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Liu Zhongtian didn\'t know why Qiqi was so pa.s.sionate. Her body was trembling, intensifying his l.u.s.t for her. Could this be how she tried to seduce his Sixth Brother? This d.a.m.ned woman, does she know what being shameless was? He angrily and viciously kissed Qiqi\'s red lips. Qiqi felt happiness, her breathing became even faster. It was almost carefree. She crazily moved her body, thirsting for even more thrill and pa.s.sion.

"What\'s wrong with you…"

Liu Zhongtian felt that the situation was not right. Wei Qiqi\'s body was extremely hot. He surveyed Qiqi\'s flushed cheeks and quickly grabbed ahold of Qiqi\'s wrist, his fingers pressing on her pulse. Qiqi\'s pulse was in chaos and jumping crazily. Adding onto her l.u.s.tful expression, he deduced that she was given v.i.a.g.r.a, that was why she was so crazy.

His brother actually used v.i.a.g.r.a on her. Could it be that Qiqi didn\'t submit, that was why he used such a despicable method to force her to submit? Liu Zhongtian pitied her and touched her gently. If she didn\'t come to him in pa.s.sion and stoked the flames inside of him, Liu Zhongtian would probably have raised his sword to harm her in his anger.

Qiqi\'s lips came kissing over again, as if she was protesting against Liu Zhongtian stopping. The heat in her body kept rising. She felt that she was burning to death. Her hands were tightly caressing Liu Zhongtian\'s stomach, that pa.s.sion almost causing her to cry out.

Liu Zhongtian released Qiqi\'s wrist and stuck her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, touching her. He will save her and release her from the suffering caused by the v.i.a.g.r.a. Liu Zhongtian immediately went into Wei Qiqi\'s soft body. Qiqi moaned loudly, her body was covered by waves of pa.s.sion. The intense burning slowly subsided, what replaced it was endless waves of pleasure.

After a night of endless struggles, Wei Qiqi was drenched in sweat. She tiredly fell into Liu Zhongtian\'s embrace, tightly hugging him. That moment of comfort caused her to completely rely on this well built man. Her spirit relaxed and she entered into a beautiful dream.

Liu Zhongtian gently caressed Qiqi. Ever since his concubine turned into a beauty, there were all sorts of problems happening. The Emperor hadn\'t revealed his hand, yet his flirtatious Sixth Brother had gained the advantage and nearly possessed Qiqi, causing him to feel tired on the inside.

Facing the barbaric Xiongnu, Liu Zhongtian had never felt so troubled. Now it was just a woman in his embrace, yet it caused him to feel a loss of confidence. The spying eyes were everywhere. Why was his concubine so tempting and seductive, causing men who saw her to lose control and want to possess her? Her mesmerizing characteristic seemed to come from her bones, causing men who look at her to be completely subdued.

Liu Zhongtian gently touched Qiqi\'s cheeks. She was sleeping soundly, her expression made his heart moved. He was willing to brave through difficulties for her. He only wished for her body and heart to belong to him now and every moment in the future.

That night\'s tiredness caused Wei Qiqi to keep sleeping. Her jade arm was tightly hugging Liu Zhongtian\'s arms, causing him to not want to take it off. Thus he woke up much later than usual.

Liu Zhongtian saw that the sky was bright. Qiqi was still sleeping and having sweet dreams. He wore his clothes and took down the sword hanging on the wall. He then walked out of the door in big steps, riding the horse and leaving the manor.

Liu Zhongtian furiously barged into the Sixth Duke\'s manor. The guards were unable to stop him. He kicked open the door to Liu Xuanji\'s room and Liu Xuanji hurriedly climbed down from his bed. A woman hid at the corner of the room immediately, she was scared till the blood on her face was drained and was repeatedly trembling.

"Third Brother, why did you come again?"

Liu Xuanji was somewhat furious. Why did he come again, wasn\'t Wei Qiqi taken away by him? When Liu Xuanji saw the sharp sword pointing at his throat, he turned soft, "Third Brother, what are you implying? Quickly put the sword down. We can talk things out nicely. It really was a misunderstanding yesterday."

"You gave Wei Qiqi a drug?"

"Drug?" Liu Xuanji instantly perspired. He guiltily nodded and then quickly explained, "I really didn\'t know that she was your concubine. Third Brother, I didn\'t do anything to her, this… you should be the clearest yesterday…"

Liu Zhongtian saw Liu Xuanji\'s scared look and kept the sword in his hand, "In the future keep a distance from Qiqi! If not this sword won\'t care about brotherly ties."

"I will definitely do so, even if I have the courage, I won\'t dare to do so!"

"And!" Liu Zhongtian walked closer, "Wei Qiqi\'s looks cannot be revealed to other people, especially the Emperor!"

Liu Xuanji thought that his words were very strange. He was just about to ask the reason when he saw Liu Zhongtian\'s non-accommodating expression, thus he shut his mouth. He was scared that he would anger his Third Brother, hence he could only nod his head. However his heart was full of doubts. Such a pretty woman, let\'s see how long could Third Brother hide his fact. Emperor-Brother would know about it sooner or later. When that happens, there would be a show to watch.

After Liu Zhongtian warned Liu Xuanji, he quickly left for his manor. When he entered through the doors, the butler came running forward, "Duke, there is someone from the palace here!"

People from the palace? Why did they come to the manor so early? Liu Zhongtian became worried. Could it be that the Emperor had decided to show his hand? Could it really be for Qiqi?

Within the guest hall, Eunuch Xiaoyuzi from the palace came forward and smiled, "Third Duke, Xiaoyuzi pays his respects to you!". Liu Zhongtian replied, "No need for the formalities, Eunuch Xiaoyu came so early… is it really just to pay your respects to me?"

