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Chapter 210 – A Dissatisfied Emperor (1)

By the time Ye Zhen stepped out of the Palace of Heavenly Purity, it was still some time before dawn. Keeping her head down, she raced to the Little Prince’s residence. Thankfully, she did not encounter anyone.

Madam Nuan had been waiting outside the door. Upon the sight of a scurrying figure, she rushed forward and took a quick glance around. Finding no one in sight, she asked in a low voice, “Miss Lu, are you all right?”

This old hand had spent the entire time Ye Zhen was away, waiting for her. She had mixed feelings all along. On one hand, she was worried about the little girl’s plight, on the other curious as to why the emperor had summoned her. She had not been able to discern anything from Eunuch Ford’s conduct either.

“I am fine.” Ye Zhen nodded gently, and together they went back to the Little Prince’s residence.

Eunuch Ford was a man of discretion and the emperor’s most trusted aide. When he brought Ye Zhen out of the Little Prince’s place, he had done so with utmost caution. So much so, that even the clothes that she had worn were not without a thought.

That said, despite the precautions, Lu Wushuang had caught a whiff and quite quickly. She had arrived at the emperor’s chambers relatively swiftly and even knew that it was a maiden who had been brought out of Little Prince’s residence and by the hands of his most loyal servant nonetheless. This pointed to just one thing: there was a spy in the ranks taking note of the goings-on at the young prince’s residence. It was quite an alarming fact, but not unexpected given her personality.

Madam Nuan carefully looked at the young lady by her side. Her practiced eyes concluded that she did not seem to have served someone in bed. She let out a breath she knew not she was holding.

She asked in a whisper, “What did His Majesty summon you for?”

Ye Zhen took a moment to consider before replying. The person asking her was not only trusted by the empress dowager, she did not feel any ill-will from her either. Thus, she did not feel like concealing.

“Today, the emperor ate some of the medicated diet I made for the Little Prince and felt uneasy in his eyes. He asked me to come over and inquired about the medicated diet.” She spoke in a low voice.

“Is the emperor all right?” Madam Nuan was panic-stricken, knowing all too well that if anything were to happen to the emperor, Lu Yaoyao would be held responsible.

Sensing her anxiety, Ye Zhen quickly put her at ease. “He is fine. If there is something wrong, would I have returned?” Then, she said with a smile, “Madam Nuan, you have waited for me for a long time… please rest now. I am fine.”

Madam Nuan was relieved. “Oh it is nothing. You take your rest too. It will be dawn soon.”

It was better to get some little rest as at daybreak they would have to prepare breakfast for the Little Prince.

Ye Zhen smiled and nodded, she was tired. “Alright.”

Having gone back to her room, Ye Zhen made up for her lost sleep. She was in a good mood, a smile graced her childlike face–unexpectedly she had witnessed something she had longed for…

For two years she had wandered about as a ghost in the palace, and never had she seen anything but doting for Lu Wushuang. Mo Rongzhan had held her in his palm and treasured her with his life. She alone knew the torment she went through witnessing this everyday. How she wished to rip the mask and tear apart that unending affection!

But tonight, the woman who had robbed her of everything, Lu Wushuang, had at last fallen out of favor. If she had not become Lu Yaoyao, perhaps the conniving woman would have continued to be favored. Her rebirth and transmigration, it seemed, still had an impact. She was satisfied.

However, she was no fool. She knew the emperor best. And his stand tonight was a testimony to his thoughts. Ye Zhen was clear that Lu Wushuang still had her uses. Otherwise, Mo Rongzhan would not have just confined her. His reason was clear as day: Lu Lingzhi. This man was on an expedition and was an important character in the overall power play.

Mo Rongzhan was a capable emperor. Time and again, he had proven his mettle. Be it in the battlefield or the court intrigue, he had handled things with aplomb. He was an experienced player, he knew how to weigh situations and fetch loyalty- through means fair and foul.

Regardless, seeing Lu Wushuang being punished, Ye Zhen was still elated. After all, this was just the beginning.

Compared to Ye Zhen’s bright mood, Mo Rongzhan’s was quite the opposite.

That innocent face, those caustic words… such an uncanny combination! The whole scenario kept playing in his mind. He had been outrightly rejected, his conjectures proven wrong. How could anyone be in a good mood?

“Your Majesty, would you like to have a rest?” Eunuch Ford asked in a low voice.

He sent Lu Wushuang back to the Palace of Earthly Tranquility, and brought Dai Ping and her lackeys to the Imperial Household Department to serve their punishment. Only then did he return to the Palace of Heavenly Purity.

A gloomy voice asked, “Has Lu Yaoyao returned to the Little Prince’s residence?”

“Replying to the emperor, Miss Lu has gone back to the Little Prince’s residence.” He thought that his master seemed to care about that young girl.

Mo Rongzhan pursed his lips. For as long as he remembered Lu Yaoyao’s expression of despise to his sovereignty, his rage would surge.

“Bring those *Xiunu albums.”

[T/N: Xiunu album is a collection of portraits for the Xiunu (elegant females) selection, where emperors choose their imperial consorts]

There was no need to take a woman’s opinion to heart. He was the ruler, the supreme commander of this country. What kind of woman would not want his eminence?

“Yes, Your Majesty.”