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Chapter 123 – Game of Trickery and Deceit (2)

At this moment, everyone audibly gave series of stunned “Ooohhh.” Princess Liu Hua looked satisfied, she bore a smug look as the crowd marveled at the magnanimous wealth she was willing to risk.

“Marquis Tang, how many silver taels do you have now?” Ye Zhen turned to ask Tang Zhen. She didn’t want to take this bet too seriously because her confidence was high.

However, the competition morphed into a game of trickery and deceit. The teacher in front of her was clearly loyal to Princess Liu Hua and there was no way she would let her pass the exam.

Princess Liu Hua used her power well. Having two puppet teachers in the college, she personally instructed them to forbid Ye Zhen from entering the college.

On the other hand, Ye Zhen didn’t want to bring trouble to Princess Liu Hua but the latter was seeking trouble herself.

Tang Zhen made one of his eunuchs take out 2,000 silver taels. “2,000 taels, is this enough?”

Giving a grateful smile, Ye Zhen borrowed it and said to the princess. “This is my bet. Will you accept this?”

Liu Hua smiled contemptuously. “As long as you say so, this princess will accept it.”

“One to twenty, that’s what you said.” Ye Zhen gave the silver taels to the maid of Princess Liu Hua.

“It depends on whether you have the ability to win the money.” Liu Hua sneered and looked at the two examination teachers.

The other students who have finished the examination all watched the scene and couldn’t tell what kind of results Ye Zhen would get in the end.

Among them, Sun Wen was the most nervous. She was afraid that Ye Zhen would not pass the examination. It would cause great humiliation to her and her family.

“Your Highness, please be my witness that the princess has charged me 2,000 taels. In her words, If I can enter the academy, she will have to compensate 20 times this amount of money.”

Mo Rongyi patted his chest and announced with a loud voice. “The prince is the living witness!”

Ye Zhen nodded with satisfaction and saluted the two teachers. “Teachers, please rate my performance.”

The two teachers looked at each other in the eye. the examiner cleared her throat and said, “Although your drums were excellent, they are not the orthodox method of taking the exam. That should be dancing on drums, not performing musical instruments. I will give you a B.”

Princess Liu Hua heard these words and the corners of her mouth lifted up..

Of all the reactions people expected from someone who fails, Ye Zhen’s was the most different—she smiled sweetly and held her head high.

“Teachers, have you forgotten that drum dancing is part of musical art? Why is my drum dance not orthodox? Unless the two of you have forgotten what the six arts are all about? “

The so-called six arts of China involves Calligraphy, Mathematics, Archery, Charioteering, Music, and Etiquette. Among the six arts, music was the most diverse as examinees could use numerous instruments such as harp, pipa, piano, drums, zither and more.

Her drum dance was perfectly matched.

“If you two say that I can’t dance well on the drum, then this student have to disagree,” Ye Zhen said lightly.

Tang Zhen decided to intervene, “Why don’t we ask the college dean of her opinion?” The college dean was a woman whom Princess Liu Hua couldn’t intimidate with her silvers.

“There is no need to invite the dean! We—we are narrow-minded and didn’t expect Lu Yayao is going to perform by using drums!” One examiner said hastily and wrote an A on Ye Zhen’s test card.

Seeing this, Princess Liu Hua’s turned blue with anger and panic. “How can you change your decision that fast?!”

Ye Zhen sneered in her heart. Now, some teachers in the college had been replaced with dense, undignified educators. No wonder Mister Shan insisted on leaving and did not want to stay to teach.