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Wei Qiqi sneakily left the room, although currently, she could walk out prim and properly. That was because Liu Zhongtian at this moment no longer wanted to tease her as he had a lot of things in his heart.

Liu Zhongtian swept a gaze at Wei Qiqi from the corner of his eyes. He involuntarily shook his head. Unruly, stubborn and weird, yet she made him have a lot of fantasies about her.

Wei Qiqi returned to her own room and rested in front of the window. She was feeling lonely as she looked at the sky outside and started to talk to herself.

"Grandfather, I really can\'t go back anymore. You must take care of yourself and don\'t be sad for me, Qiqi will look after herself…"

There were shooting stars streaking across the sky. Wei Qiqi immediately clasped her hands and shut her eyes. She made a wish, blessing her grandfather who was far away in the modern world, that he will always be healthy and do not pine after Qiqi.

The next morning, Wei Qiqi brought Xiaotao to the Seven Beauty Salon. The salon at this time already had an awesome reputation in Chang-an. The store expanded. Qiqi used the money she earned and the silver that Liu Zhongtian gave to swallow ten over stores in the vicinity. There was also a large scale renovation. The front was white and elegant, with an unique taste to it. It had a modern feel to it, causing people looking at it to be mesmerized.

The Seven Beauty Salon employed nearly a hundred young girls. After intensive training, they could become the spokesperson for the salon. It was a dream job for Chang-an\'s young women.

As for Zhao Sanbiao, he no longer accepted protection fees. He became a supervisor over the bodyguards in his G.o.dmother\'s salon, ensuring that operations are normal at the beauty salon. Qiqi hired 20 over bodyguards who focused on dealing with street thugs. There were a lot of wanderers who were attracted to the beauties frolicking the salon. Qiqi\'s principle was to beat one when one was seen, and to hit a pair when two were seen.

Very quickly, the Seven Beauty Salon no longer had anyone creating trouble. It became the business in Chang-an with the biggest temptation and power. Of course the lady boss was a secretive woman, n.o.body had ever seen her before.

Qiqi sat dumbly in the room in the salon. Both of her hands were supporting her chin while she thought bitterly. She felt that women in Great Han really had no status. Especially to modern era women like her who came from the future, female power must be respected. However she just had to meet such a tyrannical Third Duke, making her confused.

Counting silver was Qiqi\'s favorite thing to do. She no longer wanted to think about that irritating Third Duke. She started laughing while covered by the face cloth. Wawa, how good was it, Wei Qiqi\'s eyes reflected the shadows of the silver. There were tons of silver in her hands.

"Lady Boss Qi… you are in good spirits!" Liu Xuanji who was in white clothing walked in. His eyes were staring at Qiqi\'s face cloth, full of doubt. He really wanted to lift up the cloth and find out how ugly was this woman. Why did an ugly woman have such a figure and tempting eyes?

"The Seven Beauty Salon is a place for women only. Why have you become a frequent guest here?" Qiqi casted a glance at him. This Sixth Duke no longer frolicked with women, instead he came here everyday . Who knew what he wanted to do? Due to the fact that he was a duke, no one dared to block him at the entrance.

Liu Xuanji stood in front of Qiqi and started laughing. This fellow, born with a face that\'s so handsome that he lost the charms of a man. Furthermore his laughter was really irritating and evil. One look and people would know he is an evil man.

"There are many women here, and I specialize in gathering women, isn\'t it appropriate for me to be here?"

Qiqi casted him a glance. A lecher\'s theory, what special things could there be. "Aye!"

Qiqi shook her head and continued counting her silver taels.

"Why are you wearing a face cloth?"

"Because I\'m ugly!" Qiqi replied casually.

"Do you know? This face cloth of yours brings me suffering!" Liu Xuanji turned towards Qiqi\'s side, the fan in his hands was waving next to Qiqi\'s face cloth, "Let me see your face, how ugly are you exactly?"

"Hey!" Qiqi grabbed ahold of Liu Xuanji\'s fan, followed the momentum and pushed it away, "Be careful that I ask someone to beat you up!"

"Are you willing to?" Liu Xuanji showed a crazed face as he started laughing. He kept the fan and put his face near Qiqi, "I\'m not called the White-face Asura for nothing. I\'ve always treated women smoothly, maybe you should experience it as well!"

"Lecherous devil!" Wei Qiqi waved her fists, almost hitting Liu Xuanji\'s chin.

Liu Xuanji quickly evade her. He was stunned, then he started laughing eerily. This woman really caused him to feel itchy in his heart. If he could embrace her and feel her body, it would be unforgettable. Maybe he had seen too many beauties, he started having a liking towards ugly women as well.

"There\'s a silver dropped on the floor." Liu Xuanji pointed at the ground and shouted in surprise.

"Silver?" Qiqi frantically lowered her head. When did it drop, how could she not notice it?

Wei Qiqi had just lowered her head to search for the cash papers when the face cloth on her face was lifted off. The face cloth floated and landed on the floor. Qiqi raised her head in shock, and then realised that it was Liu Xuanji\'s evil prank. He diverted her attention, with the objective of unveiling her face.

