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Wei Qiqi obtained the reply from Duke and satisfiedly released her hands. She leaned backwards, fell onto the bed and lifted up her legs. She gleefully looked at her own toes.

"I really hope to see that irritating fellow\'s appearance when he is unlucky! He dared to arouse my anger and drag me into this dirty water. Make me become that irritating Royal Concubine? Looks like he lived too many good days!"

Wei Qiqi spoke while shaking her legs. Liu Zhongtian involuntarily frowned. A woman extending her naked leg and shaking it in such a manner, was she not embarra.s.sed?However looking at her, it really made one have tender feelings towards her. Furthermore that sentence… dragging her into dirty water? Irritating Royal Concubine? This ugly woman was too full of herself.

"You really are not willing to be this Duke\'s Royal Concubine?"

Liu Zhongtian was disappointed and angry at the same time. If someone became his Royal Concubine, she could summon the wind and rain at her beck and call. Could it be that she didn\'t know the difference between a common girl and a royal concubine?

Qiqi resolutely nodded, "Not that I\'m unwilling. It is that I don\'t wish to stay in the Great Han at all. I want to go home. I must leave this place!"

"Where is your house? You keep talking about going back home. When I return to the capital in victory, this Duke will go and see your parents and fetch them back to the capital. This honour will make you happy that you are this Duke\'s Royal Concubine!"

Liu Zhongtian was reminding Wei Qiqi that by following the Duke, when they return to her hometown, she would be a figure of admiration to others. A woman that belonged to Liu Zhongtian was only second to the Emperor\'s concubines.

"You want to bring me home? Haha, I don\'t even know how to go back, how are you going to go with me?"

Qiqi depressingly looked at Liu Zhongtian. Her home was 2000 years away. Even if Liu Zhongtian had divine abilities, it was only restricted to the borders of the Great Han.

"When we return to the capital, I will pa.s.s over the position of the Royal Concubine to the woman that you love. Is it that woman called Yun-er? When you go back you can marry that woman to be your Royal Concubine! I can also go back and lead the blissful life that I want."

"Your blissful life? You have someone that you like? You have to know that a Royal Concubine is no child\'s play!"

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi weirdly. How could the position of Royal Concubine be given away so easily. Bliss? Was there a relation to men? An ugly woman could actually have such thoughts. Liu Zhongtian furiously lifted his hands. Qiqi was scared till she hid herself. How could the Duke suddenly want to hit people?

Wei Qiqi covered her head and said in a low voice, "It is not that I like someone, but that a lot of men like me!"

"Like you? You think that you are a beauty?"

Liu Zhongtian started laughing. This Wei Qiqi was too exaggerating. She actually lied to raise her own value. His hand dropped down and rubbed Wei Qiqi\'s head. He said in an imposing manner, "A woman that went through the rites with me will forever be my woman. To leave this Duke and marry someone else is impossible. It is best that you give up this thought forever."

"It\'s not like I\'m sold to you. Furthermore, our relationship is not real!" Qiqi was unresigned.

"You\'ve reminded me… this Duke shall make this relationship real then!"