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The thin blanket was unable to cover her body\'s curves. Just looking at her posture which was like a demon\'s charms, one would feel that she was definitely a top-cla.s.s beauty. However she was an ugly woman. Yet in Liu Zhongtian\'s eyes, it was no longer about being pretty or ugly. That body that was full of temptations caused him to be in a flurry.

Liu Zhongtian caressed Wei Qiqi\'s thin arms and smooth skin. His heart was trembling in excitement. The pa.s.sions and desires that were hard to curb rushed forth through his nerves. He heaved deeply and pulled down the snow white blanket off Qiqi\'s body. In an instant, all was revealed. A mysteriously beautiful woman was explicitly displayed in front of Liu Zhongtian.

Liu Zhongtian felt dizzy. Blood was continuously rushing forth within him. He couldn\'t endure it and laid down. As long as his lips touched that woman\'s skin, the latter matters would be hard to resolve. He no longer wanted to control these pa.s.sionate desires. This woman belonged to him. To possess her at this moment was nothing immoral.

"Rotten.. Duke…Irritating Duke…"

As she dream, Qiqi waved her hands and smacked onto Liu Zhongtian\'s face. It woke Liu Zhongtian up, who had been controlled by his desires. He straightened his body and furiously looked at the naked woman on the bed. Is he really going to take advantage of her? This was not the behaviour of a gentleman. Even if he wanted, it had to be when she was awake.

Liu Zhongtian quickly pulled the blanket and covered Wei Qiqi\'s white body. He began to examine his own heart. Could he have fallen for this ugly woman? Or did he begin to hallucinate about her perfect body? No matter what, Liu Zhongtian had to admit that his desires for Wei Qiqi was much stronger than for other women. No medicine can cure him.

Liu Zhongtian pinched his forehead and forced himself to leave the bed. If he slept with her tonight on the bed, he would not be able to control himself to simply just hug her. Moreover, Wei Qiqi was reluctant. She even cursed him while dreaming.

Liu Zhongtian was also very tired. Ever since he tied Wei Qiqi up yesterday, he hadn\'t slept yet. The tired him could only sleep on the table. It was actually so hard to be a gentleman.

Wei Qiqi had a very long and comfortable sleep. She opened her eyes and stretched her body. What? She looked curiously at those two smooth jade arms of hers and was stunned. She looked left and right. Where were her clothes? Wei Qiqi sat up in shock. The blanket rolled down at this moment. Oh my G.o.d! Qiqi quickly pulled the blanket up. Her mind was blank.

"Wear your clothes!" Liu Zhongtian threw some clothes to Qiqi, "You slept in the wooden bucket yesterday, hence…"

" You…d.a.m.nit, how could you? This pervert, Liu Zhongtian!" Qiqi was extremely embarra.s.sed. She was holding the blanket with one hand and trying to hit Liu Zhongtian with the other. To actually dare to peep at her, he must have seen everything. This irritating Duke.

"This Duke kind-heartedly carry you onto the bed, but you don\'t know how to appreciate and act so rudely!" Liu Zhongtian furiously grabbed Wei Qiqi\'s long and slender arms. Those arms were gentle and smooth, nearly escaping his grasp.

"I don\'t believe that you didn\'t take a look."

"Whether you believe or not, what can you do?" Liu Zhongtian laughed lightly. If she was seen by the Duke, she should be happy. Which man would want such an ugly woman?

"Rotten Duke, big lecher!"

"Lecher? Wei Qiqi, don\'t you forget, you are this Duke\'s Royal Concubine. Even if I have seen it, there\'s nothing wrong about it!"

Liu Zhongtian felt that he had pampered Wei Qiqi too much. How could he let this ugly la.s.s manipulate him? There was no woman who dared to be so rampant in front of Liu Zhongtian. He furiously extended his hand, grabbed Qiqi\'s blanket and pulled it down. The blanket rolled off Qiqi\'s hands. Her amazing figure was instantly displayed. Pa.s.sion stirred up fire, and there was unlimited temptation.