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Liu Zhongtian\'s pair of eyes was almost spewing fire. Wei Qiqi really was a woman that\'s hard to control. One couldn\'t even see her shadow in the manor. Did she still treat herself as the Royal Concubine here?

"I\'ve waited for you in the manor for one whole day. Where did you run off to?"

"Shopping, joining in the fun, chatting. Oh right, I spent 6 hours teaching the guards how to ride the bicycle!" Qiqi said embarra.s.singly, "I forgot about the time!"

"You are a Royal Concubine now, why are you still so wild. Teaching the guards how to cycle, they are men. Do you know that men and women aren\'t supposed to be close?" Liu Zhongtian thought about the manner of her teaching them how to cycle and he became full of rage.

"Outdated thinking!" Qiqi climbed up and touched her stomach, "I\'m hungry. I\'ll eat first. You can lecture me later!"

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi\'s figure and felt pity and hate. She actually even forgot about eating while playing. He walked briskly to the door front, pushing open the door and calling the maid over.

"Bring the dishes for the Royal Concubine!"

"Yes" The maid left.

Xiaotao very quickly brought the dishes in and put it on the table. She stole a look at Qiqi. Wei Qiqi playfully extended her tongue. Xiaotao covered her mouth and laughed. When she noticed the Duke\'s furious expression, she immediately retreated.

"I\'m so famished!" Wei Qiqi sat down and began gulfing down the food. Liu Zhongtian sat helplessly beside her, focusing his eyes on her.

"I\'ll call for the palace ladies tomorrow to teach you about etiquette!"

"Etiquette!" Qiqi was frantic and she spat out the rice in her mouth, spewing it on Liu Zhongtian\'s face. Liu Zhongtian was shocked. There was actually such an unruly woman.

"Sorry!" Qiqi gulped down the rice in her mouth, frantically using her hands to wipe off the rice grains on Liu Zhongtian\'s face. Liu Zhongtian grabbed her hands.

"Tomorrow, if you don\'t learn properly, then don\'t even think of stepping out of this door!"

Wei Qiqi was originally apologetic. When she heard his words, she became furious, "I\'m not learning! And I tell you, I\'m not your woman. I will leave here sooner or later."

"You are not my woman? What nonsense are you saying?" Liu Zhongtian was angered.

"Right, I\'m a free person. I want to live my own free life, leaving you, the manor and never coming back. I\'ll let the decree see ghost, the Duke see ghost, and the concubine to see ghost too!" Wei Qiqi stood up and proudly looked at Liu Zhongtian\'s eyes, "You\'re not my ideal man, hence Wei Qiqi\'s body and heart are free!"


"Yes, I\'ll become the Great Han\'s most free, most blissful and most spectacular woman." Wei Qiqi smiled and pranced around Third Duke, before running out quickly.

The Great Han\'s most free, most blissful, most spectacular woman? Wei Qiqi\'s ambition was not small. Was it really so difficult to be Liu Zhongtian\'s Royal Concubine? He clenched his fists and viciously smashed the table.

As a man, Liu Zhongtian wanted to gain back his pride. Since they were married, she would forever be his concubine. It was not okay to find another man, nor to leave the manor. It was even more preposterous to belittle her husband. Her heart can only have Liu Zhongtian, hence she must become his woman, a real woman.

Wei Qiqi washed off the dirt on her body, comfortably stretching her waist. She pushed open her own room\'s door, deeply breathing in the fresh air. Unlucky Duke, he was so powerful yet couldn\'t deal with her. Qiqi\'s head fell on the soft big bed, happily playing with her own hair. The Great Han\'s Chang-an was not bad, but the Third Duke was a bit domineering.

At this moment, the door was pushed opened. Liu Zhongtian walked in. He took off his robe and walked to the front of the bed. He sat beside Qiqi and extended his leg, lying slanted.

"Ma.s.sage this Duke\'s legs!"

"Hey, this is not your room, you can\'t enter anyhow you please! And it\'s so late, it\'s not convenient." Qiqi frantically sat up, but was pulled to the bed by Liu Zhongtian. His eyes were full of smiles as he looked at Qiqi.

"Ma.s.sage my legs, here!"

"This is not the military camp, neither are you a marshal. Why did you ask me to ma.s.sage your legs?" Qiqi looked at the clothes on her body. She then extended her snow white arms and unwillingly ma.s.saged. Her mouth was mumbling something in protest.

"You are now my Royal Concubine, hence it\'s right to serve me. Don\'t tell me n.o.body told you how you should speak to your husband?"

"Serve you? Please you? Scared of you?" Wei Qiqi viciously pinched Liu Zhongtian\'s leg. That was how she treated her husband. Liu Zhongtian jumped up in pain. He furiously grabbed Wei Qiqi\'s hands.

"Don\'t tell me that you don\'t know the three rules and four virtues? Ugly and unruly!"

"Yes, I don\'t know that. My brain doesn\'t have those concepts!" Qiqi couldn\'t break free from Liu Zhongtian\'s grip. She stared into Liu Zhongtian\'s eyes, "My grandfather only told me that I must use force when I see barbaric men, completely subjugating them, stepping them with my feet, letting them know who\'s the boss!"

