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In a hurry, Qiqi was preparing to leave when she discovered that there were three more people in front of the store. Each of them was tall and burlesque, their looks were frivolous. They looked haughtily at the store with folded arms.

"Is this newly opened? Get the boss out! Hand over protection fees!" One of them started c.a.w.king.

"I\'m Boss Qi! What\'s happening?" Qiqi turned the bicycle around and headed for them.

The leader at the front sized up Wei Qiqi, "Why did you cover your face? Can\'t show it to people? You must be an ugly hag, but your figure is not bad! No need for the protection fees, just strip naked for me to see!"

How could Wei Qiqi bear this. She furiously threw the bicycle aside, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, looking for a beating aren\'t you!" After speaking, she mercilessly threw a kick out.

That fellow didn\'t expect Wei Qiqi\'s movements to be that nimble and was caught unprepared. The four guards also pounced forward and the storefront immediately descended into chaos.

On the opposite side of the street, the White Face Asura Liu Xuanji was flipping his fan and sitting on the carriage. He laughed lightly, "I couldn\'t tell that the ugly woman actually knows martial arts! That\'s interesting!"

"This subordinate has been following her yesterday. She definitely entered the Third Duke\'s manor!" Lan Jian said definitely.

"Could that be the ugly concubine Emperor-brother gifted to Third Brother? I heard that the woman is a general. Her martial arts should be superb. Putting it this way, she must be Third Sister in-law?" Liu Xuanji kept his fan, indicating to the maids to put down the carriage. He walked down towards the opposite street. Since it was Third Sister in-law, he had no reason to just observe and do nothing.

When Liu Xuanji walked over, Wei Qiqi had the leader under her feet already. She was forcefully stepping on his chin, "Speak, do you still dare to ask for protection fees next time?"

"I don\'t dare, Big Aunty, let go of me!"

"In the future, this street will belong to Wei Qiqi or you?"

"It will be yours, I\'ll never appear on this street again!"

"Quickly scram!" Qiqi retracted her foot.

That fellow quickly climbed up and hid far away. It was only then that he dared to point at Wei Qiqi, "Just you wait, don\'t leave! I\'ll bring my big boss here! You are in for trouble!"

"I\'ll wait. Please hurry up, don\'t let your Aunty Wei Qiqi wait for you for too long!" Qiqi pushed the bicycle to one side and really intended to wait. Xiaotao nudged Qiqi.

"Let\'s go back!"

"No! This group of fellows won\'t give up. I must defeat them till they admit their loss!"

"It is indeed Wei Qiqi, Third Sister in-law, Liu Xuanji pays his respects here!" Liu Xuanji cupped his fists while walking over. A pair of beautiful eyes were looking at Qiqi\'s face cloth, thinking that it must be because she was too ugly, that was why she covered her face.

"White Face Asura?" Wei Qiqi looked at the man in front of her doubtfully. Wasn\'t this the Sixth Duke who was very good with women?

"Even Third Sister in-law knows Liu Xuanji\'s nickname!"

"Who is your Third Sister in-law? Don\'t anyhow call me!"

Qiqi looked at this Duke condescendingly. Why were women willing to forfeit themselves to him? He was just a gigolo with fair looks, depending on his money and power to get the women he wanted. It was mushy thinking about it. Who knew if Liu Zhongtian was like his sixth brother, philandering everywhere. Didn\'t he have a handsome face as well?

"I have official business to attend to. Sixth Duke please excuse yourself!"

Just after she said those words, dozens of men came from the head of the street. The one at the front was the person beaten to c.r.a.p previously. He was complaining to a tall and burly man by his side, "Boss, it is that woman named Boss Qi. She refused to pay the protection fees and even beat me up!"

"Idiot, you still have the gall to call for me when you got beaten up by a woman!"

"No, Boss, this woman is very powerful…"

"Scram, useless thing!" That man pushed that little leader aside and coldly walked forward.

Ten over men stood at Wei Qiqi\'s front. The tall man stood right in front of her, looking at the small and thin Wei Qiqi. He laughed out loud, "You got beaten up by this little la.s.s?"

"Yes, Boss!"

"Haha, too funny! She looks just like an ant!"

Little ant? Wei Qiqi coldly walked forward, looking at the tall man who was taller than her by three whole heads, "Hey! Report your name now, if not when you get beaten up later, you won\'t have a chance to speak!"

"Aye, that\'s some guts you have! I\'m called Tyrant Zhao Sanbiao. If you can beat me down, I\'ll call you G.o.dmother!"

"Then be prepared to be a G.o.dson!" Qiqi fastened her pony tail, both of her hands on her waist. She was looking at Zhao Sanbiao spiritedly.

"If you lose, then kowtow to me three times and pay the protection fees on time!"


The fellow who got beaten up pulled Zhao Sanbiao, "Boss, don\'t promise too much. This woman is a bit demonic, her martial arts is very weird!"

"Scram! Useless thing!" Zhao Sanbiao rolled up his sleeves, rushing towards Qiqi in one step.

Wei Qiqi might not be able to deal with a group of people with her own strength. However, it was more than enough to deal with one only using her techniques. Her movements were agile, Zhao Sanbiao\'s heavy fists kept missing. He was somewhat furious. He pounced forward and Qiqi dodged and returned a kick, kicking him out and knocking him onto the ground. Without waiting for him to climb up, Qiqi threw one fist and heavily struck his chin. Zhao Sanbiao crashed onto the floor and was unable to climb up for a long while.

