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Qiqi embarra.s.singly explained, "Actually, I was ill ever since I was a child that\'s why I\'m thin and frail. Look, up till now my physique is still the same that\'s why I don\'t have to do much."

"Really?" Liu Zhong Tian let go of her hand, he had never once believed in a word she said, of course about her being a spy. To him, she\'s just very strange, especially those eyes of hers which kept him in doubt.

"No need to grind the ink anymore, go prepare the bed. I\'ll be taking a rest soon."

Qiqi obediently walked behind the folding screen embroidered with lotus flowers and saw a hard solid bed. So san w.a.n.gye sleeps on a bed like this ah, Qiqi pressed her hand down, it was really hard. Compared to her large, soft and comfy bed, this was like between heaven and earth. Perhaps the emperor\'s bed was also up to only this extent,

"What are you looking at?"

Liu Zhong Tian\'s voice alarmed Qiqi from behind, it was so terrifying that it almost made her jump. She turned around and pointed at the bed.

"Is this acceptable?"

"Acceptable! Help me undress!" Liu Zhong Tian stood in front of Qiqi.

Qiqi blushed and was about to become furious with such demands. However, she had just remembered that she\'s just a little p.a.w.n who\'s a bodyguard of san w.a.n.gye\'s. She was no longer the Wei Qiqi that can do whatever she wishes, she must endure this otherwise she’ll lose her life and she won\'t have a chance to return.

Qiqi slowly took off Liu Zhong Tian\'s attire, she kept her head down low with her eyes looking elsewhere as she does not dare to look at his handsome face. Her heart pounded rapidly. Besides her grandfather and father, she had never had such intimacy with a man before.

"You keep looking here and there, how long are you going to take to have my clothes off? Scram! I\'ll do it myself!" Liu Zhong Tian flicked her hands off before pointing towards the ground behind the folding screen which was outside of his sleeping quarters. "You, sleep there! So it would be easier to order you around during the night"

"Me sleeping on the ground?!" Qiqi protested, this was absolutely unbelievable.

"If not on the ground, then where?”

Qiqi pointed towards Liu Zhong Tian\'s bed, "I sleep there, you on the ground!"

This was the first time Liu Zhong Tian has met such a preposterous person, this little fella had the guts to tell a dignified w.a.n.gye to sleep on the ground! Seems like Wei Qiqi was tired of living, she had angered this san w.a.n.gye.

"Seems like your guts aren\'t small, you dare sleep on a w.a.n.gye\'s bed?" Liu Zhong Tian clutched Qiqi\'s jaw, it was so painful she couldn\'t let out a sound. She indignantly glared at Liu Zhong Tian, such a poor quality bed, if there wasn\'t a better option she wouldn\'t even lay her eyes on it.

Qiqi felt her feet dangling in the air, her whole body was lifted up by Liu Zhong Tian. He strode to the other side of the folding screen and threw her down, "Looks like I have to instruct vice lieutenant Liu to teach you well!"

As soon as vice lieutenant Liu was mentioned, Qiqi immediately changed her att.i.tude, "No need! San w.a.n.gye, down here is pretty comfortable, you should rest."

"If you behave like that again, I\'ll have you beheaded!" Liu Zhong Tian gave her a cold gaze and left to his sleeping quarters.

Sleeping on the ground was extremely uncomfortable for Wei Qiqi, she was filled with grievances. Maybe she had been worn out due to these ridiculous series of events going on. Qiqi tossed and turned countless times before falling asleep. Once the sun was out, Liu Zhong Tian had already left.

Wei Qiqi walked outside, stretched her arms up, rolled her shoulders and twisted her waist. Qiqi was lit with curiosity once she saw great Han\'s camp site before her eyes. War in the modern era utilised guns and bombs, this place was so archaic, if they were given guns and artilleries then this war will less arduous.

She wandered around randomly and heard loud noises ahead. Qiqi loved joining and partic.i.p.ating in fun and crowdy commotions, she immediately headed over and discovered a large and round deep pit. Six to seven soldiers were pushing and nudging each other around the edge of the pit. Qiqi had no idea what they were doing.

As soon as Qiqi came closer, a soldier amongst those men winked and signalled one another then struck their eyes on Wei Qiqi.

"Ugly, come!"

Wei Qiqi knew that they were going to bring her trouble, thus, she turned to leave. Of course, they were not willing to let her leave so easily. They then grabbed onto her arms and legs and pulled her to the mouth of the pit.

"Go down and take the weapons up!"

Qiqi looked down into the pit and discovered countless spears were scattered across the muddy pit. She frowned and asked, "They\'re your weapons that are down there, why don\'t you go and get it yourself?"

"Aiyo! An ugly one like you dare to talk back? If you\'re told to pick them up then do so obediently!" One of the many soldiers had their sight locked onto Qiqi\'s b.u.t.t, without being psychologically prepared, Qiqi was kicked down into the pit with a loud thump.

Compared to the horse incident, this was much more dreadful. Mud was covered up and all around Qiqi, the stench of smell reeked grossly all around the pit\'s diameter. Wei Qiqi stood up, she was definitely angry this time.

"Get lost, you dogs! Want your weapons…right?

She picked up several spears, not only did she not throw it up, she threw it further down the muddy pit. On a spur of the moment, all of the weapons thrown had been buried beneath the sticky mushy mud. Qiqi wiped the gooey mud off her face and menacingly climbed up to the surface.

"You rotten scoundrel, you dare bury my spear! My brothers let\'s teach him a lesson!"

The group of men advanced towards Qiqi, with great reflexes she could easily escape their sight. By utilising her specialty \'sanda\', left with a punch, right with a kick, in an instant all were left in defeat lying on the ground.

Qiqi callously stomped on one soldier\'s b.u.t.t with one foot and asked, "You still dare?"

\'Don\'t dare…don\'t dare…"

"From now on watch your actions, I\'m Wei Qiqi, remember that!"

"We\'ll remember…" Each and every one of the fallen soldiers clutched both arms around their head not daring to get up as they were afraid of her fists. Thin and weak looking ones cannot be underestimated, their fists can be potentially frightening.

Suddenly, one of the many got up and staggeredly ran out from Qiqi\'s boundaries, yet he still dared to run. Qiqi annoyedly raised her feet and caught up from behind, with a simple sanda technique (single arm shoulder throw) she grabbed his arm and tried to flip him over as his back was facing the sky.

Qiqi was about to put some strength into her throw, however, someone grabbed the back of her collar, pulled and twisted her arm to her back then kneed her down.

"Who? Who dared to sneak an attack on me?!", Qiqi exclaimed. The moment she turned, Liu Zhong Tian\'s cold hearted face appeared. d.a.m.n it, since when did he come, she struggled twice but her strength had no effect, it seemed like she had to give up on that option.