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Liu Zhongtian and the soldiers rushed to the screen cover and discovered that Wu Zhongyi was scared till his face turned pale. He fainted. On his hands were a black snake.

The soldiers dragged Wu Zhongyi out. That fellow was limp like mud. The soldiers carried Wu Zhongyi to the bed and he still didn\'t wake up.

Liu Zhongtian hurriedly ordered the soldiers to call for the army physician. He then walked to the front of the wooden bucket and picked up the black snake. Wasn\'t this the snake that he helped Wei Qiqi catch? Could it be…

Wei Qiqi was bored and laid on the bed, thinking about how Wu Zhongyi would react when he discovered the black snake. Scream, and then faint? A pity she couldn\'t witness it. That was regretful, to miss such an exciting scene.

"Wei Qiqi!" Liu Zhongtian\'s voice rang in her ears. Qiqi immediately turned around and discovered that Liu Zhongtian was standing in front of the bed, furious. Qiqi guessed that Wu Zhongyi probably fainted.

Qiqi immediately looked at Liu Zhongtian gently and ambled forward. She caressed Liu Zhongtian\'s neck, "Duke, you scare me. Why are you so angry, what did I do this time around?"

Liu Zhongtian smelled the faint fragrance on Qiqi\'s body and felt a soft body tightly adhering to him. He nearly forgot the purpose of him looking for her. This woman really had a lot of tricks up her sleeves, intending to divert his attention away. Liu Zhongtian immediately calmed down his emotions.

"You threw the snake into Wu Zhongyi\'s bathing water, am I right?"

"No, I was sleeping all along!" Qiqi firmly denied with an innocent face.

"It\'s the black snake I caught for you this morning!"

"There isn\'t only one black snake around. Who knows when it squirmed its way into the water?"

"Since you said so, then bring out the snake which I caught for you!" Liu Zhongtian said furiously. This woman really knew how to argue. She lied without blinking her eyes.

"I ate it!" Qiqi said resolutely.

"You ate the snake?"

"Correct! I ate the snake and it\'s now in my stomach." Qiqi pouted her lips in front of Liu Zhongtian and said teasingly, "So fragrant, you can\'t find it anymore…"

Liu Zhongtian suddenly felt extremely embarra.s.sed. Wei Qiqi this woman was really too bold. She actually dared to use her lips to pout in front of him. He suddenly felt his thoughts run wild. If she continued in this posture, he would really go crazy. Liu Zhongtian pulled down Wei Qiqi\'s hands from his neck. He then forcefully pushed her onto the bed and warned.

"Don\'t let me catch you. This is preposterous! Wu Zhongyi was scared till he fainted and until now he hasn\'t woken up!"

"He fainted? Haha!" Qiqi covered her lips and started laughing, "His guts are so small. It is just a small snake. If I put in a cobra, wouldn\'t he be scared to death!" The moment Qiqi spoke finish, she immediately shut her mouth. That was because Liu Zhongtian had already lifted her up.

"Didn\'t you eat it?"

"I didn\'t…" Qiqi\'s voice was so soft that it seemed pitiful.

"It was you who put that snake?"

"It\'s me, Duke…Uncle…" Qiqi looked at Liu Zhongtian\'s furious expression and knew that he was really angry. She then hugged Liu Zhongtian\'s waist and said hurriedly, "Don\'t hit me. At most, next time Qiqi won\'t dare to anymore!"

"There is still a next time?!" Liu Zhongtian wanted to push Qiqi aside. Qiqi however stuck onto him. There was a soft sensation spreading through him, causing his heartbeat to quicken. "Quickly release me, Wei Qiqi!"

"Don\'t punish me and I\'ll let go!"

"I\'m not punishing you!" Liu Zhongtian spoke without thinking further. Facing such a Wei Qiqi, his mind was in turmoil. It was hard for him to remain cool. He couldn\'t bear to speak of punishment at this point.