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Wei Qiqi let out a sigh. Geez, such unluckiness. How did she end up in the Han dynasty? Was there really no way out? This d.a.m.ned place, she did not want to linger around here any longer. There were no wide roads, no modern cities that exhibits its extraordinary view, and the few important things such as the car, uncle Yan, Mr. Bean plus internet. Goodness, how could one survive like this!

Wei Qiqi glanced at her clothes, this was only memento she had left which contained the good memories of her modern life. It was just this attire along with her sneakers and the bag worn on her back.

Wei Qiqi prayed softly, "Oh heavenly G.o.d, please come and save me. Please take me back home! I am the "BIG SIS" of Xuan De High, the heiress of Wei Corporation!"

"Who? Who\'s there?"

Wei Qiqi heard a voice coming from within the tent. She surprisingly became shocked. With an intense aura coming from behind, the back of her collar had been grabbed tightly, then she was dragged to one side. The person brutally armed her neck with their toned bare arm still hanging wet with droplets of water. Wei Qiqi turned upwards and saw a man who had seem to just taken a bath without any coverage…

Qiqi immediately looked elsewhere. At the same time, her face and ears went red but did not dare to shout for the fear of being heard by the soldiers outside and bringing trouble. But the thing was, there was a naked man behind her!

She turned her back towards the man but she was tightly armed towards his chest with such thin clothings. With such tremendous strength, she could not separate her body from the force. The more she struggled, the tighter she was held.

"Who are you? How dare you barge into my quarters! Are you here to a.s.sa.s.sinate ben w.a.n.g?" The man\'s loud voice rung against her ear, the deep voice was rich and majestic and was filled with masculinity. Qiqi reminiscenced about handsome leading actors shown on TV, they all had such soothing voices making her wish to see the man\'s appearance.

(ben w.a.n.g: how a \'w.a.n.g ye – prince\' refers himself as \'I\' or \'me\')

"Why aren\'t you speaking? With little force I could easily break your neck!"

"Don\'t…don\'t, let me go. I\'m not an a.s.sa.s.sin, I was mistakenly captured. I want to return home!"

"Return home?"

"That\'s right, I really miss home!"

"You\'re really not an a.s.sa.s.sin?" The man did not seem to believe Qiqi, both of his hands began to fumble around her body. Within seconds, Qiqi shied away whilst struggling. She, Wei Qiqi is the heir of the Wei family, yet someone had the audacity to tease her like this. With just one word, she could have his life…

Once his hands reached her waist, Wei Qiqi could no longer bear it. She grabbed his arm, fast like the wind, and launched an uppercut towards his jaw.

Normally in this situation, if her opponents were normal people, they would\'ve been knocked down. However, that man only had to tilt his head back and dodge the strike easily. He was not knocked down at all. Wei Qiqi originally wanted to execute her whirlwind kick, but before she had a chance to kick, her entire body was picked up. Suspending in the air, she was directly face to face with the man.

The man had a tall figure, with his bun tied high up, his appearance was jadelike before the wind, with sharp eyebrows and bright eyes. To sum it up, this type of man was perfectly handsome. This charming and charismatic man had the power to make people fall head over heels. Those eyes began to fill with anger like as if he was going to devour Wei Qiqi alive. Again she took another peep of the man before her, his physique was toned and muscular. Qiqi shut her eyes tightly from embarra.s.sment not daring to look any further.

The man before her pressed her acupuncture points, threw her aside then walked behind the folding screen to put on his attire.

(acupuncture point: pressing one\'s meridian points with two fingers so the person becomes paralysed, different areas have different effects)

Then again, he walked beside Wei Qiqi, squatted down on one knee and held her chin up carefully. Looking at both sides of her face, then down towards her attire, he found the intruder dressed quite strangely. Seems like this brat is still a child, thin and bony. Looking back up at her face, he couldn\'t help but frown, that little boy\'s face was filled with yellow holed scars like as if insects had entrenched there, the sight was incredibly hideous.

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