"Of course not!" Xiaoyuzi didn\'t dare to offend this Duke. Apart from the Emperor it was the Third Duke, the whole imperial court was afraid of this imposing man. He was the man who nearly became the Great Han Emperor. His footsteps caused the palace to tremble. "Keke, Duke, where is the Royal Concubine?" Xiaoyuzi scanned his surroundings. One look and the Third Duke knew he had ulterior motives. Looks like there was no need to guess, he was here for Qiqi. Liu Zhongtian frowned, "My concubine\'s body is unwell, she is resting in the room."

"Then forget about it, may the Duke pa.s.s on the message!" Xiaoyuzi took out a royal edict from his sleeves and straightened his back, "Third Duke Liu Zhongtian receive the order!"

Liu Zhongtian looked at Xiaoyuzi with suspicion. Everytime the Emperor decreed something it was nothing good. Who knew what he wanted to do this time. He frantically knelt and listened carefully to the contents of the decree.

"From the heavens riding the fortune, the Emperor decrees, Third Duke has contributed to the extermination of the Xiongnu, he shall be granted 10,000 taels of gold, 500 sets of high grade silk, 10,000 acres of good land."

What was up with the Emperor. It was a long time since he returned in victory from defeating the Xiongnu. What ought to be rewarded should already been done. Why was this happening? Xiaoyuzi glanced sideways at Liu Zhongtian. He was smug in his heart. Third Duke, don\'t be anxious, there was more at the back. To fight with the Emperor, that was using a thin arm to fight with a thick leg.

"Third Royal Concubine Wei Qiqi had contributed greatly in exterminating the Xiongnu and built up merits. I specially grant her as a Second-Grade Protector Female General. The Protector Mansion should be specially renovated and act as the General Manor to be granted to Wei Qiqi!"

Liu Zhongtian furiously looked at the royal edict in Xiaoyuzi\'s hands. Was the Emperor going crazy, just how long did he want to make fun of Liu Zhongtian? Granting Second-Grade Female General, she was Liu Zhongtian\'s woman, not some Protector-General. The Emperor even wanted to renovate a mansion for her. His concubine was going to move out? This could not get more ridiculous.

"Receive the edict, Third Duke!"

Liu Zhongtian received the edict, anger written all over his face. He really wanted to tear this edict apart. This was obviously a humiliation. When would the Emperor stop pitting against him? The throne was already his, must he still be unsatisfied?

Xiaoyuzi drooped his head and smiled lightly. He spoke in a low voice, "Duke, the Emperor is holding a banquet in the imperial garden tomorrow. He invites you and your concubine. Important officials in the imperial court will also show up. Please remember to bring the Protector-General Wei Qiqi along too."

"Celebration banquet?" Liu Zhongtian stared at Xiaoyuzi. Xiaoyuzi was scared till he took a step back. The perspiration on his forehead was seeping out. "Yes, Duke, the Emperor wants to introduce to the officials the Great Han\'s Number One Female General Wei Qiqi…" Xiaoyuzi\'s voice got softer and softer, that was because Liu Zhongtian had furiously grabbed his collar, scaring him till he didn\'t dare to continue speaking.

"Great Han Number One Female General?"

The sweat on Xiaoyuzi\'s forehead became more. He knew that this wasn\'t a good errand, yet the Emperor wanted him to come and announce this edict. This Liu Zhongtian who was famous for his hardheadedness was not a person to trifle with.

"Yes, yes! That… Xiaoyuzi is leaving now, can the Duke release me…" Xiaoyuzi pointed at Liu Zhongtian\'s hand. The edict has been decreed, he should quickly leave, if not he would be screwed. If Liu Zhongtian really hit him, this was really hitting him for nothing and he deserved it.

Liu Zhongtian knew that there was no reason to be angry with him. He was only an eunuch that announced the decree. Liu Zhongtian released his hands. Xiaoyuzi, without saying anything, quickly ran out of the Duke\'s manor. If he didn\'t run now, when would he do so?

Qiqi forcefully stretched his waist. Thinking about this Liu Xuanji, he really was a scary fellow. Next time when she sees him she would fix him up. If she didn\'t take revenge, she was not a woman.

Qiqi wore her clothes, feeling that her body aches everywhere. She thought of yesterday\'s event. That d.a.m.ned drug, causing her to be embarra.s.sed to death. Liu Zhongtian was going to mock her. Who knew where did the fellow go. Qiqi\'s face blushed because of shyness. She wore a casual short skirt and opened the door.

The maid Xiaotao came forward, "Royal Concubine, please go take a look. The Duke kept practicing his sword in the garden and refuses to stop!" "Duke?" Qiqi touched her ponytail and speedily left for the garden. She saw from afar that Liu Zhongtian was dancing around with his sword. He was already perspiring profusely. That look was extremely crazy, as if he was full of anger.

Ning Yun-er was hiding at the pavilion and looking from afar, not daring to go forward. She turned around and saw Qiqi, as if she saw a savior. Maybe only she could stop the Duke.

Qiqi quickly ran to Liu Zhongtian\'s front. She was just about to rush forward to stop him when Liu Zhongtian waved his sword, which went piercing towards her. The tip of the sword inched towards Qiqi\'s brows. It was only an inch away before disfiguring Wei QIqi. Liu Zhongtian was shocked and he exerted force to keep his sword. The sword tip released a ringing sound, creating a loop in the air before it returned to his hands.

Liu Zhongtian was just about to go forward and comfort Qiqi when he suddenly felt an intense feeling. His vision turned black, his throat feeling saltiness before he spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.