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Liu Zhongtian pressed Qiqi\'s arms down. He bent and smiled lecherously. Wei Qiqi\'s ugly face became even uglier due to her anxiety. The pair of furious and nervous eyes of hers made the hearts of others flutter. This kind of heart palpitation quickly touched his every nerve, causing him to want to embrace this woman in his arms… Liu Zhongtian came closer to Qiqi with an infatuated expression….

"Duke, Duke, didn\'t we have an agreement?"

Qiqi felt Liu Zhongtian\'s breath. He was coming closer and closer, like he was not joking with her. Could he really want to molest her? This lecherous Duke, can\'t he even let an ugly woman off?

Qiqi nervously pushed him, "Duke, Duke! I was speaking blindly just now. I\'m not going, I\'ll be your Royal Concubine!"

Liu Zhongtian was stunned for a while. He instantly straightened his body, laughing at himself and spoke, "Apart from that pair of eyes, you are really too ugly!"

Qiqi touched her face. So what if she is ugly? She didn\'t intend to stay in Great Han anyway. Furthermore she didn\'t intend to please him. As long as she returned to her own world, she could become pretty again.

"You seemed to not care much about your ugly looks?" Liu Zhongtian left the bed and threw off this sentence that was neither hot nor cold.

Wei Qiqi touched her face and sighed.

"Actually, I didn\'t look like that originally!"

"Don\'t tell this Duke you think you are a beauty?"

"Who said that I\'m a beauty? I won\'t bother with you. I\'m going to see Supervisor Wu. Haha, it\'s really relieving to play with that fellow!" Qiqi walked out in big strides.

"Don\'t tease him anymore, if not I\'ll punish you!"

"That depends on my mood!"

"What did you say? Wei Qiqi…"

Liu Zhongtian felt that her words had more than one apparent meaning. Could it be that she really went to tease that unlucky fellow again? He was about to give instructions when Qiqi had already ran out. This playful ill-disciplined woman, really unruly and cunning. Liu Zhongtian guessed she wouldn\'t listen to him anymore. As long as she didn\'t cause trouble for him, that\'d be enough.

Truly a coincidence. Walking out of the big tent, Qiqi b.u.mped into Liu Yun and Wu Zhongyi walking towards her direction. After being tortured so much, Wu Zhongyi looked very haggard. He doesn\'t have the demeanour of the past.

When he saw Wei Qiqi, it was as if he saw his sworn enemy. He really wanted to rush forward to argue with Wei Qiqi. However, he felt some fear for this ugly woman in his heart and could only meekly hide behind Liu Yun\'s back.

"Wei Qiqi, you are really bold. To actually play tricks with me?" Wu Zhongyi extended his head and spoke before hurriedly hiding again.

"What? That pithole? You are really unlucky. I went a few times and I didn\'t b.u.mp into any. Why did you fall the moment you went? Haha!" Wei Qiqi covered her mouth and laughed loudly.

"Wei Qiqi, don\'t remain smug. You think the Emperor doesn\'t wish to kill you because he gifted this marriage?"

Wu Zhongyi tried to find words to incite Wei Qiqi, "That is because the Emperor wants to deal a blow to the Third Duke, that was why he found an extremely ugly woman to marry him. When Third Duke goes back to the capital, there\'ll be countless beautiful ladies. There wouldn\'t be a turn for an ugly hag like you!"

Wu Zhongyi thought that by saying these words, Wei Qiqi would definitely blow up. However Qiqi did not seem to be bothered and laughed loudly, pointing at Wu Zhongyi\'s nose and making fun of him.

"Who cares about being a Royal Concubine? This miss can\'t wait to steer clear of this relationship… however…. Someone is really unlucky. Seeking a treasure and falling into a pithole, bitten by a snake while bathing, haha!"

"That snake?"

"I heard about it, haha!"

Qiqi walked to the front of Wu Zhongyi and said, "Better hurry back to the capital. If not next time it won\'t be snake. I heard that there are man-eating scorpions in the desert, and huge rotten vultures…"