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Liu Zhongtian instructed the soldiers to prepare the water and speedily carried Wei Qiqi back into the big tent. Someone was going to die? She really knew how to describe the situation. Looks like she is still a woman, unable to deal with such a little hardship.

"I want a drink!" Qiqi feebly extended her hand.

Liu Zhongtian pa.s.sed the water over and Qiqi gulped it down, nearly choking. Liu Zhongtian patted her softly, "Drink slowly!"

"Eat, I wanna eat something!" Qiqi gave him a cold look. Slowly? I\'m thirsty to death. Why don\'t I try tying him to a wooden pole for one day and one night? He would surely be even more thirsty and hungrier. This hypocritical rotten egg a Duke with a wolf\'s heart.

Wei Qiqi ate voraciously. When she was finally full, she comfortably stretched herself. Although it was hard to keep her eyelids open, her whole body was sticky. She looked around. It seemed that bathing water was prepared. However… she glanced at Liu Zhongtian.

Liu Zhongtian understood her intentions immediately, "I\'ll go out for a while and will return in two hours!"

That was more like a Duke that was kind-hearted. After seeing that Liu Zhongtian had left, she quickly undressed herself and jumped into the wooden bucket. Really comfortable! The water felt enjoyable. She extending her jade white arms and fingers, slowly washing herself. She had been under the sun for one whole day which nearly killed her. This heartless Third Duke. In the modern world, he would be someone who couldn\'t find a wife.

Liu Zhongtian surveyed the campgrounds for two hours. Estimating that it was about time, he slowly stepped into the big tent. There was no sound at all. Liu Zhongtian guessed that the day must have been too tough on her, being tied up, so she was sleeping now. She really was someone who sought trouble yet so stubborn. She\'d rather suffer than lose her face.

However this nasty temper of Wei Qiqi\'s was suits Liu Zhongtian\'s taste. If only she was a little bit more gentle and pretty…

Liu Zhongtian walked over the screen cover and his heart shuddered. He was shocked by the scene in front of him. Within the wooden bucket laid a woman\'s thin and silky curvaceous back. Her long arms were rested on the outside of the wooden bucket. Her fingers were drooping down, with the water droplets dripping down from it. Her hair was very long and it was tangled up at her ears, causing the smooth jade neck to be even more alluring. Her head was slanted and resting on her arms. Apparently she was asleep.

Liu Zhongtian was put into a difficult position. He didn\'t know what to do when faced with such a perfectly crafted back. He wanted to escape, but his eyes were glued onto Qiqi\'s body. She was simply too perfect. With such a beautiful figure, Liu Zhongtian could not help it and walked over. His fingers lightly caress Qiqi\'s back, to which he quickly retracted as if he had been electrocuted.

The sky was dark. The water was already cold after so long . Liu Zhongtian slapped Qiqi\'s cheeks lightly, yet there was no response at all. He had to get her out of the water, but with the way things were, Liu Zhongtian had no confidence in his heart at all. The woman in the water was too tempting.

He picked up the blanket on the bed and walked towards Qiqi. He tried to shift his gaze, gently carried Qiqi out of the water and wrapped her in the blanket quickly. Wei Qiqi\'s long legs was revealed. It was so tempting. Liu Zhongtian dared not hesitate and quickly put her down on the bed. Wei Qiqi was just too tired. She had no response to whatever that was happening and continued sleeping.