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Chapter 171 – Division of Classes (2)

“I heard … she cheated her way to earn Marquis Tang’s silver whip…” Someone whispered.

To Ye Zhen’s defense, Sun Wen scolded them, “Shameless? It is you who are shameless! Which family are you from? Didn’t your parents teach you what propriety is? How can such people become students of this college?”

“It’s none of your business. Do you even know what you are doing? Do you even know who you are talking to?”

Sun Wen rested her hands on her hips. “If you hadn’t run up to us like a madman, I wouldn’t have cared about you, Huang Fuxiang. Why are you so jealous?”

Ye Zhen loosened her already clenched fists and watched Huang Fuxiang’s eyes lose confidence.

“What did you say? Who do I need to be jealous of?” Huang Fuxiang became angry from embarrassment and glared at Sun Wen. She then turned to Ye Zhen. “Lu Yaoyao, hand over my cousin’s silver whip!”

Cousin? Is this Huang Fuxiang Tang Zhen’s cousin?

Ye Zhen grinned, but her eyes were somewhat mocking. “Just because you are Tang Zhen’s cousin, do you think that you have the right to demand his silver whip? I won the whip on a fair game.”

Huang Fuxiang stared jealously at Ye Zhen’s face, “Yes! I have the right to do so!”

“Did he order you to retrieve back his silver whip for him?” Ye Zhen smiled widely. “I would have never thought that a marquis could never accept defeat. But it was so considerate of you to sympathize with him, really.”

She only knew that Tang Zhen was an orphan, but she didn’t know that he had relatives in the capital who seemed very familiar with Liu Hua.

Huang Fuxiang listened to Ye Zhen’s words, and she lost all colors from her face. Her original intention was just to let everyone know that Lu Yaoyao was a shameless person, and she never wanted to bring trouble to Tang Zhen’s reputation. Now, Ye Zhen had turned the tables and made it look like she brought trouble to her cousin.

“Miss Lu is really eloquent. No wonder even the Princess Liu Hua is no match to you.” An older woman made herself known. She raised her eyebrows and gave Ye Zhen a hard look. “I hope your skills are as good as your eloquence.”

When Huang Fuxiang saw the woman, she brightened up in an instant, glad to have someone rescue her from Ye Zhen’s skillful strike. “Sister Su!”

Su Xinmei nodded and looked at all the people around. “Sit down, everyone. You don’t want to cause trouble just after the classes start! I hope you remember that no matter how prominent your family background is, you are all equal when you enter this school. I am an elder teacher, Miss Su Xinmei. If you don’t understand anything, please come and ask me. For today, I’ll give you books to transcribe. Afterward, you can walk around the school halls and have a look at the medicines displayed. In the future, if you study hard, you will learn how to use all of them.”

Everyone heard Su Xinmei say that she was an elder teacher, so they dared not take liberties any more and obediently returned to their seats. Huang Fuxiang gave Ye Zhen a proud look and turned away with a snort.

Ye Zhen had just sat down when Chen Jinru behind her whispered to her, “The Huang family adopted sister Su before.”

No wonder Huang Fuxiang can be so fearless! Ye Zhen realized the girl’s atrocious behavior.

Her first day in the college seemed a little different from what she had imagined. When she was the Wang fei Ye, no one dared to challenge her. Now she was only Lu Yaoyao, and almost everyone underestimates her.

Su Xinmei started to hand books to each of the students. They would need to transcribe any books they borrow from the library.

Books are rare, and good books are even rarer. The books in the library were all leftover from a hundred years old library and are well preserved. Therefore, everyone who transcribes them must be careful. If the books were damaged, the college would not let the student responsible go unpunished.

“Everyone has a book on hand, which is the basic introduction to herbs.” Su Xinmei’s voice was clear and crisp. “Tomorrow, this teacher will take you to the medical field, but as early as now, memorize the herbs found in the book I have given you.”

Ye Zhen browsed through the book and found that she had already learned all the herbs in it. It was not difficult to remember them.

“Now you can walk around the school hall.” Su Xinmei said.

Huang Fuxiang stood up and said to Su Xinmei, “Sister Su, can you accompany us? We don’t know the way.”

Su Xinmei gladly stood up. “Of course, let’s go.” This favoritism made Huang Fuxiang even prouder, throwing a smug look to Ye Zhen’s way. Then, all the girls she befriended followed her and Su Xinmei out.

“She thinks so highly of herself! Argh!” Sun Wen said, thoroughly annoyed.

“Sister Su grew up with the Huang family, and it is only natural that she should be nice to Huang Fuxiang.” Chen Jinru told her.

“Let’s go out too.” Ye Zhen veered the topic. There was no use of mulling over someone whom she deemed unimportant. She only wanted to learn and become a female medical doctor in the future.

“Lu Yaoyao!” Just when Ye Zhen thought that she could finally be at peace and walk the halls of the school in absolute serenity, she saw Gao Xueping coming up to them with heavy steps.

“Miss Gao, what can I do for you?” Ye Zhen couldn’t help but frown in sheer disappointment.

“Do you want to live inside the school premises too?” Gao Xueping looked at her coldly, her head slightly tilted upward to show her dominance.

“Does this have anything to do with Miss Gao?” Ye Zhen asked with a faint smile.

Her snarky response made Gao Xueping lose all her cool, and she burst out without control. “I don’t want to live with you! Move out and live with others!”

Ye Zhen was shocked. Unexpectedly, she was arranged to live with Gao Xueping! “Miss Gao can move out if she doesn’t want to be in the same room as me.”

“There is only one room between, why should I move out?” Gao Xueping said proudly.

The dormitories in the college were also divided into different kinds, and the best ones were occupied by at least two people. Pei Shi naturally chose the best for her daughter.

Ye Zhen only calmly smiled, “Miss Gao, as you said, there is only one room. Why should I move out instead of you?”