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Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi thoughtfully. This ugly woman was eager to sell someone else out and rid herself of her responsibilities. However, she doesn’t understand this Duke\'s mind.

"Giving her a place of refuge was a past thought. Now, this Duke wants to reconsider!"

"Why? If I were you, I would bravely seek happiness. I’ll marry anyone I like. It is such an unfortunate thing to be together with someone that you don\'t like. Nothing can stop two people who are in love!"

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi in shock. She was young, yet her thinking was so weird. So bold, daring and without restraint. She was a woman who couldn\'t be stopped once she had set her sights on something. He admired this ugly woman, even leaning towards her weird perceptions, the exaggerated happiness theory.

"Is it that this Duke will not be able to stop you if you have someone you like!" Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi coldly. From her words, if she had someone she admired, she would stop at nothing to be with him?

"That is of course!" Wei Qiqi stood up and thought, "If I meet someone that I like, I\'ll follow him without hesitation, worshipping and loving him. No form of power will be able to stop us from being together!"

"Do you know what you are saying, furthermore in front of your husband? It is extremely disrespectful to talk about another man in front of me!" Liu Zhongtian thought that Qiqi had forgotten about her ident.i.ty as his Royal Concubine, to actually look forward to a blissful life with another man.

"Hey, you are the one who allowed me to speak, yet now you are blaming me!" Wei Qiqi was angry till she stomped her foot, turned around and walked towards the door.

Liu Zhongtian stood up and forcefully held her hand, "Where are you going?"

"To my own room!"

"Everything here is mine, where would there be your room." Liu Zhongtian pulled Qiqi into his embrace and lifted up her chin. He looked at the ugly face that was angry and embarra.s.sed, "I heard that you went through some major engineering. This Duke\'s house will probably fall. Let\'s go, show your husband what good thing Qiqi did?"

Wei Qiqi shook him off. Without a choice, she could only lead in front. Very quickly, she reached her own room and she lightly pushed open the door. Liu Zhongtian was filled with shock as he walked in. The scene in front of him caused him to be stupefied.

"Wei Qiqi is going to rebel…" Liu Zhongtian walked into the room. The original bed that was embedded into the walls were taken off. He saw a unique big wooden bed placed in the middle of the room. It had a milky white blanket, a milky color bedding, looking extremely soft and comfortable. It filled the room with a romantic atmosphere.

The four walls were painted with an elegant pink color. The floor was laid with a layer of smooth wooden boards. The floor in front of the bed was covered by a soft and thick carpet. That window had a milky white curtain hanging on it. The room even had a wooden dressing table. The most special thing was that the dressing table had a small round mirror standing on it. When Liu Zhongtian looked at the mirror, he had a shock. The mirror actually reflected a very clear image of the person, almost as if seeing his own half. It must be this little witch\'s plaything. It was hard to imagine that his Royal Concubine had created a miracle for him.

"These are all requested by you to do?"

"Yup, I didn\'t touch your room. The butler said that it is empty here, so I thought…" Qiqi drooped her head, her heart was ruminating. The Duke had so many rooms, yet he was so stingy about giving her one room. To think that he was a Duke?

Liu Zhongtian couldn\'t contain his laughter. He suddenly walked to Qiqi\'s front and teasingly carried her, "This Duke is not blaming you, however… this is such a big bed. It is a bit of a waste for only one person to use it!"