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The soldier trembled as he hid behind san w.a.n.gye and pointed towards Wei Qiqi.

"w.a.n.gye, it was him who beat us into this state! Your Highness, look, our injuries aren\'t light!"

Liu Zhong Tian fiercely looked at Wei Qiqi then ordered vice lieutenant from behind, "Let him know, what is the punishment for infighting?

Vice lieutenant Liu immediately seized this opportunity and c.o.c.kily knelt on one knee in front of Qiqi, "Fighting within the military, if light they\'ll be punished with twenty strokes, if severe they\'ll be immediately be executed on the spot!"

"He shall be punished with 20 strokes!" Liu Zhong Tian exclaimed ruthlessly. He then handed Qiqi over to vice lieutenant Liu, turned around and left the place.

Qiqi thought she had heard wrong, twenty strokes, that\'s no different than wanting her dead. What kind of principle is this? Heavenly G.o.d, please grant this little girl a stroke of lighting so she may travel back in time again!

Qiqi was brought to the punishment area; many had arrived earlier and were eager to witness Qiqi\'s punishment. When Qiqi saw the thick beating stick, she almost fainted. If something like this were to hit her, then her bottom would definitely bloom like a flower…

Vice lieutenant Liu went towards Qiqi\'s face and said, "Don\'t think because w.a.n.gye kept you by his side, you can be so arrogant! What now? You still have to take the punishment! The military laws are very strict, his Highness absolutely hates internal conflicts!"

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! If you dare hit me, I’ll definitely not let you live comfortably!"

"And you\'re still sharped tongued! Hit him!"

As soon as vice lieutenant Liu set his command, two soldiers aggressively appeared with their thick beating sticks, those two were the ones that had previously been beaten by Qiqi into a pulp. There was no hope, they wouldn’t go soft on her.

"Hold on!" Qiqi covered her b.u.t.t and grinned at vice lieutenant Liu, "You\'re doing it for real?"

"Such nonsense, military orders are as high as mountains! Hit him!"

(military orders are as high as mountains: it means both are equivalent suggesting that higher holds more power and value)

In an instant, Qiqi\'s b.u.t.t blossomed like a flower.

After Qiqi received her punishment of twenty strokes, many soldiers were still hanging around laughing on top of her head; she felt many spitted saliva onto her. Ever since she was a child no one dared to hit her, only she could hit others.

"Scram!" Qiqi roared, "Once I recover, I’ll make sure all of you meet your doom. You\'ll be beaten till your teeth roll out!"

They all looked at one another in fear that once this brat is recovered, he\'ll come and take on account of how to deal with them. Thus, they all fled in an imminent amount of time.

Qiqi continued to lie on the ground for a while, how could she endure such injustice? She wanted to die from such humiliation and unfairness. Her running tears and running nose constantly flowed down but she had no choice but to limp herself back to Liu Zhong Tian\'s quarters. Qiqi wanted to reason with that idiot. Who gave him the right to casually punish others? That matter alone cannot be faulted onto her! Those soldiers were also in the wrong. So if one were to be bullied, can they not resist against it?

Liu Zhong Tian saw Wei Qiqi return back to his quarters and saw that her hideous face displayed disdainfulness. Knowing that she\'s not convinced for her wrongdoings, he put down his book and said, "If you stir trouble again next, you\'ll be receiving forty strokes!"

"Why didn\'t you punish them, they bullied me!"

"You still dare talk back! I saw what had happened, it was not what you had just said!"

"If I see them again, I\'ll beat them to death and see if they can go and look for justice!"

If it’s like that next time, then I\'ll have you instantly beheaded!"

"Hmph! After all you\'re the unit commander (first in command), meaning that you\'re the law! You can say whatever suits you!" Qiqi left to her resting area and laid on her chest as she does not dare to sit. Her mouth was still mumbling and muttering nonsense, who knows what she was saying.

Liu Zhong Tian again exclaimed, "From now on, strictly obey military orders and avoid causing trouble within the barracks!"

Qiqi rested her head on her arms. Hmph! Those d.a.m.n rules, it had nothing to do with her. She\'s Wei Qiqi, who has no relation whatsoever with the military, she must hurry and return home.

Liu Zhong Tian ignored Qiqi’s protests. He walked to her side and saw her breathing heavily with her b.u.t.t sticking up. It seemed like those strokes weren\'t lightly hit, "Wait a bit, I\'ll go call the doctor to rub some ointment on you!"

"No need!" Qiqi lifted her head, "This injury is nothing serious, I don\'t need your concern!"

Liu Zhong Tian sneered, before his handsome face became serious, "Nothing serious? Good, then fill up my wooden bathing barrel later. I want to bathe! The temperature must be fairly warm…also" Liu Zhong Tian gave a little flick onto Qiqi\'s forehead and continued, "You should wash yourself clean first before preparing the water for me!"

Wei Qiqi was enraged and turned her head to the opposite way, gnashing and grinding her teeth. She was beaten into such a state and she had to prepare his bath water? A wealthy daughter of Wei Corporations unintentionally wandered to the Han dynasty just to become someone else’s lacky? She angrily stood up. Being currently trapped under the boundaries of Liu Zhong Tian\'s control, she must endure this.