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The two servants found a beautiful dress and put it on Qiqi\'s body, "What a beauty. I think the Duke will spill blood upon seeing this."

"Don’t you see that her acupoints are sealed? She must be unwilling!"

"Keke, I\'ve seen plenty of women like that. Within a day, she\'ll be screaming to get onto the Duke\'s bed!"

"That\'s true, the Duke has a way with women… if he is still unable to, there\'s still the medicine…"

"The Duke is not such a person!"

"The sky is dark, quick send her in, if not the Duke will not be happy!"

The two servants had great strength. They lifted Qiqi up horizontally, ran in quick steps across the hallway and entered into a s.p.a.cious room.

A woman within the room pulled down the curtains, "Don\'t be anxious, the Duke will return very soon!"

The servants very quickly put Qiqi by the side of the bed.

Anxious? Qiqi even felt like crying. They were obviously kidnapping her. That was illegal. However what happens after kidnapping? Qiqi began to be worried. Where was Liu Zhongtian? He should hurry and take a look at what his brother was doing. The Great Han had bred a group of lecherous dukes who were just like parasites.

Qiqi intensely yearned for Liu Zhongtian, that feeling seemed to have almost caught hold of her heart.

The room became quiet. Wei Qiqi was unable to move, only able to use her eyes to look outside of the window. Who knew what was he trying to play at, didn\'t he say that he wouldn\'t coerce women who didn’t want to submit?

Qiqi was dwelling in her thoughts when the door opened. White-faced Asura Liu Xuanji wore a thin clothing and walked in. That clothing was very transparent. Qiqi could even see his body figure. He really was a disgusting man.

Lifting the curtain, Liu Xuanji walked in. Seeing Wei Qiqi who just bathed and was clothed, his eyes were raised. He lifted Qiqi\'s chin and lifted her mute acupoint.

"Even if you beat me to death, I won\'t believe that Third Brother will have such good fortune. Emperor-Brother won\'t let him be so smug. Everyone knows that the Emperor had gifted an ugly woman to him. Who are you, my cute lady, though it doesn\'t matter who you are. Now you only belong to me. In the future stay in my manor and serve me."

Qiqi stared at Liu Xuanji. Stay in the manor to serve him? He had wishful thoughts. What a lecherous man, did he think that all women would fall into his embrace?

"This Duke can\'t wait any longer, my beauty!" Looking at this white top-cla.s.s beauty, Liu Xuanji\'s hands uncontrollably extended. Qiqi\'s threw a hateful gaze at him.

"You said before that you won\'t force people!"

"I usually don\'t, but that doesn\'t mean that I won\'t!" He walked to a side and laughed eerily, "You are different. You are a really unique woman. During those days when you wear the face cloth, you caused this Duke to not think about other women and only think about you."

"You are crazy, I\'m your Third Royal Concubine…"

"Third Royal Concubine? Haha, you think that Liu Xuanji is a kid?"

Liu Xuanji clapped his hands and blinked. A servant walked in and pa.s.sed the Sixth Duke a small bottle. She then looked lovingly at Liu Xuanji, "Do you know what is this?" Liu Xuanji walked forward and lifted up the small bottle, "This is v.i.a.g.r.a!"

When Qiqi heard that, she was shocked. Why was the Great Han\'s Sixth Duke so shameless to even use this kind of underhanded tactic?

"Hey, don\'t fool around!" Qiqi quickly shut her mouth after speaking.

Liu Xuanji opened the cover of the small bottle and raised it to Qiqi\'s nose. A wave of dense fragrance made its way through into Qiqi\'s nose, "I forgot to say, this medicine is meant to be smelled and not consumed."

"You…" Qiqi\'s hands couldn\'t move, thus it was too late for her to cover her nose, "Liu Xuanji, I\'m really Liu Zhongtian\'s concubine. You really don\'t think he\'ll kill you for this!"

"Still wanting to argue. I won\'t believe you. Don\'t think that I\'ll let you off just by you saying that…" Liu Xuanji quickly put the bottle at one side, "Originally I can wait, however you have been scratching at my heart and making me feel itchy."

Liu Xuanji\'s fingers lightly brushed past Qiqi\'s cheeks. He lifted up her cheeks and carefully admired her, "Really beautiful, in just a moment\'s time, you\'ll plea for this Duke to love you."

Wei Qiqi felt that her own face started to burn slowly. Her whole body was on fire, could it be that the medicine is working. What should she do? If Liu Zhongtian couldn\'t reach here on time, she would wish that she was dead.

Liu Xuanji knew that the medicine is working inside of Qiqi. He lightly unblocked Qiqi\'s acupoints. Even if Qiqi wanted to escape now, she didn\'t have the strength to do so. Her whole body was suffering from being on fire. There was an intense feeling rising up in her heart. This despicable Sixth Duke, would she really get involved with this fellow…

"A top-cla.s.s beauty with unparalleled looks. I promise you that in the future, as long as you submit to me, I\'ll no longer use v.i.a.g.r.a and I\'ll only love you. All the women in my manor can\'t measure up to you." Liu Xuanji pinched Qiqi\'s cheeks and then slowly undressed Qiqi\'s thin clothing.

"Scram! You dare…" Qiqi\'s tears were flowing. She was scared of the next scene, yet couldn\'t defend against it. That sense of humiliation was strongly attacking her.