"Your grandfather… taught you that?"

"Yes, I grew up in that kind of environment. How can you this old-fashioned Duke understand!"

"I say, looks like I need to spend a bit of time to let you know how a woman should submit to a man."

"How funny…" Qiqi covered her face and laughed, "Submitting to you? I have no interest at all!"

"Wei Qiqi!" Liu Zhongtian was infuriated with her mocking. How could this woman be so arrogant and not know propriety at all.

"It is laughable. In our place, a man like you is out of time. The men there are all doting on women. They will profess their love, going into the kitchen to cook something for the women they love. They will endure the women\'s unruly behavior. When the women are sad, they will comfort them and dote on them, never hitting them nor will they allow dreadful things to happen to them. That is a woman\'s world… that\'s human nature and common sense."

"You are talking about a woman\'s kingdom, and not the Great Han. Men go to war, while women must follow the three rules and four virtues! Women should serve men." Liu Zhongtian frowned.

"Then our views are seriously disjointed. Hence we need to sit down and talk!"

"Talk about what, take your time. Now that I don\'t need to go to war, I have lots of time to listen to you speak, however now…" Liu Zhongtian laid down on the bed, forcefully dragging Qiqi over. Qiqi was forced to lie on his body. She didn\'t know what to do.

"There\'s no way to discuss like this!"

"Then don\'t discuss! It\'s enough for you to do what a woman should do!" Liu Zhongtian took a whiff of her body fragrance and smiled lightly, "Why do you smell so good?"

"Duke!" Qiqi took the chance when he wasn\'t paying attention and escaped. She stood in front of the bed and said furiously, "I want freedom now. I don\'t want to be your concubine!"

Liu Zhongtian didn\'t bother about her at all and stood up, "The Emperor\'s decree has no room for you to refute. Stay here in the manor and be my concubine!"

"This is the topic that we must discuss." Wei Qiqi became uplifted in spirits. Since she couldn\'t return to her past life, she had to live properly in Great Han and not be subjected to manipulation.

"Speak!" Liu Zhongtian stared at Wei Qiqi\'s eyes and thought of the agreement which they signed. He involuntarily laughed.

"Since it\'s the Emperor\'s decree, it\'s difficult for me not to be a concubine. How about this, you give me some silver…"

"What do you need silver for?"

"To buy a house. At least I have a place to stay. I can see that you\'re quite rich, hence you should buy a bigger house. I like a s.p.a.cious and comfortable life. The remaining money can be used to do business!"

"This idea is not bad. Then?" Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi thoughtfully, what was this woman\'s brains stuffed with, to not be a Royal Concubine in the manor and want to do business.

Wei Qiqi seemed to see some hope, "If you have someone you like, you can marry her. I\'ll definitely not interfere. However if I have a man I like, I want to marry him!"

Liu Zhongtian\'s face instantly sunk. He frowned, "To marry someone else, Wei Qiqi, it\'s not the first time you\'re proposing this. Are you crazy! Having this Duke\'s woman marrying someone else, you think that I have no pride?"

"We have an agreement, you can\'t restrict me looking for happiness. I already can\'t go home, all the more I can\'t give up my lifetime happiness for an Emperor-dog!" Wei Qiqi didn\'t want to submit. That was their Emperor, not Wei Qiqi\'s.

"Emperor-dog? Wei Qiqi, are you done making a fuss!"

"No!" Qiqi grabbed Liu Zhongtian\'s hands and placed it on her own face, "Don\'t you think that I look horrifying like this? Everyone is scared till death. Do you want such a Royal Concubine? Aren\'t you afraid of people mocking you?"

"If I\'m scared, I won\'t bring you back. I would have let you die in the desert. Wei Qiqi, you better know your limits. I have already given in a lot!" Liu Zhongtian was furious. He liked this woman not for her looks. Such a foolish woman.

"However I don\'t care at all, your Han Yu concubine and Yun-er are waiting for you…" Qiqi immediately regretted it after speaking. Liu Zhongtian was already pinching her chin, extremely furious.

"You ugly woman, still dare to nitpick this Duke!"

"Not nitpicking, it\'s that I don\'t like you. I want to find a man that I like, to marry!"

"You are my concubine, destined to be my woman forever. For other men, I will kill one when I see one!" Liu Zhongtian carried Qiqi up and pressed her onto the bed, "I will make you give up on that thought forever!"

Wei Qiqi felt her own body sinking due to Liu Zhongtian\'s body weight, deeply entrenched within the bed. The man\'s eyes in front of her were full of rage and jealousy. He was angered.

"Duke…" Qiqi extended her snow white arms and flailed at him, her legs kicking non-stop. She was really scared. Could the Duke force it on her? However the more she struggled, the tighter she was held. Liu Zhongtian lowered his body, focusing on her eyes.

"Although you are ugly, you have something in you that is tempting this Duke, causing my heart to be unsettled. Hence I won\'t let you leave…Qiqi…be my woman forever, serving me for your whole life…"