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"This old servant doesn\'t know…" The old eunuch rolled up the portraits with great difficulty and hid in one corner. He didn\'t dare to make any noise. He was also thinking it was weird that they couldn\'t find that woman within the palace.

"For me to actually not know a woman who appeared in the palace. This is laughable." The Emperor frowned. Back then he should have just apprehended her. Now that she ran away, he couldn\'t find her even if he thought of it. It was making the Emperor anxious.

"This old servant thinks that it is weird as well. That woman seemed to not know the rules of the palace. She didn\'t kneel when she saw the Emperor. As for typical concubines, they don\'t dare to touch the fruits and snacks there, because that is the place Your Majesty frequents…" The eunuch reminded him.

The Emperor\'s furrowed brows loosened. The old eunuch made sense, "You are saying that the woman could have come from outside of the palace?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. It is impossible to not know such a dina in the palace. Hence she must have come from outside!"

"I want to know who she is immediately!" The Emperor still felt that the hopes were slim. It was much more difficult to check on women outside.

The old eunuch spoke softly, "We can check upon the various palaces and courts to see if there is any woman invited from outside… if not how did that woman enter the palace?"

"Not a bad idea!" The Emperor was looking at the old eunuch with admiration. The eunuch became happy immediately. He was excited over the fact that he was praised for his cleverness.

At this time, outside of the royal study room, a young eunuch, Xiaoyuzi, ran inside. This eunuch was the Emperor\'s personal attendant and really knew how to a.s.sess the situation. Just now when he heard that the Emperor wanted to find a blue-clothed lady, he already guessed that she was someone from outside the palace. He had already went on to make his findings. At this moment he was happily making his report.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, Xiaoyuzi had already investigated for Your Majesty!"

The Emperor was happy. He really was the Emperor\'s personal attendant, just like being born in his own stomach, "Quick speak, I want to listen."

"Your Majesty, today Concubine Han Yu summoned a blue-clothed lady from outside the palace. Her clothing was similar to what Your Majesty described. However they didn\'t see her facial features. It was said that she was wearing a face cloth!"

"Face cloth? Concubine?" The Emperor stood up. Looks like to find that woman he had to work from Concubine Han Yu. "Get ready, we are moving!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Xiaoyuzi shouted and then dutifully went to a.s.sist the Emperor. The old eunuch by the side furiously retreated. d.a.m.nit, his merits got stolen again. Why did he not think of this earlier? A woman that the Emperor favored, if she entered the palace in the future, there would be endless benefits for Xiaoyuzi. What a cunning young eunuch.

After Wei Qiqi left, Concubine Han Yu found it hard to calm down. Her heart was in turmoil. Liu Zhongtian had received a royal decree to marry an ugly woman, who knew what kind of emotions he was feeling right now. He must be extremely dejected, just like when Han Yu entered the palace in the past and became the Emperor\'s woman. How did such a handsome and brave Third Duke get himself taken advantage of by an ugly woman?

Deep in her bones, Han Yu was someone who couldn\'t withstand loneliness. She was often thrown into her fantasies due to her longing for Liu Zhongtian. However ever since she became a Royal Concubine, she had been receiving the Emperor\'s well treatment, being favored and having a different status.

Whether the Emperor really liked Han Yu that much, she knew deep down in her heart. Everytime the Emperor came to her place, it was as if he wanted revenge, hugging the woman that Liu Zhongtian liked into his arms. Maybe that would make him feel more settled. Hence the Emperor didn\'t love her at all. She spent days in the palace, being someone that the Emperor used to show off his power.

Han Yu\'s heart and body was feeling tired. She bent her body and laid down. At this moment a palace maid came running in and frantically said, "My Lady, the Emperor is here!"

"Emperor?" Han Yu stood up immediately. Why did the Emperor come in broad daylight? This caused her to be surprised. Without waiting for her to finish dressing up, the Emperor\'s feet had already stepped in.

"Greetings Your Majesty!" Han Yu and the palace maid frantically did a curtsey. They were somewhat unprepared.

"I have something to ask my concubine. The rest of you back down. Xiaoyuzi stay behind!" The Emperor sat down and waved his hand. The palace ladies all retreated. The room only had three people; Han Yu, the Emperor and Xiaoyuzi.

"Emperor, may I know what you wish to ask of me?" Han Yu felt that the Emperor\'s expression wasn\'t quite right. There seemed to be something bothering him. Could it be related to herself?

The Emperor glanced at Han Yu and laughed coldly. He didn\'t like this woman at all. She was always unhappy due to Liu Zhongtian. When he saw her he would feel hateful. However as long as Liu Zhongtian liked her for one day, the Emperor would want to hug her for one day. This was to provoke his third brother, to let him know who was the ruler.

"My beloved concubine, this Emperor has something to ask you!"

"Your Majesty, please. Han Yu will reply to you truthfully!"

"Today, did you summon for a woman in blue clothing wearing a face cloth?"

Han Yu seemed to have sensed something immediately and became nervous. How did the Emperor know that she summoned Wei Qiqi.

"Your Majesty, why did you suddenly mention this. Did somebody see things wrongly…"

The Emperor glanced at Xiaoyuzi and gave him an expression. Xiaoyuzi immediately spoke in a low voice, "Royal Concubine, today there was someone who saw you summon a woman in blue clothing who was wearing a face cloth."

