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Liu Zhongtian extended his hands and looked at Wei Qiqi endearingly. He was about to say something when two soldiers carried Wu Zhongyi in. His face was pale and he looked very weak. He pointed at Wei Qiqi.

"Duke, you musn\'t shield the Royal Concubine. She is trying to kill me!"

"You didn\'t die though!" Qiqi spoke back defiantly.

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi and didn\'t know what to say at the moment. Qiqi actually didn\'t want to admit her wrong. With Wu Zhongyi in front, there was nothing he could do to persuade Qiqi. Hence without a choice, he called a soldier over.

"Tie Wei Qiqi onto the wooden pole and do not give her anything to eat or drink for one day and one night. This is her punishment. Execute immediately!"

"Duke…" The soldier was put in a difficult position. However when he saw Liu Zhongtian\'s strict look, he didn\'t dare to say anything more. He went towards Wei Qiqi\'s front, "Gen..General Qi!"

"Hmph, what big deal is this. Isn\'t it just being tied up?" Qiqi followed the soldier and went out. When she walked past Wu Zhongyi, she extended her tongue and spoke softly, "You better be careful. If you are scared then scram. My plans aren\'t finished yet. I merely miscalculated this time!"

"Duke, the Royal Concubine is threatening me…" Wu Zhongyi hadn\'t spoke finish when his stomach started growling. He bent his back in pain and ran out. He was no longer in the mood to complain.

Wei Qiqi was brought out. Liu Zhongtian felt vexed. When he returned to the study room he no longer had the mood to peruse through the doc.u.ment. His heart was filled with the figure of Wei Qiqi. Was the punishment too heavy? Wei Qiqi looked so weak, she definitely couldn\'t bear it. However as the Duke, he couldn\'t shield her just because she was a Royal Concubine. Furthermore, Liu Zhongtian had stood up for her in private twice.

A woman that does whatever she please should be punished a little bit, if not, she would have no eyes for the law. She put in laxatives today. If she was not punished for that, she would put in poison the next day. Liu Zhongtian persuaded himself and slowly calmed down.

The sky gradually darkened and the soldiers brought the dishes in. Liu Zhongtian had no appet.i.te at all. Who knows how it feels like to not eat nor drink for one whole day. Even though it was okay to not eat dinner, however when the sun rises tomorrow, who knew if Qiqi could withstand it. Liu Zhongtian stood up and walked out of the big tent.

The moonlight outside was smooth. The stars filled up the entire night sky above the parade square. Wei Qiqi was bound to the wooden pole, with soldiers guarding by the side. Liu Zhongtian had the impulse to go and release Qiqi. However Liu Zhongtian knew that he couldn\'t do that. Everyone in the camp was watching him. As the Duke and Marshal, he must control his own emotions.

Liu Zhongtian was in a tumult and he couldn\'t sleep. His mind was filled with the tied-up image of Wei Qiqi. This night, Wei Qiqi suffered a physical punishment, while Liu Zhongtian suffered a mental torture. He didn\'t close his eyes at all.

Just as the sky was brightening, Liu Zhongtian walked out of the big tent in wide strides. He went to the front of the wooden pole. Wei Qiqi\'s head was drooped down. She was tired and sleepy, hungry and thirsty. Her face was even more pale. She was extremely fatigued yet she couldn\'t sleep. Being tied up like this really is tiring.

How did the Wei Group successor fall into such a state, being tied up to a wooden pole? In the past she was living a carefree life. No matter how she dreamt, she wouldn\'t think that she would be so unlucky today. Maybe it was because in the past, no one dared to do anything to her. As long as grandfather spoke a word, things would be settled. Now Wei Qiqi could only admit that she was unlucky. This d.a.m.ned rotten Duke, why didn\'t he back her up?