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The soldier continued reporting, "Supervisor Wu\'s followers don\'t dare to disturb Duke. They already went searching for an entire night but the desert was too dark and they didn\'t dare to search recklessly for fear of losing the way! I\'m reporting to the Duke as there really is no choice left!"

"You are really someone who only knows how to plan for failures!"

Liu Zhongtian furiously looked at the sky, "Wait for dawn to break before looking again. Now is too dark. Go down first and inform the soldiers to prepare!"

"Understood, Duke!" The soldier responded and retreated.

Wei Qiqi touched her head and suddenly thought of something. That cunning fox really walked into the trap. He probably fell into the pithole in the desert. She then uncontrollably laughed behind the screen cover.

Liu Zhongtian curiously walked to the screen cover and looked at Wei Qiqi suspiciously. Qiqi immediately withdrew her smile, pretending that nothing had happened and laid down there. Her look of laughing at someone\'s downfall caused Liu Zhongtian to be even more suspicious. He walked to the front of the bed, flipped Wei Qiqi over and had her face look at his. He stared at Qiqi with suspicious eyes.

"What nonsense are you playing again this time around? Do you want to suffer 20 beatings from the pole before you are willing to say it?"

Qiqi climbed up and said in a high pitch, "You can\'t blame me for it. It is because he is greedy, that is why he fell for the trap!"

"What are you saying?" Liu Zhongtian guessed that there is something wrong with Qiqi, and it was correct. "He is a supervisor sent by the Emperor. You can\'t go overboard. Quick tell me what happened exactly?"

Qiqi pouted her lips and said, "I took the silver you gave me and told him that there were silver left behind by the Xiongnu soldiers who escaped. He believed and could have dropped into the pithole which I dug previously. I\'m guessing that he may, in happiness, decide to squirm his way into a different era!"

"Wei Qiqi! Do you know what you are doing? You really are…" Liu Zhongtian didn\'t know how to reprimand Wei Qiqi. He quickly walked out of the military camp and brought men to rescue that unlucky fellow.

Wei Qiqi didn\'t dare to watch the commotion. She hid at the entrance of the big tent and looked outwards. As expected, in a few breaths worth of time, Wu Zhongyi was brought back by a few soldiers. His head and face was full of yellow sand. He whimpered continuously, looking in an extremely bad shape. Qiqi hurriedly ran back to the big tent and hid on the bed, closing her eyes tightly.

That rotten egg deserved it. If it wasn\'t Liu Zhongtian that guessed correctly, Qiqi really intended for him to stay there for two days. Who asked him to always distort the facts, framing the Duke, forcing her to marry and even wanted to see the bloodstains.

Within the big tent, Liu Zhongtian\'s footsteps grew louder and closer. Qiqi nervously used her hands to cover her ears. Then, she decided that she might as well use the blanket to cover her head and pretend to be asleep.

Liu Zhongtian flipped the blanket apart and pulled Wei Qiqi up, "What did I say? I don\'t allow internal strifes. You actually dared to play tricks on our own people!"

"I… I didn\'t hit him nor coerce him. I didn\'t persuade him to, he went by himself!" Qiqi nervously defended herself. Now that she is a Royal Concubine, the Duke couldn\'t possibly want to hit her b.u.t.tocks? She subconsciously hid her b.u.t.tocks within the bed.