"This…yes, Your Majesty. She is only a normal person, not worth mentioning. Hence Han Yu felt that there is no need to mention her." Han Yu wiped off the sweat on her forehead. This d.a.m.ned Xiaoyuzi, how could he have known this? He still dared to confront her about that?

"Speak, who is she?"

"Your Majesty, I already said that she is a normal person, not worth Your Majesty…"

"This Emperor is asking you who she is!" The Emperor suddenly stood up and walked to Han Yu. He was furious. Han Yu was scared till she frantically kneeled down.

"Your Majesty, I know that I\'m wrong. I shouldn\'t have summoned her, please pardon me!"

"Get up, I\'m not blaming you. I only wish to know who is she?"

"Yes… yes, she is Third Duke\'s ugly concubine Wei Qiqi…" After speaking finish Han Yu nervously drooped her head, "Your Majesty please don\'t blame me, I only wish to know how ugly she looked like!"

The Emperor\'s heart shuddered. He was stunned for a moment. How could this be? He grabbed ahold of Han Yu and lifted her arm up, "Do you know what nonsense you are saying? How could she be the Third Duke\'s concubine, do you think that I am blind?"

"Your Majesty, my words are true. I really summoned the Third Duke\'s concubine Wei Qiqi!"

"A pack of lies, this Emperor betrothed to him an ugly woman, how could this be…"

Han Yu was somewhat depressed and looked at the Emperor in a daze for a long while. She had already spoken the truth, how could it be someone else, "Wei Qiqi definitely is an ugly woman. Today, she was afraid that she would scare me, hence she specially covered her face!"

The Royal Concubine\'s words caused the Emperor to be stupefied. We’re the two women the same people? How could there be such a coincidental matter? The same clothes, body…

The Great Han Emperor was unable to sit still. What kind of scheme was underlying here? Third Duke Liu Zhongtian seemed to have gained an advantage again. The Emperor had been played again. If Liu Zhongtian\'s concubine was really that beauty, wouldn\'t the Emperor have fulfilled his wish? The Emperor didn\'t have that kind of temperament. He couldn\'t wait to beat Liu Zhongtian down to the gutters, why would he add colours to Liu Zhongtian\'s life?

The Emperor was abnormally furious. He wanted to interrogate a person, Wu Zhongyi. That d.a.m.ned fella, could he have colluded with Liu Zhongtian to protect Wei Qiqi\'s life and tease the Emperor. He was the supreme being, how could he tolerate them being so reckless?

Wu Zhongyi didn\'t know why the Emperor suddenly summoned him. Hence he happily entered the palace. When he entered the Emperor\'s dormitory, he noticed a few eunuchs staring at him coldly. The situation wasn\'t right?

Wu Zhongyi instantly felt cold sweat oozing out of him. His heart was in shambles. When he walked, he was trying to recall if he committed any error or said something wrong. Why did he feel that his back was cold and there was a premonition?

"How dare you Wu Zhongyi!" The Emperor shouted angrily. Wu Zhongyi instantly fell on the floor. His soul was sucked out. He didn\'t dare to raise his head.

"Your Majesty, this humble servant didn\'t know where did he do wrong. I am innocent, please pardon me!" He didn\'t care about whether he really committed an error. His brain was as if it was smashed by a hammer. He repeatedly knocked his head on the floor. No matter what he had to seek for a pardon first.

"You feel that you are innocent? Okay, I ask you, is Liu Zhongtian\'s concubine, Wei Qiqi, an ugly woman?" The Emperor\'s voice was extremely icy. That answer had bothered him for a long time. Today he had to make things clear.

When Wu Zhongyi heard the Emperor ask this, he immediately stopped. He curiously raised his head and looked at the Emperor dreamily, "Your Majesty, why would you ask this? Of course she is an ugly woman!"

"You still dare to play tricks on this Emperor, are you not scared that I will chop off your head…"

"Aiya, Your Majesty, I won\'t dare to do so. That Wei Qiqi is definitely an ugly woman. She is ugly beyond comparison. Furthermore, General Chi can testify to that." Wu Zhongyi\'s voice was trembling. He felt unjust and was going to cry. Why did such a trouble fall on him?

Wei Qiqi that ugly woman, what else was there to be suspicious of, why did the Emperor ask that?

The Emperor immediately quelled his anger. He was somewhat uncertain. Could that beauty he met that day really not be Wei Qiqi, and only someone who happened to wear the same clothing as Wei Qiqi? However that possibility was too small, furthermore it was on the same day and the same hour.

"Summon old General Chi!"

Xiaoyuzi immediately ran to the door and shouted loudly, "Summon General Chi to meet His Majesty!"

Approximately after half a joss stick worth of time, General Chi speedily ran in. He was in confusion. Who knew what big matter was there for the Emperor to summon him. Hence he frantically knelt on the floor.

"Your Majesty, to summon this humble official, may I know what is it regarding?"

Wu Zhongyi couldn\'t contain it anymore. He spoke to General Chi, "Old general, save my life. Quick tell the Emperor that whether Wei Qiqi is an ugly woman!"