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When Qiqi heard Liu Zhongtian speaking in such a manner, she was scared stiff. Who knew that there was a difference in the heads of snakes. Weren\'t all blackish-grey? Hence she looked at Liu Zhongtian and no longer dared to make any noise, showing that she had committed a wrong.

Liu Zhongtian pulled her up from the sand and embraced her softly, "You must listen to me in the future. You can\'t be like this anymore. This Duke was scared to death by you just now!"

"I, I will listen!"

Qiqi obediently laid in Liu Zhongtian\'s embrace. She knew she was careless and nearly made a mistake. She could only act pitiful. That pair of sharp and tempting eyes caused Liu Zhongtian to be lost in it.

As for what happened next, Qiqi didn\'t understand why it happened. Liu Zhongtian softly held her lips and uncontrollably kissed her. That kiss was gentle like pieces of feather floating. It caused Qiqi\'s heart to have a strand of warmth flowing through.

Liu Zhongtian softly caressed Qiqi\'s neck and kissed more deeply. Qiqi no longer had any inhibition. She softly leaned on him, causing his desires to burn in pa.s.sion. He actually had a burning desire to want to possess that woman.

He was the Duke and she was his Royal Concubine. It was something reasonable for her to fulfill his desires.

Wei Qiqi felt that the kiss became more and more crazy. Liu Zhongtian\'s tall and imposing figure surrounded her at all sides. His hand went past the clothes and was ravaging through her body.

Wei Qiqi abashedly struggled freeb off Liu Zhongtian\'s embrace and speedily ran towards the military camp, leaving Liu Zhongtian alone in the desert. He focused his gaze on Qiqi\'s back and sighed helplessly. Why would he have lewd thoughts towards this ugly woman, and even uncontrollably kissed her? He even wanted to possess her at this moment. It was that pair of eyes that tempted him.

That night, Qiqi went to bed early. Her heart was somewhat uneasy. Could it be that she had feelings for that cold-hearted Duke? That wasn\'t feasible. Wei Qiqi warned herself to not fall for anybody in the Great Han. She was the modern society\'s Wei Qiqi. The Great Han was not where she belonged. Hence when she leaves she must do so without attachments.

However when Qiqi thought about leaving the Great Han, there would be some kind of feeling arising in her, due to the Third Duke Liu Zhongtian. That d.a.m.ned kiss. Why did Liu Zhongtian come and disturb her? She was an ugly woman, could it be that he didn\'t hate her ugly looks?

When she was thinking of this irritating feeling, Liu Zhongtian entered the screen cover. Qiqi immediately closed her eyes and pretended to be sleeping soundly. Liu Zhongtian stood for awhile in front of the bed and helplessly walked to the bookshelf to read his books. Wei Qiqi relaxed and unknowingly fell asleep.

During noontime, Qiqi was awoken by the sound of the soldiers outside the tent. Liu Zhongtian, who was sound asleep, also heard the commotion and opened his eyes.

It was only then that Qiqi realized that Liu Zhongtian\'s arms were latched onto her body and embracing her affectionately. Really, he actually took her for his Royal Concubine. Liu Zhongtian was taking advantage of her. When she thought till this point she involuntarily frowned.

Outside of the big tent, a soldier reported in a loud voice, "Duke, Supervisor Wu hasn\'t returned yet. He disappeared!"

"When did you find out?" Liu Zhongtian\'s sweet dreams were interrupted and he sat up irritatingly. He wore his clothes and exited the screen cover. What was Wu Zhongyi up to this time?