam to stay in the house to recuperate, this was the first time she went to the mansion’s main hall. After the old madam had reprimanded her, she did not dare to talk recklessly.

Old Madam Lu asked sedately, “Do you have anything to say?”

“It’s Fang’er’s wedding. The Liang Family is coming to propose marriage in two days.” Liu Shi smiled as she spoke. Seeing Lu Fang on one side bowing her head bashfully, a hint of gloom flashed past her eyes.

“Who gave you the permission to betroth Fang’er?” Old Madam Lu’s good mood was suddenly destroyed and she asked Liu Shi calmly, containing her anger.

Liu Shi’s smile froze. “Mother, Fang’ er is not too young. What is wrong with Marquis Liang? It’s not bad for Fang’er to marry him.”

Old Madam Lu smirked in extreme anger. “You really are capable … You’ve been staying in the house to recuperate and were still able to settle Fang’er’s marriage to the Liang Family. I don’t agree with this marriage!”

Liu Shi’s complexion changed. “Mother, what is wrong with this marriage?”

She had thought that the old woman would welcome this proposal based on the Liang Family’s status. Though it was not the girl she had initially intended it for, it was still the family her Shuang’er had chosen. She had come to terms with it, but now this old woman was creating obstacles.

When Lu Fang heard the old madam’s words, her face turned pale as she bit her lip and bowed her head in grievance.

“The misses in the Lu Family don’t need to be second wives of a widower.” Old Madam Lu declared.

“Mother, please don’t get angry. If you are not satisfied with Fang’er’s engagement, we can look for someone until you feel satisfied. Now our Lu Family is very different from before, there must be a lot of young men we can choose from for our family’s girls,” Liu Shi said to the old madam with a smile.