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Chapter 147 – Inevitable

“Wang Fei, I will have the secret recipe sent to you. No matter what you do, you must think twice.”

“Are you afraid I will do something that will bring trouble to the Lu family?” Lu Wushuang asked in a somewhat defiant tone.

Old Madam Lu sighed, shook her head and said, “I’m not afraid for the family’s reputation but rather for your brother’s efforts. I just hope you don’t get involved in any trouble that would cause him something.”

When Lu Lingzhi was mentioned, Lu Wushuang’s former ire curbed. “How can I bring trouble to him?”

“Wang Fei, to let our family have a strong foothold in the capital, he begged the emperor to allow him to join the war while he is still wounded. Must all his sacrifices be wasted just because the Wang Fei’s recklessness?”

“Grandma, I know, I just … I’m sad to hear that the Emperor will marry another woman soon, so I want to have a baby before that.” Lu Wushuang bit her lip, and her heart felt like being poked by needles when she thought of Mo Rongzhan anointing another woman as his concubine.

Sympathy in her eyes, Old Madam Lu took her hand. “My dear, the Emperor is destined to have three official wives and four concubines. It is inevitable. As long as he still has you in his heart, it is enough.”

“Mmm.” Lu Wushuang took a deep breath, still unconvinced by her grandmother’s words.

What things can I not do now that I have reached this far? She said to herself, feeling unwilling to sit idle while the emperor loses his interest in her.

In the first place, she was able to take credit from the Wang Fei Ye Zhen, it’s not possible to succeed this time..

I will be the only one in the Emperor’s heart…

Old Madam Lu visited Lu Wushuang, not only for the purpose of assisting Ye Zhen but she also liked to talk Lu Wushuang into helping her attain marriage prospects for several of her unmarried granddaughters.

But when she saw Lu Wushuang crestfallen face, she chose to be silent.

“By the way grandma, have the third sister already received a marriage proposal?” Lu Wushuang asked indifferently, pretending not to care.

Having witnessed her cousin’s beauty, she felt the need to betroth Ye Zhen as soon as possible for her heart to be finally at ease.

“Not yet, but Yao Yao is still young and has just entered college. Two years will still have to pass before she graduates from the college. Besides, Fang-er and Jing-er remains unmarried in the family and is expected to marry before her.”

Lu Wushuang nodded.

“I’d like to set marriages for several of my younger sisters, but eldest brother said that my palace should not intervene with these things. He has his own plans.” Lu Wushuang said with a smile, “It’s just that Yao Yao is so good-looking, and I don’t know what kind of marriage is suitable for her in the future.”

Old Madam Lu glanced at her and with carefulness, she chose her words.

“Yao Yao has a beautiful face. The rest of her, I’m afraid, she won’t get a marriage within the palace. Nonetheless, it will still be nice to see her be a part of a small family soon.” From Lu Wushuang’s words, she knew right away what she was insinuating—she’s afraid that Ye Zhen would be her rival in the emperor’s heart.

“But with the Lu family’s acquired nobility, it is not possible.”

Old Madam Lu sighed in her heart. Even being at a high position and living in nothing but luxury, her granddaughter was still too narrow-minded and envious.

Just as she was about to get up and bid goodbye, a maid-in-waiting sought an audience, “Reporting to the Wang Fei, Aunt Cheng is here.”

For this, Lu Wushuang was utterly surprised. “Please invite her in.”

Aunt Cheng is a confidant of the Empress Dowager and had followed and served her since she was a child. For everyone in the palace, her identity was special that even Lu Wushuang had great respect for her.

From outside came a woman in her forties, round and white. She had a kind smile on her face, which made everyone around her feel at ease.

“Greetings to the Wang Fei.” Aunt Cheng curtsied to Lu Wushuang as soon as she entered.

Lu Wushuang’s head lifted with an exuberant, proud smile. “Aunt Cheng, what brings you here? You should’ve sent one of the maids if you have something to relay to this palace. But if the Empress Dowager has something to tell me, I’d like to trouble you to come here in person.”

The latter nodded, then saluted to Old Madam Lu upon noticing her presence.

“The Empress Dowager knew that Old Madam Lu is visiting the palace of the Wang Fei today. She thinks that she hadn’t seen the madam for a long time and desires to have a small talk with her.”

From Lu Wushuang’s smile, it can be said that she was pleased by this message. The Empress Dowager rarely accepts visit so her inviting her grandma was an honor.

“—she also heard that Third Miss Lu is here, so she has invited her as well. Since the Third Miss Lu saved the little prince, the Empress Dowager has been wanting to see her.”