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Qiqi turned her head to look at Liu Zhongtian, "What are you doing looking at me for? You wish to eat it? I\'ll call the chef to cook for you! Wu Zhongtian is wasting the food by eating it."

Looking at Wei Qiqi\'s lips that was covered with oil, Liu Zhongtian shook his head. Why was his Royal Concubine not only ugly, but a glutton as well? Fate really dealt him a cruel hand, to send him such a preposterous woman. Liu Zhongtian no longer bothered with her and continued arranging his military route.

Wei Qiqi snorted. This Duke really was a fool. She was concerned about him but he didn\'t appreciate it. Fine then, withering from of fool, don\'t eat. She\'ll just eat to her own heart\'s content.

Wei Qiqi shook her legs in a carefree manner. She was satisfied. She dusted her hands and saw the military route planned on the table. She perked up immediately.

"Duke, are we going to war?"

"Yes!" Liu Zhongtian was deep in thought and only responded simply.

"You must bring me!"

"No, I will not. A woman going to war? Just focus on being this Duke\'s Royal Concubine!" Liu Zhongtian spoke gravely. He was obviously looking down on her. So what if she was a woman?

"I stayed in the military camp not to be your Royal Concubine!" Wei Qiqi protested loudly.

"This Duke is your husband and a marshal. You are my wife and subordinate. Hence you must obey!"

"Husband? Marshal? Liu Zhongtian, you are bullying me!" Qiqi furiously grabbed Liu Zhongtian\'s hands, not letting him arrange the military route.

Liu Zhongtian was also tired of arranging, thus he decided not to look at the military route anymore. He then held Wei Qiqi\'s hands and pulled her towards him with a patient look on his face.

"This Duke knows you have a lot of ideas. However, you got poisoned last time and nearly lost your life. That is no laughing matter. This time around you should stay in the big tent and wait for this Duke to return in victory and bring you back to the capital!"

"No, that won\'t do. I want to go, you promised!" Qiqi was a bit angry. If she wasn\'t warring and just staying here pointlessly, what was the difference between her and Wu Zhongyi?

"If you dare to act recklessly again, I\'ll call someone to bind you up! You are now this Duke\'s Royal Concubine, you cannot be making a fuss anymore!"

"Liu Zhongtian!"

"Call me Duke!"

"Unlucky Duke!" Qiqi shook off Liu Zhongtian\'s hands and pouted her lips while returning to the bedside. She laid down and said, "Who wants to be a Royal Concubine? There\'s no difference from being a pig, having nothing to do!"

"Pig?" Liu Zhongtian was so mad that he started laughing. Wei Qiqi really knew how to describe.

"That\'s right. Treating me like a piglet to rear now? I\'m so bored!"

"When will you learn to act like a woman?" Liu Zhongtian sighed. He didn\'t want to haggle with Qiqi on this topic anymore. What he had decided upon cannot be overruled.

ard some noise outside. A soldier frantically rushed in, knelt on the floor and started reporting while panting.

"Du…Duke. Things are not good. Supervisor Wu brought soldiers to go to the kitchen, wanting to kill the chef!"

"Kill him, why?" Liu Zhongtian walked to the front. He was extremely shocked. Why did Wu Zhongyi want to kill people for no reason?

"Supervisor Wu said that the chef put laxatives into his chicken soup. Now he was vomiting and having a diarrhoea and was nearly tortured to death!"

"Laxative!" Liu Zhongtian was surprised.