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Chapter 24

Great Han’s Female General Wei Qiqi Chapter 24 – Super Clothes-Washing Soap

Liu Zhong Tian walked in and saw Wei Qiqi who is dressed neatly . He knows that she has already washed herself clean . “Why are you wearing so strangely again?”

“I think that you are the one that is wearing weirdly!” Qiqi walked up and touched Liu Zhong Tian’s belt . “If you are wearing jeans you must be very handsome!”

“Preposterous!” Liu Zhong Tian grabbed her hands in fury . He immediately flung her away . “Next time do not touch this Duke!”

“What a fella with a nasty temper!” After she finished speaking, Qiqi sat in the big tent and started washing her clothes .

Liu Zhong Tian was just about to go back to the bookshelf when he heard a sound . He curiously retreated back and looked at Wei Qiqi . “In the future I have no need for them to come to the big tent to collect the clothes, you shall wash all of them!”

“What did you say?” Qiqi stood up . Before she could even react, Liu Zhong Tian already brought out some clothes and threw it in front of Wei Qiqi .

“Wash these cleanly!”

“Hey! Liu Zhong Tian!”

“Call me Duke!” Liu Zhong Tian smiled faintly and walked back to his bookshelf to read the scrolls to continue reading . His eyes will glance towards Qiqi occasionally .

Wei Qiqi was furious as she was washing and looked out of the big tent . Really, just when she has found a clean place to rest, she has to suffer this kind of humiliation and become the unlucky Duke’s washing lady . Dear God, did something go wrong? Why did you get an heiress to an enormous fortune and turn her to be so downtrodden . When she saw the clothes in her hands, she thought that it is good if she has soap . If the maid in her house were here it won’t be bad either .

When she saw the clothes won’t get clean no matter how she washes it, Wei Qiqi stood up . She ran out of the tent and asked the firearms master for some alkaline and pig oil . After some experiments and heating, she added salt onto the mixture . The firearms master looked at her and was wondering what she is doing .

“Success, soap!” Qiqi jumped up .

The firearms master looked at the yellow solid block in Qiqi’s hands and asked with suspicion . “General Wei, this is?”

“Soap!” After saying finish Qiqi excitedly ran out .

Qiqi went back to the big tent and started to wash the clothes with passion . Liu Zhong Tian wondered what is up and walked over and realized that the wooden bucket is full of white colour foam . Wei Qiqi sang while washing which made Liu Zhong Tian frown .

“What is this?”

“Oh! Soap! Kekeke!” Qiqi stood up and presented the clothes . “Duke, this is clean right!”

Liu Zhong Tian coldly looked at her and looked at the yellow soap bar by her side . He felt some doubts . Why is this Wei Qiqi’s disposition is so weird . He sized up the clothes that she washed .

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“Next time you shall wash the whole army’s clothes!”

“What, what?” Qiqi stuttered .

“If you don’t wish to wash all of them, then give that soap of yours to the soldiers in charge of washing!”

Wei Qiqi immediately understood . So it is like this . That is no problem at all, she can even impart the method of creating the soap to them . However, she immediately held onto the Duke who is just about to go out . “Then your clothes, can I not wash them, look at my hands!” After speaking finish she extended both of her hands .

Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian realized that pair of arms are unusually white and skinny . He shifted his gaze embarrassingly . “Yes! You can”

“Ok, no problem!” [T/N: She said this in English, not Chinese]

Liu Zhong Tian couldn’t figure out what is she saying and thinks that she is a weird person . Hence, he walked out with some doubts .