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Qiqi fiercely opened her eyes and stared at the man before her. The man had his suspicions and locked his eyes on that glare instantly. By this instant, he discovered that this ugly fellow had such a beautiful pair of bright lavishing eyes. It was breathtaking to the point of taking one\'s soul.

With his suspicions, the man questioned, "You\'re unarmed, in the end who are you?"

“I had told you that I was mistakenly captured. Hurry and let me go!" Qiqi now truly believed everything that had recently happened to her; she was now back in the ancient times where acupuncture kungfu (you dian xue gong fu) was indeed real.

"You know martial arts?

“That\'s Sanda!" As soon as Qiqi spoke, she immediately regretted it. It was best to talk less, otherwise people here would think her head has a problem.

"One of my generals reported that a xiong nu spy has been caught today. According to the report, it seems like that person is you!"

Qiqi showed signs of frustration and screamed, "I am not a spy from xiong nu!" After all, what was this all about? She could not allow herself to bear such an accusation. A spy is a spy after all, they\'re not any good people.

Her scream startled the guards outside and caused a stir outside for quite a while. A vice lieutenant led his men to the tent and hastily charged inside.

"San w.a.n.gye, what\'s going on? Not long ago, a xiong nu spy had escaped from our prison!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Qiqi was spotted sitting on the ground, "Your Highness, that was him!"

Vice lieutenant was devastated, he immediately knelt down and said, "Your Highness, please be forgiving! We will immediately get rid of him!"

San w.a.n.gye waved his hands, the soldiers rushed forward immediately and dragged Qiqi outside.

Qiqi had her acupuncture points pressed upon on, she was utterly powerless making her imagine the scenes she had seen in dramas. Being dragged out like this, wouldn\'t she be beheaded? She hasn\'t even turned 18 yet, dying like this would be such a waste.

"Wait! I\'m not a xiong nu spy, I can explain myself, I attend a school called Xuan De High!" Qiqi was incredibly anxious and blurted out some strange things.

"Wait a minute!" The man by the t.i.tle of w.a.n.gye stopped the soldiers, he then sat down on a skinned tiger chair placed in the middle of the quarters.

"Speak! Who are you? Why did you appear on the battlefield grounds of xiong nu? And why are you strangely dressed?"

Qiqi thought for a bit, she couldn\'t speak the truth any longer. As long as she could avoid this calamity, saying anything would do. She would then devise a plan to leave the great Han. The w.a.n.gye, xiong nu and the whatever Han, she did not care.

"It\'s like this, my uncle and I are doing a small business. When he was out, he was taken away by the xiong nu. I do not know where to go to look for him. People said, this place was at war with the xiong nu\'s so I came running here to rescue him. However, I was mistaken for a xiong nu and was captured by your men. I\'m also not a spy! Look at my thin and weak physique, there\'s no way I look like them…"

Qiqi took a glimpse at the man sitting before her trying to be as pitiful as she could saying, "Your Highness, you had just done a body check, nothing was found on me!"

"Your Highness! This brat cannot be trusted, he took our horse and fled on the battlefield!", exclaimed the vice lieutenant.

"Hey! You people wanted to torture and kill me, do you expect me to stand there and wait for death?! Even when killing pigs, they know how to run so why wouldn\'t a human do so…" Qiqi glared at the lieutenant whilst piling the faults onto him as her voice became softer.

"Killing pigs?" The sharp fearless eyes of his Highness focused on Qiqi the entire time. "I believe that you are not a spy. Temporarily, you cannot leave for the time being."

"How come?"

"During this time, we are currently in the stage of a chaotic war, annihilating the existence of the xiong nu\'s. Since my troop is in need of some men and you seem to be quick witted, stay and contribute!"

"Stay?!" Qiqi thought and a.s.sessed the situation. Seems logical, if she had left, she did not even know where to go. If she were caught by the xiong nu in this chaotic war, wouldn\'t that be more tragic.

"Many thanks your Highness, can you resolve my acupuncture points? It’s very uncomfortable!"

"Your Highness!" The vice lieutenant tried to dissuade Liu Zhong Tian but did not dare to go against his orders. He drew out his sword and was ready to take Wei Qiqi\'s life at any moment.

Liu Zhong Tian stepped towards Wei Qiqi and pressed on her acupuncture points, then looked up into her eyes once again.

"What is your name?"

Qiqi quickly spoke, "Wei Qiqi! That\'s right, your name is Liu Zhong Tian?"

The vice lieutenant who was beside Qiqi was outraged by her behaviour. "Such audacity! You dare call his royal Highness by his name?! Are you tired of living?"

"Aren\'t names given to be called by others?" Qiqi stood up, jerked her chin at the vice lieutenant without looking vulnerable.

"From now on, address me as w.a.n.gye, otherwise watch your head!"

Liu Zhong Tian coldly sat back down on his seat, "You will be serving under vice lieutenant Liu."

"I refuse!" Qiqi widened up her eyes, she would never follow that fierce and aggressive man. Based on his previous actions, it seemed like he was ready to end her life in one blow. Follow him? Who knows, maybe before she even got a chance to return she was already finished.

"You dare go against orders?" vice lieutenant Liu took a step towards Qiqi scaring her to take three steps back.

"It\'s not like that….you got to use the right people in the right place. Why do you have to be so aggressive?" Qiqi blurted out more excuses.

"Using people in the right place?" Liu Zhong Tian frowned, "Say, then what do you think you can do?"

"I know a lot of things! However, I can\'t explain it very clearly!" Qiqi scratched her head. In fact, she herself did not know what she could do. Since she was still a child, people would bring food and pour her water. All she did was being mischievous and playful…

"You, stay back in my quarters and I\'ll see what you can do. Coincidentally, I lack a personal bodyguard."

"Yes! That\'s fine!" Qiqi instantly agreed, "I can protect you!"

Vice lieutenant on the side displayed a disdainful look Qiqi and smirked, "You? Protect his Highness? By looking at your weak and thin physique, if your face was not this ugly, you\'re no different from a woman!."

Qiqi immediately touched her face, by doing so she felt a lot of scars on her face in terror. Having her doubts, she faced lieutenant Liu, "I\'m that ugly?"

"Yes indeed!"

"That\'s enough from the both of you. You may all leave.I have some doc.u.ments to look over." Liu Zhong Tian had ought to stop those two from quarrelling, then turned towards Qiqi, "Help me grind some ink!"

Vice lieutenant Liu led his men out and Qiqi strode towards Liu Zhong Tian\'s table. Grind ink? She has seen people grind ink on television series, she had finally seen the real deal.

While Qiqi was grinding ink, she took her time to appreciate the ink stone. She thought to herself. Indeed, this was a rare treasure, grandfather had always enjoyed collecting antiques. But none of that could compare to this precious gem. If she brought this back, grandfather would definitely be very happy.

Liu Zhong Tian was thoroughly looking through the doc.u.ments and by chance his eyes swiftly pa.s.sed by the hands that were grinding ink. Some doubts had grown on his mind.

"Your hands don\'t seem to be the type that has been through business affairs. Those fingers are smooth and delicate, it\'s as white as snow, you lied just then."

Before Qiqi had the chance to react, her arms were grabbed by Liu Zhong Tian. His hands were large and it also contained a lot of strength. He held her hands within his palms and looked at them meticulously. Indeed, a female\'s hands! Moreover, these hands belong only to the young and n.o.ble ladies.

To Liu Zhong Tian, he has met and seen many women but not one could compare to Qiqi\'s. How could a man have such beautiful hands?!

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