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Name: Wei Qiqi

Age: 17 years old

Appearance: Short hair, 169cm tall, likes to wear t-shirts, jeans, sneakers with high insoles and last of all having various types of impressions.

Occupation: 3rd year of high school at an all-girls school \'Xuan De\'

Personality: lively, combatively strong and likes to defend the weak.

Hobbies: boxing (Chinese boxing martial arts – full contact fighting system and combat sport developed from Chinese martial arts) and has repeatedly won many Sanda compet.i.tions, and enjoys rock music.

(Sanda: is a full contact fighting system and combat sport developed from Chinese martial arts, so I guess you could call it Chinese boxing.)

Ident.i.ty/Status: the only heir Wei\'s Corporate Property and the Big Sis of \'Xuan De High School\'.

Motto: Back then there were heroic females, now there\'s Wei Qiqi.

* * *

"Stop reading, Wei Qiqi is here…"

At the entrance of Xuan De High, a few boys hid a magazine containing a brief introduction of Wei Qiqi behind their back. The overcrowding of people shoved and pushed each other just to take a glimpse of the school entrance.

A dozen of female students cheerily laughed as they walked past the school\'s garden, which was led by a female student who was tall figured, a peerless beauty, with delicate white skin. Her eyes were large and round as her smile blossomed like flowers. Furthermore, her delicate nose is symmetrically balanced and lips red. Once glance can make her become loved by all people.

That\'s Wei Qiqi, the "Big Sis" of Xuan De, charming and lovely, who\'s respected and admired by all students, this was the time she finishes school with her friends.

"Qiqi, again there\'s another who also admires you…" A friend b.u.mped Qiqi from behind, Qiqi immediately became alerted and took a glance towards the boys, the ones who were nudging and shoving instantly tried to escape.

Qiqi pouted then laughed, "Scared and timid like a mouse, doesn\'t even have the guts to come and say a word or two. There\'s no need to pay attention to them!"

From afar, a luxurious Chrysler limousine drove towards the rear of the school gate. A middle aged chauffeur came out of the limousine and respectfully opened the door. Qiqi waved goodbyes and ducked her head swiftly into the vehicle. And so the vehicle slowly left.

Wei Qiqi leisurely sat inside, to kill her boredom, she switched on a video of Mr Bean whilst eating b.u.t.tered popcorn. She then stretched out her long slender legs to ease the muscles as she giggled at the screen.

The Chauffeur looked at Wei Qiqi through the rear mirror, a daughter from a rich prestigious family who is carefree, moreover she was the only heir to the Wei family acquiring all a.s.sets. For sure she will lead a comfortable steady life of not having to worry about food nor clothing since she would be showered in fortune and wealth for a lifetime.

Just as Wei Qiqi was up to the climax of the video, the vehicle abruptly stopped. Qiqi immediately raised her head, looking strangely towards the front. What just happened? Why the sudden stop?

The chauffeur held his arms against his head, in a loud voice he said, "Why are there so many yellow insects? Good lord, the limo is filled with these things!"

"Say what?" Wei Qiqi hastily opened the door and as she was about to get off, she became light headed. Having heard the voice of a female buzzing against her ear, pain grew intensely all over her face. She clenched her face feeling like as if a million insects were p.r.i.c.king and biting onto her. Within her line of sight, the illusion of a gigantic yellow insect grovelled towards her.

"Uncle Yan, uncle Yan!"

The chauffeur heard the panicking from Qiqi, despite the circ.u.mstances, he hurriedly ran towards the direction of the family\'s little missy. However, it was too late, the only thing he witnessed was Qiqi being shrouded by a red glowing aura, the wind carried her away as she withered to dust leaving no trace of existence. In a blink of an eye, Wei Qiqi was nowhere to be found…

The chauffeur was surprisingly startled with both eyes wide opened. Indeed, he could not believe what he had just witnessed. With force, he rubbed both eyes in doubt before looking at the scene again. In the back seats, Mr Bean was still playing, yet the sight of Wei Qiqi was nowhere to be seen. The chauffeur was left speechless.

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