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Liu Zhongtian looked at Qiqi\'s demeanour, feeling both angry and cheerful at the same time. Looks like she was really afraid of being hit at the b.u.t.tocks.

"You should think of what to say first. I won\'t pursue the matter, but if Wu Zhongyi decides to do so, I will have to punish you!"

"He won\'t say. He has bitterness which he couldn\'t express. Who asked him to be greedy for money, hehe!"

Qiqi smiled mysteriously. Liu Zhongtian\'s anger had subsided and he looked at this woman. An extremely smart woman who latched onto Wu Zhongyi\'s weakness and tempted him. This time around, she really caused Wu Zhongyi to suffer greatly.

"If Wu Zhongyi doesn\'t pursue this matter, then so be it. However there cannot be a next time!"

Liu Zhongtian patted her head, left the bedroom and walked out of the big tent, most probably to see that rotten egg Wu Zhongyi.

Wei Qiqi curled her lips. Wu Zhongyi, don\'t think that this is over. If he doesn\'t go back to the capital immediately, there will only be days of suffering for him. The pithole is just a minor warning.

Wei Qiqi fell into deep thought. From the haggard look that Wu Zhongyi displayed, he would definitely go back and bathe. Qiqi sat up immediately and speedily went down the bed. She carried her bag and rushed out. As expected, she saw two soldiers carrying a huge wooden bucket filled with hot water walking towards a tent. Qiqi carefully walked over.

"This is bathing water for Supervisor Wu, yes?"

"Yes, Supervisor dropped into the pithole. His whole body is filled with sand!" The soldier explained.

"Aye, so unlucky!" Qiqi smiled lightly. She then pointed towards the soldier\'s back suddenly, "Who is that?"

The soldiers hurriedly turned their heads and searched for a good while. They didn\'t see anything and looked at Wei Qiqi strangely.

"General Qi, what did you see?"

"Maybe there\'s something wrong with my eyes. You guys carry on, I shall take my leave!" Qiqi smugly looked at the wooden bucket and happily went back into the big tent.

Liu Zhongtian sat inside Wu Zhongyi\'s tent. Wu Zhongyi was gulping down huge amounts of water. This time around, he really wanted to settle scores with Liu Zhongtian but he felt that it was too shameful. He could only angrily stare at Third Duke and not speak a single sentence.

Instead it was Liu Zhongtian who spoke up. He pretended that he didn\'t know anything and made fun of Wu Zhongyi.

"This was originally the campsite of the Xiongnu, so there should be a lot of traps left behind. I beseech Supervisor Wu not to recklessly move about next time!"

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wu Zhongyi\'s appearance and felt that it was rather funny. Wei Qiqi actually thought of such a method to tease him. He was a rotten egg who l.u.s.ted after money and beauty, that was why he suffered greatly this time around.

"Supervisor Wu, the water is prepared!" A soldier put the wooden bucket behind the screen cover.

Wu Zhongyi was very displeased in his heart and his face was flushed red. Wei Qiqi this woman was too vicious. How could he fall for her trap? He thought while lazily walking towards the behind of the screen cover. He undressed and mumbled, "I was only walking around, how would I know that there was a pithole!"

Following that was the sound of splashing water, probably meaning that he went into the wooden bucket. Liu Zhongtian stood up. It could be considered that he had pacified this fellow and it\'s time to settle his own matters. He just turned around before he heard Wu Zhongyi screaming.