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Wei Qiqi covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing loudly. This d.a.m.ned fellow. She probably put in too much since the effects were seen so quickly. Once again, she created trouble. Who knows if the Duke will forgive her.

Even though Wei Qiqi was afraid of punishment, she couldn\'t let the chef take the blame for her. Wu Zhongyi would really kill the chef out of anger, which was something Qiqi didn\'t want to see. If she admitted to it, at most she would be punished. She was after all the Third Duke\'s Royal Concubine. No matter how daring Wu Zhongyi was, he wouldn\'t dare to kill the Royal Concubine.

Thinking till here, Qiqi walked out of the screen cover and tugged at Liu Zhongtian\'s sleeves. She spoke softly, "Duke, it\'s me. I did it. It has nothing to do with the chef!"

"Qiqi… you…"

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi vexedly. He was speechless. He also thought that the drumstick Qiqi ate was very suspicious, but he didn\'t think she would do something so ridiculous. This time around, even though Liu Zhongtian wanted to protect her, he would not be able to unless someone takes the blame for her.

"Tell Supervisor Wu to not go crazy at the kitchen and wait in his tent for this Duke!"

Liu Zhongtian ordered that soldier in a loud voice. The soldier stole a glance at Wei Qiqi. Who knew what kind of punishment General Qi would suffer this time. Why would she even go and create trouble for that rotten egg?

After the soldier walked out of the tent, Qiqi speedily ran into the embrace of Liu Zhongtian and looked at him pitifully, "Duke, Qiqi is wrong. You must help Qiqi this time around. I won\'t dare to do it again next time!"


"Wei Qiqi, this Duke is going to die of anger because of you. Is there still a next time? This Duke has already forgiven you many times!" Liu Zhongtian pushed her aside and spoke, "This time around, either the chef takes the blame, or you reveal yourself."

"Are there no other choices?" Qiqi tried to probe.


"Liu Zhongtian, are you so heartless?"

"It is not that I am heartless, but that Wu Zhongyi won\'t let things off so easily!"

"Then fine, I will admit. Don\'t make things difficult for the chef!" Qiqi stomped her feet and walked out angrily. Moments after she left, she returned and looked at Liu Zhongtian pleadingly, "Duke, can they don\'t hit the b.u.t.tocks? It\'s very painful!"

Liu Zhongtian pulled Qiqi\'s hands, his eyes became gentle, " Go with me to look for Wu Zhongyi and apologize. Taking into account of my presence, he won\'t make things difficult for you!"

"Why should I apologize? I\'m not going!"

"Wei Qiqi, if you don\'t apologize you\'ll suffer punishment. How will that rotten egg leave things like that!"

"I\'ll accept the punishment! I won\'t apologize!" Qiqi shook off Liu Zhongtian and looked at him furiously. That rotten Duke. He must be thinking of hitting Qiqi\'s b.u.t.tocks.

"This Duke doesn\'t wish to go look for him as well. You know I don\'t bother about him. However you\'ve gone overboard this time. He\'s a supervisor! The military camp has rules!"

Liu Zhongtian looked at Qiqi helplessly. He wanted her to apologize so that she would be spared of the torture of flesh. If not he wouldn\'t know how to punish Wei Qiqi. If the punishment was too light, Wu Zhongyi wouldn\'t settle. If it was too heavy, Liu Zhongtian would have an heartache. It really was a difficult situation.

"All the more I shouldn\'t go. Anyway I\'m not your real Royal Concubine. You can punish me whatever way you want! In the end I\'m just a pitiful child that n.o.body wants!"

Qiqi purposely covered her face. Secretly, she wished for her b.u.t.tocks to not be spanked.