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Liu Zhongtian… he better take the initiative to send the beauty over. All these couldn\'t be blamed on the Emperor for being heartless, for his heart was really pining too much for Wei Qiqi, who was filled with spirituality.

Concubine Hanyu only had thoughts of meeting with Liu Zhongtian, placing no attention on anything else. She was trapped by love, carrying expectations in her heart as she walked softly towards Qiqi\'s side. However, her infatuated eyes were looking at Liu Zhongtian. He was still so cool, suave and well built. Hanyu couldn\'t wait to fall into Liu Zhongtian\'s embrace and snug herself comfortably in the arms of her beloved man.

He really was a cunning Emperor, using Hanyu\'s ignorance to bring himself closer. Previously, Liu Zhongtian was almost killed by the Emperor because of Hanyu. However, this time he took the initiative to send Hanyu to himself. The Emperor\'s purpose was clear. A pity, when Liu Zhongtian went to the borders, he had already given up on Hanyu. What’s more now when he has Wei Qiqi by his side.

"Lady Concubine?" Qiqi saw Concubine Hanyu and felt fury in her heart. This was the Duke\'s old flame. Liu Zhongtian really was well acquainted with the cupid. Hanyu on his left, Ning Yun-er on his right, along with the modern world Wei Qiqi. Grief – she thought that she was very unique, yet she wasn\'t anything but a woman only.

Now, no matter how unwilling Wei Qiqi was, she was still fighting for a man with other ancient era woman. In the end she might even share a man with them.

"General Qi is drunk."Hanyu looked in shock at the woman whose cheeks were flushed due to alcohol.

"Who says that I\'m drunk? I\'m not drunk!" Qiqi wanted to stand up, but nearly fall down due to giddiness. Liu Zhongtian hurriedly stretched his hand to support her. At this moment, Hanyu also happened to extend her hand to support Qiqi. Two people\'s hands coincidentally touched each other. Concubine Hanyu\'s cheeks flushed instantly. She kept her hand shyly.

That minute detail fell into Qiqi\'s blurry vision. She knew that it was an accidental touch, but still felt extremely sad and disappointed in her heart. She wanted to cry but there were no tears.

Liu Zhongtian hugged Qiqi and sat down. He was still worried for her and his hand continued to hold onto hers. His facial expression didn\'t change, as if he had no feelings. On the other hand, Hanyu was feeling fl.u.s.tered, her eyes kept gazing at Liu Zhongtian. This caused the drunk Qiqi to be even more furious.

Wei Qiqi shook free of Liu Zhongtian\'s hands and stood up while stumbling. Wasn\'t this the Great Han palace? Were all these important officials? After traveling through time, she opened her eyes to the big world. Originally she should be feeling happy to see so many people and things other people couldn\'t see. However she was not happy at all. She was even feeling sad. She wasn\'t willing to come here, yet she came here. This irksome Emperor, irksome Duke, irksome Hanyu, and all those officials waiting to see a show…

Wei Qiqi suddenly felt extremely lonely. The Duke who originally loved her wholeheartedly was going to have a change of heart. An undying and devoted love was not possible to have. Her support, her love, was going to be shared with someone else.

Seeing Wei Qiqi stand up and have a pa.s.sive look, Liu Zhongtian felt somewhat embarra.s.sed. He wanted to extend his hand to pull Wei Qiqi, hoping she could sit down. She was really drunk, yet she didn\'t realise it.

Qiqi lightly smiled. Her thin fingers playfully ran through the back of Liu Zhongtian\'s hands. That kind of temptation caused Liu Zhongtian to feel somewhat lost. His hands involuntarily released. Qiqi instantly shook free of his grip and nearly fell onto the ground. Qiqi covered her mouth and smiled, her steps taking her away from Liu Zhongtian.