"Hurry up and scram. Don\'t come here and ask for protection fees anymore. Instead of doing good things, you\'re doing evil!"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, to actually dare to hit the boss! Let\'s go!" When that fellow saw that his leader suffered a disadvantaged, he furiously asked his men to rush forward.

Zhao Sanbiao waved his hand and cursed loudly, "Who dares to touch my G.o.dmother! That will be trying to pick a fight with me!"

He depressingly walked to Qiqi\'s front, "G.o.dmother! Zhao Sanbiao has been disrespectful. In the future I\'ll come here daily to report. If you have anything please instruct us!"

"There\'s no need to call me… aiya!" Qiqi was put in a difficult position and she retreated a few steps.

"How could this be, if I eat my words, how will I continue living in the pugilist world? Everybody, listen, in the future G.o.dmother\'s store will be protected well by me! Everybody has to work hard!"

"Yes boss, G.o.dmother!" The rest of them saw their boss calling her G.o.dmother, hence they didn\'t dare to create trouble anymore.

Wei Qiqi didn\'t think that her fists could create a G.o.dson. Looks like Wei Qiqi had no more obstructions in Chang-an main street. Why did it sound like a gang? However that didn\'t matter. Her power would rise sooner or later. It was not bad being a little tyrant in Chang-an streets.

Liu Xuanji admired Wei Qiqi a lot. Looks like Third Duke had married a special ugly woman. Who knew if he picked a treasure or a stalk of gra.s.s? He only took a glance yesterday. However when he wanted to see how ugly she was today, he realized that her eyes were very mesmerizing. How could an ugly woman have such tempting eyes?

"Oh s.h.i.t!" Qiqi looked at the sky, she had forgotten about the time while fighting. She definitely would be scolded to death when she got back. She immediately rode the bicycle and couldn\'t care about Xiaotao. She quickly rode forward and that flashing figure caused Liu Xuanji to be mesmerized.

When Wei Qiqi entered the Duke\'s manor, the sky was already dark. She gently entered the backyard, her eyes locking onto Liu Zhongtian\'s room. The room was dark, could he have not return yet? Qiqi heaved a sigh of relief. That was really good. Looks like she didn\'t need to be nervous.

Qiqi was laughing while she open her own room\'s door. She speedily went in, "Luckily I wasn\'t caught! Thank the heavens and earth!"

"Catch what?" There was a person hugging her in the darkness, a pair of strong arms holding her close into his embrace, "Out running for the entire day and coming back so late at night, are you still this Duke\'s concubine?"

"Du..Duke!" Qiqi felt that she was unlucky. Previously she thought that she had escaped. In the end, Liu Zhongtian was actually sitting in her room waiting for her. She was really letting herself get caught in a trap.

The cloth on Qiqi\'s face was taken down. Borrowing the faint moonlight, she saw Third Duke\'s mesmerized eyes. Liu Zhongtian was touching her exquisitely crafted face. When he realised Wei Qiqi\'s face and body was full of mud, he involuntarily frowned. He furiously pinched her chin.

"Wei Qiqi, look at you, what did you turn into? Your clothes are not neat and you have mud all over you. Don\'t tell this Duke that you went out to fight! Immediately go and wash up before seeing me again!"

Wei Qiqi was pulled out of the room. Liu Zhongtian called a maid over, "Wash the Royal Concubine properly, then bring her to see me! I\'ll wait for her here!"

"Yes, Duke!" The maid held onto Wei Qiqi. Qiqi angrily shook her off and shouted, "Let\'s eat first. I\'m hungry. I\'ll bathe later! What is there to be fierce about, stinky Duke!"

The maid was drooping her head. She felt that the Royal Concubine was very powerful. n.o.body in the entire manor dared to be so rude towards the Duke. The maid lightly tugged Qiqi, "Royal Concubine, let\'s go!"

"Hmph!" Qiqi stared at Liu Zhongtian and left furiously with the maid.

Wei Qiqi ate till she was full and she comfortably laid in the wooden bucket. She was slapping the petals floating on the water as she thought that her rewards today were not small. The only irritating thing was Liu Zhongtian. Why was he so fierce, so what if she came home late? She was not a kid, could she really be punctual everyday?

The maid served Wei Qiqi and helped her change her clothes. Qiqi lazily stretched her waist, picking up the skin-whitening oil and rubbed on herself. This was her store\'s latest goods. Today\'s sales was not bad, she was not far from being rich. When she thought of the glory of becoming Chang-an\'s richest woman, Qiqi couldn\'t endure and started laughing secretly.

Wei Qiqi returned to her own room. When she returned, she saw that the room was lit. The s.p.a.cious bed had one person lying on it, who was Third Duke Liu Zhongtian.

"Hey!" Qiqi walked over and pulled open the blanket. She grabbed Liu Zhongtian\'s hands and tried to pull him out, "Get out, quickly get out, this is my room!"

"Serve me well today, if not don\'t think of going anywhere in the future!"

"Duke? But…But…" Qiqi\'s hair still hadn\'t dried, it was draping on both her shoulders. Her long and white clothes was dragging on the floor, causing her to appear very elegant. The wonderful figure was vaguely present. Due to her nervousness, her cheeks were flushed, causing Liu Zhongtian to be somewhat mesmerized.