At this moment, a servant hurriedly ran in. Her expression was frantic. Without waiting for her to report, a furious tall man walked in. Who was so bold to barge through the Sixth Duke\'s manor? He just rushed in without waiting for people to report.

Liu Xuanji lifted the curtain and steadied his eyes. It was actually his third brother Liu Zhongtian. Why did he barge in at this moment? That expression…

"Third Brother?"

"Where is Qiqi? Did you take away Wei Qiqi?" Liu Zhongtian grabbed Liu Xuanji\'s arms, looking at his clothes with disgust. This Sixth Brother was really too nonsensical, to gather even his own brother\'s woman. He actually hit on Wei Qiqi.

"What are you saying? Royal Brother…" Liu Xuanji started to be a bit afraid. Could that woman behind the curtain really be Third Royal Concubine?

However all of these couldn\'t be explained. She was obviously a beauty and not an ugly woman.

"This Duke\'s Royal Concubine is missing. The maid Xiaotao said that you keep hanging around Qiqi recently. Don\'t tell me that you even dare to touch my woman!"

Liu Zhongtian\'s eyes were spouting fire. He was extremely furious, causing Liu Xuanji to feel aggrieved. "No, there’s really no such thing!"

"Who is the woman inside?"

Liu Zhongtian\'s scanned the place. He walked in big strides to the front of the curtain. There seemed to be a woman inside. Liu Xuanji immediately went to stop him.

"Third Brother, don\'t scare my little beauty!"

"Go away!" Liu Zhongtian pushed him aside and lifted the curtain. When he saw the woman behind, he was instantly furious. Wei Qiqi was indeed on the bed. How could this be? This was Wei Qiqi\'s so-called happiness theory? No matter whether she was the one who initiated this or was pa.s.sive, it caused him to suffer a setback and was extremely discouraged.

Liu Zhongtian angrily walked forward in big steps. The Wei Qiqi on the bed had flushed cheeks, with teary eyes and untidy outfit. He instantly felt blood rush to his forehead. The jealous fires instantly caused him to burn.

"She is this Duke\'s Royal Concubine, your Third Sister-in law. Xuanji, did you do something despicable with her…" Liu Zhongtian unsheathed his sword, furiously pointing at Liu Xuanji.

"No, I didn\'t do anything!" Liu Xuanji kept waving his hands. "Third Brother, Xuanji has never coerced women. She was only just recently brought in by me. Furthermore, how could I possibly know that she\'s your woman. The Emperor obviously decreed an ugly woman to you, I don\'t understand!"

Liu Xuanji was very afraid of his Third Brother. Even his Emperor-Brother had to give way to him, what more Liu Xuanji. However Wei Qiqi was such a beauty. There was just one more step to take before he could hug this beauty. Had he known he would\'ve taken things the rough way.

"Scram!" Liu Zhongtian kept his sword and stared angrily at Liu Xuanji. He turned around and walked into the curtains. Wei Qiqi now had an even redder face. She was rolling about, suffering. He no longer had much time to think, he grabbed ahold of Qiqi. Qiqi looked at Liu Zhongtian and was extremely happy. The heat within her became even more intense.

"Duke…" Qiqi laid down softly on Liu Zhongtian\'s shoulders, closing both her eyes. Liu Zhongtian held her in his arms and quickly left the Sixth Duke\'s manor on a horse that was outside the manor.

Liu Zhongtian embraced Wei Qiqi and pulled on the reins. The horse quickly sped towards the Third Duke\'s manor. The anger in Liu Zhongtian\'s heart still hadn\'t subsided. What kind of a woman was Wei Qiqi, why would she appear on his Sixth Brother\'s bed. She kept complaining about leaving the manor and leaving him, finding a man who had similar interests with her and finding her own life. Could it be that she was a woman who couldn\'t stand loneliness? Or was she just purely flirtatious?

Returning to the manor, Liu Zhongtian put Qiqi on the bed. His heart was still full of anger. He wanted to know if Qiqi really liked Liu Xuanji, to even go back to the manor with him? She even… the more he thought about it the angrier he got. He kept thinking that Qiqi was a woman who really knew how to tempt men. His confidence towards her was getting illusory.

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi and his heart was broken. He grabbed onto Qiqi\'s collar, staring at her angrily, "You wish to flirt with other men isn\'t it? As a man, you have trampled on my dignity, do you know that I can end your life with my sword…"

"I didn\'t… Duke…"

"You still dare to argue. Look at your clothes, your manner, you are actually such a loose woman…"

Liu Zhongtian couldn\'t continue speaking. Qiqi looked at Liu Zhongtian feebly, the pa.s.sion in her heart caused her to be unable to explain. She couldn\'t withstand the l.u.s.t crashing within her. She climbed up onto Liu Zhongtian\'s neck, her face flushed red like a peach blossom. She was softly moaning, her breath like fragrant flowers attacking Liu Zhongtian\'s nose. Her red lips went close to Liu Zhongtian\'s lips and started biting softly.

"Wei Qiqi, don\'t think that by doing this you can…"

Liu Zhongtian\'s reprimand was stopped by Qiqi\'s kissing. His crotch went up very quickly. He uncontrollably grabbed Qiqi\'s body. The woman in his embrace was scorching hot, flaming like a seductress. The hot small hands extended itself into Liu Zhongtian\'s clothes and started touching crazily. Her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s also stuck itself onto him.

"Duke… Duke…" Qiqi pulled Liu Zhongtian and fell onto the soft bed, her small hand following the route on his chest and started caressing.