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Wei Qiqi saw Liu Zhongtian who was drawing nearer and perked up immediately, "Duke, my arms are about to break, can you untie me?"

"Asking something unnecessary. How is that possible!"

Liu Zhongtian looked at Qiqi\'s arms, thin arms that were struck with red marks. The sight pained his heart, "This Duke will come and fetch you this evening!" After speaking finish he turned around and left without sparing a second look.

Cold-blooded fellow. How could there be such a person? He didn\'t even spare a single thought for her feelings. No matter what, she was someone who pledged marriage to him. In name, she was his wife too. Whoever that meets with such a husband will really be unlucky for eight lifetimes. Placing righteousness before family, if she really committed a capital offence, Liu Zhongtian would be the first to chop off her head.

Wei Qiqi nearly cried out. Come back! Oh heavens, are you not torturing me? Is the heavens joking about her, watching her make a fool of herself. No, this cannot do. I must persist and not let them look down on me.

Qiqi felt that the sun was rising higher and higher, scorching her body. Hunger was not the problem. She was thirsty. To not drink and eat for one day and night was worse than the spanking of her b.u.t.tocks. If she had known, she would\'ve let Liu Zhongtian spank her. She was now on the brink of death.

"Where\'s the Duke?" Wei Qiqi asked the soldier, really unable to withstand the heat anymore.

The soldier was also feeling extremely hot. If it was not because he needed to guard Wei Qiqi, he would\'ve went to bathe and have a rest.

Wei Qiqi shook off her sweat. Why was she sweating when she didn\'t drink, wouldn\'t she turn into barbecued meat like this? Liu Zhongtian must be enjoying himself, sleeping in the tent. He could even think of such a method of punishment. It was vicious indeed. Now her skin was going to peel off.

Wu Zhongyi had just exited the toilet and walked to the parade square. He saw Wei Qiqi tied up and happily walked a few rounds around her.

"Oh! Royal Concubine, it looks like Third Duke doesn\'t know how to cherish you. Oh I forgot, you are neither fragrant nor a jade. You are gra.s.s ah!"

This Wu Zhongyi, really don\'t know the meaning of death. He actually dared to mock Wei Qiqi? He better pray that the rope doesn\'t get loosened up. If not she would definitely make Wu Zhongyi die this time, to let him know what was the consequences of insulting her.

"Don\'t be in a hurry, Wu Zhongyi. A moment later when the Duke releases this gra.s.s, your good days will come. I\'m a Royal Concubine conferred by the Emperor. Who are you? Just a mere supervisor. Even if this gra.s.s causes Wu Zhongyi to die, at most I\'ll get spanked a few times. You better don\'t leave, let us both enjoy each other\'s company."

Wu Zhongyi was scared till he started sweating. Wei Qiqi made sense. If he continued fighting with her, he wouldn\'t have good days ahead. He was just about to say something when his stomach started hurting and he nearly fell down. Under the a.s.sistance of the soldiers, he ran towards the toilet again.

Wu Zhongyi was tortured for one whole day and could no longer stand up. When he thought about the words that Wei Qiqi spoke, his heart felt uncomfortable. This ugly woman, no matter what, was a Royal Concubine. Liu Zhongtian would shield her. If this continued, he would be tortured to death by this woman. Even if he doesn\'t die, his lifespan would be shortened. Not good, he had to find a reason to leave here.

Wu Zhongyi finally believed that not only did Liu Zhongtian marry an ugly woman, but a witch too. This woman could even fight on the battlefield and use her wits to drive away the enemies. If he didn\'t leave now, he wouldn\'t be able to keep his life.

When the sky darkened, Wei Qiqi felt dizzy. The hunger and thirst was hard to resist. She was extremely feeble. Why hadn\'t this end? Wasn\'t it one day and night? Could the Duke have forgotten?

Liu Zhongtian calculated the time precisely and left the big tent. He walked to the wooden pole and ordered the soldiers to untie her. When the ropes were loosened, Qiqi immediately fell down. Liu Zhongtian hugged her. Qiqi forced her eyes open and looked at him.

"Duke… someone is going to die!" Upon speaking she closed her eyes and stopped moving.