On the surface, Qiqi was all smiles, however her heart was feeling furious with the Great Han, with the heartless Duke. He stole her heart, yet he still wanted other wives and concubines. Was Wei Qiqi considered his wife or concubine? Was there a difference between the two?

Didn\'t Liu Zhongtian say before that if Wei Qiqi stayed in the palace, he was going to kill her with one sword? She was going to see whether such a tyrannical Duke was going to be so merciless.

Wei Qiqi b.u.mped into a female dancer who was playing the pipa. She turned her head around and smiled. She extended her hand and grabbed the pipa. Qiqi hugged the pipa and started walking in steps. That lithe figure and long dress caused her to look extremely dazzling. The crowd was stunned. Wei Qiqi\'s fingers started strumming the pipa. A song started to flow out of Qiqi\'s mouth. The symphony from the pipa accompanied Qiqi\'s cheery voice to stun the whole crowd.

It is a boring thing to be devoted.

Having emptiness in vision is fine too.

This life is not finished, yet it is okay to have nothing.

Only wanting to have a life of freedom.

When awake smile at people.

When in a dream forget about everything.

Sigh at the early coming of the night.

The next life is hard to predict.

The score of love and hatred are all settled.

Facing the wine as song, I only wish to be happy till old age.

No matter how cold the wind is don\'t run from it.

No matter how pretty the flower is there is no want for it.

I can float away as I like.

The higher the sky the smaller the heart.

Don\'t ask about the cycle of cause and results.

Alone I fall in drunkenness.

Today I cry, tomorrow I smile

Not seeking for anyone\'s understanding.

A life of pride.

Singing the song and dancing to the beat.

The night is long so I have the time to look for happiness.

The more Wei Qiqi sang, the more she felt like she returned to the modern society, with her loving grandfather, telling him everything about her sorrows and thoughts, as well as the complicated love she had for the Duke. Who was it that opened the door to her heart and at the same time viciously hurt her. Wei Qiqi carried a smile, yet her eyes were full of tears. The tears involuntarily dropped. Looks like the Duke\'s manor was not a place to stay for long, the Duke was not a person to spend the rest of her life with.

The Emperor was mesmerized. He pinched his chin and surveyed Wei Qiqi, who was carrying a smile and her eyes glittering. Her fingers were strumming the instrument, her long skirt dragging on the floor and she looked cheery and lively. No wonder Liu Zhongtian would stop him at all cost in the lights tower. She really was a beauty who was unparalleled and touching to the heart. That song was sung with a feeling of freedom. Facing the wine like a song and being happy till old.

The Emperor couldn\'t control himself and stood up. How could there be such a mesmerizing woman like Wei Qiqi in this world? He looked at the beautiful Wei Qiqi. His own imperial edict actually gifted to Liu Zhongtian a unique woman instead of an ugly woman. This was really too ridiculous.

If he could obtain this woman, his harem would have a source of consolation. It would not be like now, boring and irritating, with all the jealous women vying for attention. The woman that the Emperor had been yearning for was right in front of him. However she was Liu Zhongtian\'s concubine. It really was fate playing a cruel hand on him.

Xiaoyuzi quickly pulled the Emperor\'s sleeves. Why was the Emperor losing himself so easily?

"Why are you always pulling me?" The Emperor spoke furiously in a low voice.

"Your Majesty, don\'t be anxious. Wei Qiqi is already conferred a general t.i.tle. She has her own manor. She\'s already in the bag. Now that all the officials are looking, you cannot be anxious under their vigilance!"

"However…" The Emperor looked at Wei Qiqi with infatuation, "Could I really let such a beauty leave with the Third Duke? I want to keep her!"

"Your Majesty, this servant has a way to make her stay!" Xiaoyuzi stealthily went close to the Emperor\'s ears. When the Emperor heard what Xiaoyuzi said, he revealed a smile instantly. This eunuch was smart. The Emperor nodded his head repeatedly. Xiaoyuzi then quickly left.

