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Wei Qiqi arrived at the riverside and discovered that the water was very clean and clear. With such a beautiful site, she was tempted to jump straight in to bathe. Of course, it was something she could only dream of. The entire campsite was filled with men; it would be extremely inconvenient. Thus, she went on to scoop the water using the wooden bucket.

Vice lieutenant Liu came down to the river with several soldier. One out of the many shouted, "Hey, Wei Qiqi, why don\'t you jump down and take a bath!"

"Perhaps because his b.u.t.t bloomed flowers, that\'s why he can\'t wash, ha ha…" Another joined in to mock her.

"That\'s right, that\'s right!"

Qiqi suppressed her anger and carried the bucket of water up the river, a soldier pa.s.sed by and took a glance at the bucket.

"When beating others you\'re very strong, psh now carrying half a bucket of water like a woman!"

"If he\'s a woman then that\'s a huge problem; with that kind of figure he won\'t be able to wed haha!"

Qiqi placed the bucket of water down then placed her foot on top. She viciously glared at the surrounding soldiers including vice lieutenant Liu; if they continue to mock her, she would definitely not hesitate to beat them up. So what of the twenty other beatings?

"That\'s enough, don\'t cause anymore trouble. Let\'s go!" Vice lieutenant Liu felt that these soldiers were going too far. Fearing that they\'ll cause another mess especially provoking Wei Qiqi into beating them. If that brat received another 20 beatings, his b.u.t.t would be finished!

As the Vice lieutenant Liu led his men to leave, the wooden bucket flew a distance from Qiqi\'s kick and water splashed everywhere. Hateful, really hateful; she should’ve beaten them up to cool her temper down. But because of what Liu Zhong Tian said, she couldn’t bring herself to do it; it didn\'t seem like he said that just to scare people.

Qiqi came forth and back, in and out numerous times. The tiredness drenched her in sweat. Panting, she collapsed next to the wooden bathing barrel. She annoyingly looked towards Liu Zhong Tian by the table reading a book. Qiqi suspected that this man is a blockhead and he can be described as "cold-hearted and ruthless" but using the phrase "inhumane" was probably more appropriate.

"Done! The temperature is just right!" Qiqi felt that her back was going to break. She limped and crawled back to her resting area. As she was about to rest on her stomach, footsteps were heard coming from the outside. An elderly general came inside.

"w.a.n.gye, about raiding the xiong nu\'s camping barracks tonight, I think it is best if you don\'t go!"

"I have already made up my mind!"

"w.a.n.gye!" The elderly general was still not convinced with his Highness’s decision. He then pleaded Liu Zhong Tian to change his mind.

Liu Zhong Tian strode towards the middle of the tent before leaving. Qiqi did not know what those two were discussing about…

About half an hour later, Liu Zhong Tian returned. He then walked towards the wooden bathing barrell behind the folding screen. He touched the water and frowned in dismay.

"The water has gone cold, change it!" He then strode towards his table and continued to read.

Qiqi irritatedly glared at that hateful w.a.n.gye. Obviously coming back after half an hour, the water would become cold. It seemed like being a w.a.n.gye was truly a blessing; they can do whatever they want; be in great power and last of all be more imposing than inheritors like her Wei Qiqi.

Wei Qiqi crawled up and looked at Liu Zhong Tian. Besides reading and war, what else could he do? In her eyes, other than that, he\'s probably nothing but lives his life like a fool.

After all, the water still had to be changed. Once Wei Qiqi carried the last bucket of water inside, she had no strength left in her. Beads of sweat dripped down her forehead, displaying her exhaustion. She then punched the wooden bathing barrel to deliberately express her unhappiness.

Liu Zhong Tian went to the bathing barrel and tested the water, as soon as he took his hands out of the bathing barrel, a soldier ran inside, "Reporting to your Highness there\'s a serious matter, general Chi is waiting for your."

Liu Zhong Tian frowned and quickly rushed outside. The pitiful Wei Qiqi stepped towards the bathing barrel. d.a.m.n it! He won\'t ask her to change the water again right?

As expected, a soldier ran in and said, "Wei Qiqi, as w.a.n.gye ordered, change the water after half an hour. He will then return for a wash."

Qiqi infuriatingly laid her eyes on Liu Zhong Tian\'s empty study table as she imagined him sitting there smirking at her. Why should she endure him? She stomped her feet. She looked at the clear water in the bathing barrel; carrying water back and forth again and again was not an easy task. This Liu Zhong Tian really has a problem with his head.

After half an hour, Qiqi went to change the water but outside of the quarters still remained silent. This w.a.n.gye still has not returned. Liu Zhong Tian this b.a.s.t.a.r.d! She, Qiqi would really go crazy this time.

Her fatigued arms were trembling; she couldn\'t even hold an empty bucket in this state moreover to change the water. The exhaustion caused Qiqi to imagine Liu Zhong Tian returning and as soon as his hands touched the water, he would definitely say, "Change the water!"

Qiqi couldn\'t take this anymore, she decided to escape not wanting to stay back in this d.a.m.n campsite. Living her life like this, it was unbearable even if it’s just a day. After she thought through, she wore her back then touched her b.u.t.tocks. This rotten w.a.n.gye, he actually dared to punish her and ordered to change the water thrice. If by any chance she returns back to the modern era and have the opportunity to come back here, she would surely bring cannons and guns to shoot him into many pieces.