Liu Xuanji thought that he would see an ugly face. When Qiqi raised her head, his smile was frozen. This was not his ugly Third Sister-in-law. Who was she? She had a stunning look, pure and cute. Such a beauty that could topple cities. Liu Xuanji\'s frozen smile only lasted for three seconds before he recovered himself.

Liu Xuanji bent his waist and picked up the cloth, wanting to put it on Qiqi. That posture was extremely suggestive. Qiqi was embarra.s.sed and furious as she tried to dodge him.

Wei Qiqi extended her hand and grabbed the face cloth and hid at one corner. She shouted, "Liu Xuanji, you are too much!" While speaking, she put on the face cloth, leaving only the pair of mesmerizing eyes with fury contained within.

"Who are you? You must be an immortal that came down to earth. You really cause my heart to flutter!" Liu Xuanji spoke softly, "Why must you cover that beautiful face of yours under a face cloth?"

"That has nothing to do with you!" Qiqi stood up and turned around to walk into her room.

"Wait!" Liu Xuanji pulled Qiqi\'s sleeves, "Why are you leaving just like this, you really are an unruly beauty that causes people to like you!"

"Liu Xuanji, if you don\'t release your hand, I\'ll beat you up!"

"I have always treated beauties extra nicely!" Upon speaking finish, he revealed an eerie smile. He shook his fan and Qiqi immediately froze on the spot, unable to move.

Wei Qiqi had underestimated Liu Xuanji. She thought that he was just a douchebag who knew how to flirt with women. She didn\'t expect his martial arts to be on par with Liu Zhongtian. She was actually sneaked on by him, causing her to be unable to move. Who knew what he was thinking?

"Liu Xuanji, don\'t go overboard, I\'m your Third Brother\'s concubine Wei Qiqi!"

"Don\'t make fun of Xuanji anymore. Who doesn\'t know that my Third Brother married an ugly woman? You definitely can\'t be that woman." He lightly used his fan to raise Qiqi\'s chin and also to take down the face cloth. He looked at this beauty with l.u.s.tful eyes. She was really mesmerizing, why did she appear only now?

"This Duke has never coerced women, especially beautiful women. My bed always only has women voluntarily coming forward. You\'ll know very quickly that my nickname of White-faced Asura is not for nothing."

"Don\'t fool around, quickly release my acupuncture points!"

"I\'ve said before that I don\'t coerce women. However, I like you too much. Even though I don\'t want to make the other women sad, I have to do so now. That\'s because I want to shower my love only on you."

"This is Seven Beauty Salon, not your manor. What are you thinking of doing? You can\'t leave this door!" If Qiqi could move, she would definitely rush forward and give him a heavy beating.

"Who said that I\'m leaving through the door, now I\'ll bring you back to my manor!" Liu Xuanji then sealed her voice acupuncture point. Qiqi wanted to speak but was unable to.

Liu Xuanji walked to the window and whistled. Lan Jian and a dozen over white-clothed servants appeared outside the window. Liu Xuanji smiled smugly. He carried Qiqi by her waist and threw her out the window.

Lan Jian and the rest caught Wei Qiqi and quickly put her inside the carriage. The window was then put down.

The servants quickly disappeared among the Chang-an streets.

Liu Xuanji waved his fan and walked out of the salon in big strides.

Wei Qiqi was brought into a luxurious manor in Chang-an. Even though it wasn\'t as big as Third Duke\'s manor, it had its own distinctive flavour, which was women. Qiqi set her sights and saw that there were white-clothed women everywhere. They were all shy and pretty, as if they were all drunk in their current lifestyle.

Sixth Duke\'s manor was basically a harem place. He brought Qiqi in, could it be for her to become one of them….? Now that her acupuncture points were sealed, she was without any aid. Qiqi frowned, suddenly hoping for Liu Zhongtian to come. Did he know that she had been brought here? Quickly save her, she didn\'t want to be with that lecher.

Wei Qiqi could neither move nor speak. She was helplessly brought into a room by a few beautiful servants. There was a hot water tub within the room. Qiqi\'s clothes were removed, her beautiful figure was revealed instantly.

Qiqi furiously looked at this two servants, yet she had no strength to resist. She was so furious. They better not release her acupuncture points, or she would reign in chaos over the manor. These two servants would also not get it better. One of them opened her mouth, "This woman that Sixth Duke brought is really a rarely seen beauty, her figure is very…"

"In our manor, those women belonging to the Duke would lose their color upon seeing her!"

Another servant started laughing, "I am already envious of this woman. If I could share 3 hours with the Duke, I\'ll be satisfied!"

"Don’t dream anymore, the Duke only spends his time with women he likes. It\'s already not bad for us to have one night with the Duke!"

Qiqi was stunned. This Sixth Duke had spent at least one night with these women. He really was a big lecherous wolf. The situation now was terrible, Liu Zhongtian would not guess that she was here even in his dreams.