Wei Qiqi felt that her whole world was spinning. The strong liquor caused her to be unable to support herself. Liu Zhongtian sat there stumped, he was mesmerized by her voice as well. The voice suddenly stopped and the pipa fell from Wei Qiqi\'s hands. Her fingers were on her forehead and she slowly collapsed. Liu Zhongtian jumped out and quickly grabbed onto the falling Wei Qiqi. He then turned around and faced the Emperor.

"Your Majesty, Qiqi doesn\'t know the rules. She is drunk. I\'ll immediately bring her back…" Liu Zhongtian looked at the Emperor, feeling that the Emperor seemed to be very nervous about Wei Qiqi. He involuntarily held tighter onto Qiqi.

The Emperor looked at Wei Qiqi in Liu Zhongtian\'s embrace, who had a perfect face and watery eyes, and felt lost. Could he then watch Liu Zhongtian take away Wei Qiqi just like that?

The officials were all looking at the Emperor weirdly. Why did he act as if he didn\'t hear what the Third Duke said? He seemed to have lost his soul.

"This…" The Emperor was frantic. Why did this d.a.m.ned Xiaoyuzi not come back yet? Liu Zhongtian was about to bring Wei Qiqi away, what was he dallying for?

Just when the Emperor was feeling anxious, Xiaoyuzi came rushing forward. He breathlessly annouced, "The Dowager has orders. Third Royal Concubine is well versed with many talents, hence she is favored by the Dowager. She specially instructed this servant to report to the Emperor to ask the Third Royal Concubine to stay and relieve the boredom of the Dowager for a few days!"

The Emperor immediately revealed a smile. Looking at Liu Zhongtian\'s ugly expression, he was happy. He wanted to see how Liu Zhongtian was going to bring away Wei Qiqi. Since she had came, then don\'t think of bringing her back.

"Since the Dowager has spoken, then let the Third Royal Concubine stay here in the palace for awhile!"

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi in his embrace. Looks like things had developed to a state where it couldn\'t be reversed. This was out of Liu Zhongtian\'s control. He didn\'t think that the Emperor would actually bring out the Dowager. The Dowager must have listened to the persuasion of the eunuch and decided to keep Wei Qiqi. If not, the Dowager being in the back palace wouldn\'t have known of Wei Qiqi\'s multi-talents.

This time, staying in the palace, the Emperor would definitely not let Wei Qiqi off. Who doesn\'t love such a beauty? She was not only the second Hanyu, she had deeply latched onto Liu Zhongtian\'s heart. Liu Zhongtian gently caressed Qiqi\'s cheeks. Maybe in a few days time, Wei Qiqi would become the Emperor\'s woman. Could he really kill her with one sword?

Liu Zhongtian looked at the Emperor furiously. Why must you force me to this extent? Wei Qiqi and Hanyu were different. One wasn\'t married, while the other was. If she was taken by the Emperor, as a man, he couldn\'t endure that. He could either kill Wei Qiqi, or revolt…

Revolt? Since Liu Zhongtian gave up the throne back then, he didn\'t have thoughts of revolting. The Emperor was only pitting against Liu Zhongtian, yet he was not a useless ruler who didn\'t care about the governmental affairs. How could Liu Zhongtian rebel against the Emperor? Could it be just for only a woman?

However… to kill Wei Qiqi? How could Liu Zhongtian bear to do it?

"Bring the Third Royal Concubine to the Dowager\'s palace!" The Emperor avoided Liu Zhongtian\'s cold gaze.

"Qiqi is drunk, so she may speak nonsense. Furthermore she knows martial arts. If she injures the Dowager in her drunk state, I cannot bear such a consequence. Please report to the Dowager that tomorrow I\'ll bring Qiqi to the Dowager\'s palace to pay our respects!"

The Emperor\'s sharp gaze swept over again, pitting against Liu Zhongtian\'s furious gaze. The two men seemed to have declared war without speaking it out.