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Wei Qiqi felt those horrifying and disgusting insects disappeared in a flash, therefore she was rest a.s.sured, showing signs of relief. Goodness gracious, how could there be such a horrifying dream? Maybe she had tired herself out too much for the last few days partic.i.p.ating in the Sanda compet.i.tion. Recalling back to those who had fallen under the feat of her hands, Wei Qiqi felt extremely happy.

Despite of what just took place…the modernised Wei Qiqi was no longer elated. Qiqi found herself standing in the midst of a desolate wasteland, only a fog of dust can be seen within the diameter of the wasteland. Anyhow, there seemed to be lots of horses galloping towards her direction.

Oh heavens, this is spectacular, this is not a filming site right? Where\'s uncle Yan? Where\'s the car? Wei Qiqi looked at all four directions, besides the blowing of the dust, there was absolutely nothing.

Along the distance, troops on horses came closer and closer, Wei Qiqi was stunned by the sight, this is no different to the heavenly soldiers. It\'s probably another illusion. Qiqi heard the sound of horses halting their footsteps, emitting vibrations onto the surface of the ground. This was no illusion, if she does not escape, her unjustifiable soul will be trampled over by horse hooves.

(Heavenly soldiers may refer to the army that serves the celestial heavens so she is being delusional seeing this scene as a scene in the immortal realm where troops are portrayed to be seen on clouds when it’s actually dust in reality.)

Wei Qiqi with all her might ran to the hillside of a mountain, hoping that the troops would quickly pa.s.s by. All she had in her mind were wild imaginations but the most aggravating one was the fact that she has no idea where she was including the circ.u.mstances. But, there was one thing she was sure of, once she returns home, Uncle Yan will be severely punished. How dare he leave her all alone here and ran away.

However, Wei Qiqi was left stunned by the spectacular sight before her. Thousands and thousands of armoured cavalries stopped right at the hillside of the mountain. Each and every one of the horses were tall, strong and energetic by its outer appearance. Even the men appear to be bravely looking, almighty and invincible. Goodness they act like the real thing. Qiqi wondered which new series will soon be premiered.

"Seize the enemy!" The domineering order was spoken out by a general who had his sword pointed at Wei Qiqi.

Enemy? Wei Qiqi furiously glared towards the general, she Wei Qiqi was no extra mob. Thus, there was absolutely no reason for her play along in this production of theirs.

Before she could even get a hold of her senses, she had already been held by several soldiers. With the edge of the blade held against her neck right under the bright beaming sun, the blade reflected its sharpness along the edges. This seems like no joke.

"You\'re going too far! What do you think you\'re doing…hey…hey…" Wei Qiqi carefully focused on the blade held against her neck, with one arm she gently pushed the blade away. "There is some kind misunderstanding, I am Wei Qiqi!"

"Silence! From the looks of it, you\'re definitely a spy from the xiong nu\'s. If not, then why are you unarmored and loitering around on war land!" A soldier held the hem of her neck and pushed her down.

(xiong nu=huns)

"Go investigate the situation, let\'s return and have San w.a.n.gye deal with this scoundrel!"

(San Wanye = third prince)

"Such an ugly little scoundrel, should have killed him off with one blow!" A vice lieutenant jumped off the horse and looked down on Wei Qiqi scornfully.

Wei Qiqi felt that this situation was somewhat strange, it seemed like they weren’t acting. Why does it seemed so real? But in the end, what was actually going on here? Qiqi was scared out of her wits to the point of crying. Where was uncle Yan? Where was the car? She wanted to leave.

Wei Qiqi chose the exact moment when the vice lieutenant was off guard; with a flying kick, a soldier was sent flying, which allowed her to jump on the horseback of a horse. As a matter of fact, Qiqi had no prior knowledge in horse riding. However, she was left with no choice but to take the risk. Wei Qiqi bent down with both arms wide open, tightly hugged the neck of the horse. With all her might, she held the rein straining the horse which caused it to soar across the land wildly.

"Quick! Capture him!" The general was enraged, the vice lieutenant also felt mortified. How can they let such a weak puny boy escape on a horse so easily.

The vice lieutenant jumped on a horseback, and brought along some soldiers and closely chased Qiqi from behind.

With both eyes closed, Wei Qiqi rode the horse like crazy and couldn\'t stop questioning herself about her whereabouts. How can there be so many crazy people. That insect must\'ve got a problem, would those barbaric men actually kill her?

Without warning, the horse stopped abruptly. With such a fright, Wei Qiqi opened her eyes and found herself flying forwards. This d.a.m.n horse, why didn\'t you give a warning if there was such a large pit ahead. Qiqi fell into the pit of mud having it stuck all over her face and mouth.

Wei Qiqi tumbled over and over making it difficult to get up. A burst of laughter came from the top.

"There\'s actually a fool who does not look at the road whilst riding! Haha!"

Wei Qiqi shifted her gaze towards the group of men and shouted, "Hey! What you\'re doing is against the law!"

"Against the law? Haha, our san w.a.n.gye is the law! Once you\'re brought back, you\'ll eventually know what\'s the law!"

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Wei Qiqi furiously cursed back but then thought wasting such energy was not a good idea. She again must explain this misunderstanding and clarify where the h.e.l.l she was especially this bizarre land, why she was here and where her car has disappeared to!

"Pull him out!" Ordered the vice lieutenant.

Taking precaution, the general commanded her to be tied down by a rope. The most tragic part was that Wei Qiqi was thrown into the prisoners\' cart. The troops galloped away in an almighty manner and left the desolate yellow land.

Wei Qiqi watched the fury of dirt and dust colliding each other in the air. Her state of mind slowly began to become hazy and dreary, it was difficult to observe the surroundings….

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