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Wu Zhongyi\'s back went cold and he shivered. He started babbling, "Wei Qiqi, I warn you. I\'m the Emperor\'s personally appointed supervisor. Be careful, for I may pet.i.tion against you!"

"Want to pet.i.tion against me? I will beat you up first!" Wei Qiqi showed her fists. Wu Zhongyi was scared till he blinked his eyes rapidly and started running off. This caused Liu Yun who was at the side to laugh.

"General Qi, don\'t scare Supervisor Wu off. When he meets you next time he\'ll probably have to hide!"

"That is not my purpose!"

"Your purpose?"

"That\'s right. If he wants to stay in the camp, he\'ll have to suffer…"

Qiqi stretched her waist. Her motive was to scare away this irritating Supervisor Wu. If not she\'ll have to sleep on the same bed with the Duke. In any event, if the Duke was not happy and did some disrespectful things to her, her life would be finished. Thinking about the Duke\'s expression, Qiqi felt more and more uncertain. It was best to be separated.

Wei Qiqi was bored and walked past the military kitchen. She smelled a fragrant smell and immediately stopped in her tracks. She went to the kitchen and discovered that the chef in the kitchen was preparing chicken soup. It looked not bad. Those fat and tender chicken drumsticks caused Qiqi\'s to salivate.

"So fragrant! Who could have such a blessing? To even get served chicken soup?" Qiqi went to the front of the small pot and whiffed the smell greedily.

The chef knew from one look that she was hungering for it, "This is for Supervisor Wu. He fell into the pithole and didn\'t eat for one whole day. Thus he ordered me to prepare a chicken for him to nourish his body!"

"Such special treatment? If I knew, I would cause him to suffer for a few more days!"

Qiqi was dissatisfied and she curled her lips. He was greedy and fell into the pithole, yet he still got special treatment. That was really unfair. This rotten egg still dared to eat chicken.

The chef looked outside and sheepishly told Qiqi, "General Qi, I\'m going out for a while. You help me look after the chicken soup. Don\'t let it dry out!"

"Go out?" Qiqi\'s eyes rolled. She happily nodded, "Okay, go out then!"

The chef hurriedly ran out. He probably needed to visit the toilet. Qiqi smacked her lips and looked at the drumstick. She was salivating. No matter what she had to eat this drumstick.

Qiqi forcefully endured the heat and quickly tore out one drumstick. She blew on it to cool it down. Then she flipped the chicken in the pot over. The other wing protruded out. This way, the chef wouldn\'t be able to tell that the chicken was lacking one leg.

Qiqi was proud of herself. She picked up the drumstick and was about to leave when she suddenly stopped. She looked at the pot of chicken soup. There was no reason to let off that fellow. She should drop some stuff into the soup. That\'s the right course of action.

Qiqi seemed to have thought of something and started smiling mysteriously.

The chef came running back and discovered that Wei Qiqi was no longer here. This General Qi. Didn\'t she agree to help look after the soup? How could she just leave like this? Good thing there was nothing wrong with the chicken soup, so he didn\'t bother anymore.

The chef put out the fire and prepared the soup. He called the soldiers outside and instructed them to send it to Supervisor Wu.

Wei Qiqi carried the drumstick and happily returned to Liu Zhongtian\'s big tent. She saw Liu Zhongtian arranging the route of the military in front of the bookshelf. He was in deep thought. Really a workaholic. Why didn\'t he order the chef to boil some chicken soup for him? He suffered much more than the Supervisor Wu. He really was a foolish Duke.

Qiqi sat behind the screen cover and was eating the drumstick in big chunks. Liu Zhongtian helplessly shook his head. Such a playful Wei Qiqi. She definitely went to the kitchen to find something good to eat. The manner which she ate didn\'t look like a woman at all. She really didn\'t care about anything, eating so happily.