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The troops traveled a long journey and finally arrived at their destination. Tents were stationed everywhere, at this moment Wei Qiqi realised she had entered another world.

This was the military barracks! Several soldiers dragged and shoved Qiqi behind the iron barred gate. Inside held a number of prisoners, each and every one of them were sleazy and sn.o.bby. Moreover, the stench was the worst! Being accustomed to her rich and hygienic lifestyle, how could she bear with this? Without further thoughts, she pinched her nose and squatted down to the side.

The soldier beside Wei Qiqi who was large in size moved next to her and asked, "Little brother, you don\'t seem like person of xiong nu, how did you get caught?"

"A what? A xiong nu?" Wei Qiqi was in a daze, the people confined here are xiong nu\'s? According to history, xiong nu was a nation created by aggressive and barbaric tribes. Eventually, they were wiped out by the Hans, perhaps she has travelled back to the Han dynasty? Wei Qiqi nimbly tugged the young soldier.

"You said we\'re in war between the Hans and the xiong nu\'s? Then this is…."

"Great Han\'s military barracks, San w.a.n.gye, Liu Zhong Tian\'s barracks."

Wei Qiqi immediately went blank and dropped to the ground. San w.a.n.gye… Liu Zhong Tian? The military barracks of the Great Han? Heavens! Why did uncle Yan bring her here? Not only had she traveled through time, but of all era, she had went all the way back to the era of the Han dynasty! She dared not believe such thing and expressed her denials towards the young soldier.

"You\'re not making up lies, are you? It\'s not a joke right?"

"What did you say? Making up lies? As you can see I am imprisoned here, who has the mood to joke around with you. Who knows when we\'ll be beheaded."

Wei Qiqi went blank. Be..beheaded? This little missy had just turned 17 and was nowhere near graduating. She hasn’t even lived long enough yet! Who would want to die. Just like this, she stood up with a big breath and screamed behind the iron bars.

"Hey! Open the door, it\'s a misunderstanding. I am Wei Qiqi, a student at Xuan De High. Release me this instant, I want to return home!"

There was not even a single person who paid attention to her, Wei Qiqi became severely anxious but she simply did not stop ranting.

"I am Wei Qiqi, who does not belong in this era. I had come here by mistake." Came here by mistake? Wei Qiqi found this quite funny, she herself didn\'t even know how she ended up here, how, by her own two feet?

"Is anybody there? Let me out, I want to get out of this strange looking place! I\'m no xiong nu!"

"You d.a.m.n son of a b.i.t.c.h! You turtleheads!"

"Lu Zhong Tian! Get your a.s.s out here right this instant, I want you to release me!"

The young xiong nu soldier\'s face turned green as Wei Qiqi continued to scream and shout. He pulled her back and whispered, "You lunatic, you dare to address his Highness by his name? You aren\'t afraid of being beheaded?"

"What kind of reason is that? Based on what are they to behead me! I\'m not even a xiong nu! Moreover, even the name of the president can be called by whatever name. Does this Liu Zhong Tian think his name is far more special than others? He\'s nothing but dust in history!"

The young xiong nu prisoner had no other choice but to avoid this maniac just for the better. Otherwise, this whacko will worsen his luck.

As expected, the iron gate opened with several soldiers storming in furiously. "Mother fudgers! You all don\'t want to live anymore? Which one of you called San w.a.n.gye by his name?!"

"Me! Now let me go!"

"Aiya, such courage, you don\'t want to live anymore?!"

A soldier charged forward, grabbed her hair and dragged her outside. Unfortunately her hair was way too short, with the slip of the hand, Qiqi used this opportunity to escape.

"Capture that rotten scoundrel!"

Wei Qiqi had acquired the art of Sanda, she\'s nothing like those simple weak girls. Looking at all four directions, Qiqi, like the wind, ran straight into the camp site. Loud orders were resonating around alerting others to keep their guards up.

Plans gone wrong! Wei Qiqi was in panic,there were guards and the path towards the front was also blocked. What now? At that exact moment, she spotted a tent on the right, without hesitation she dashed straight inside. Right after she got in, a pair of soldiers came over guarding their posts. How lucky! Seems like there was a change in shifts.

"Have you seen a short haired rascal running around?

"No! It\'s pretty safe here!"

You two must pay strict precautions here at all times, if any mishap arises, then watch for your head!"


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