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Wei Qiqi is a woman who knows how to judge the situation. She possesses cunningness in her well endowed bloodline. Her inborn beauty decided that she would not engage in a headon clash with Liu Zhongtian. To look at the situation and seek her chance was the thing that she ought to do.

"I will stay in the Duke manor, however…" Qiqi\'s face was full of grief, tears br.i.m.m.i.n.g in her eyes as she looked at Liu Zhongtian. She was relying on her beauty. No matter who they are, those that see her would dote on her, how could they bear to reject!

When Wei Qiqi was an ugly woman, Liu Zhongtian was already finding it hard to reject her grieved look. Now that she looked like a weeping beauty, he doted on her even more. He wiped off the tears on Qiqi\'s cheeks and spoke in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

"As long as you stay behind, this Duke will not humiliate you like last night. Even if I want you, I\'ll ask for your permission. Don\'t cry anymore, you are breaking my heart!"

"Duke…" Qiqi\'s eyes rolled. She obediently laid in Liu Zhongtian\'s embrace. Once she was in his embrace, even though Liu Zhongtian thought he had self-control, he started to have obsessive thoughts. However he didn\'t dare to be rash. He only implanted a deep kiss on Qiqi\'s hair. His hands uncontrollably rubbed her arms.

"Are you going to lie on the bed the whole day? Then this Duke is willing to hug you like this…" Liu Zhongtian teasingly went close to Qiqi\'s cheeks, his lips kissing on her smooth skin. The desire in his heart was rising once again. His hands uncontrollably slid onto Qiqi\'s back.

"Duke!" Qiqi was extremely nervous. She frantically pulled over her clothes and pushed away Liu Zhongtian\'s hands in embarra.s.sment. She turned around and hurriedly dressed up.

Liu Zhongtian looked at the woman who was wearing her clothes without shifting his gaze. He instantly laughed out loud. The heavens had prepared an ugly woman for him, causing his heart to be set on fire, falling in love with the ugly woman. However now the ugly woman had comically turned into a top-cla.s.s beauty, causing him to fantasize and dote on her even more. Wei Qiqi, the charming woman, is destined to be his concubine.

After Qiqi wore her clothes, she looked even more charming. Her gaze was sharp and her lips were faint red. She had a slight handsome touch to her, and her actions brought with it a certain kind of spirituality. Dressed in pink clothes and floating ta.s.sels, Liu Zhongtian felt mesmerized. He unknowingly pulled Wei Qiqi and tightly hugged her.

"Duke!" Qiqi strangely let Liu Zhongtian do as he pleased, not knowing why he was so infatuated and not willing to let go of her.

Qiqi\'s eyes unconsciously shifted to the small mirror on the dressing table. She realised that the face in the mirror was pretty. She was instantly shocked. Could she have turned pretty? Qiqi happily shook free of Liu Zhongtian and jumped, excitedly touching her own face.

"I have changed back into my original looks, my face…Duke!" Qiqi was so happy that she was speechless. She pulled Liu Zhongtian\'s hand, "I turned pretty. This is the original me, the real Wei Qiqi!"

The happiness in Liu Zhongtian\'s heart suddenly turned into worry. Such a cute and beautiful Wei Qiqi caused him to unable to control himself. Looking at Qiqi jumping all over the room, she was just like a happy elf, increasing his worries. Who wouldn\'t like this happy and attractive woman?

"You must learn etiquette. In a while I\'ll send someone to the palace and invite someone from the palace to come over!"

"Still must learn?"

"In a month\'s time it\'ll be the Dowager\'s birthday. With you like this, I\'m afraid that you\'ll scare her!"

"Dowager? Your mum? Oh, am I no good now?" Qiqi looked left and right and turned a circle, "I think I\'m quite good, must I really be like other women…" She purposely made a sign, and then looked at Liu Zhongtian mushily, "Isn\'t that very weird?"

"Really preposterous!" Liu Zhongtian nearly laughed. He purposefully made a stern face and pointed at Qiqi\'s dress, "You can do whatever you want in the manor, but when you enter the palace with me you must be more formal. The Royal Concubine must at least have the basic sense of formality!"

"Okay I\'ll learn, but not today. I want to go out!"

"Still going out!"

"You said it yourself, to give me freedom." Qiqi jumped to Liu Zhongtian\'s front and looked at him with a pleading expression. At this moment the gaze was even harder to resist, the clear pupils was layered with water. It was hard for Liu Zhongtian to not agree.

"Come back earlier. Bring Xiaotao along with you too and go slow on the bicycle, she can\'t catch up!"

"Yes, Duke!" Qiqi made a gesture and ran out quickly.

Liu Zhongtian really wanted to pull Qiqi to accompany himself. However as he extended his hands, he kept it back. Liu Zhongtian momentarily observed his inner state. He already couldn\'t ignore whatever that happened in front of him. Wei Qiqi had completely affected his emotions. He was no longer the calm and confident Liu Zhongtian.

When Wei Qiqi appeared once again in the Duke manor in front of the maid and guards, everybody looked at each other dumbfounded. It was only after a long while that they realized this beauty was actually Third Duke\'s ugly concubine. Everyone had a big query in their hearts, but they didn\'t dare to ask.

Xiaotao encircled Qiqi for a few rounds before she finally stopped. Could it be that the Royal Concubine was teasing everyone? Such a beautiful concubine. Within a night the ugly duck turned into a phoenix.

"Have you all seen enough? I am originally like this. I was sick, hence my face was full of yellow lines!"

"Royal Concubine… you really are so pretty, the prettiest woman I\'ve ever seen!" Xiaotao opened her eyes wide in disbelief. How could she recover in a night?

"Your illness was cured in a night? That\'s miraculous!"

"That is because last night…"

Wei Qiqi\'s face blushed instantly. No matter whether Qiqi was willing or not, her virginity was taken away by Liu Zhongtian. Could it be because of what happened… Qiqi then had an epiphany and thought of the diviner\'s words. So that woman\'s intentions were… Qiqi covered her cheeks, she was embarra.s.sed. She quickly rode the bicycle and it was only after a long while did the blush recede.

Ning Yun-er heard the conversations between the maids. She didn\'t understand what happened. The Royal Concubine turned pretty? How was that possible? She hurriedly walked to the front of the hall and saw Wei Qiqi riding the bicycle far away. She had a happy look. Her face…

Yun-er retreated a few steps. How could that be? How did the ugly concubine turn into a beauty in one night? Furthermore she was so pretty that it causes people to suffocate. She was almost like a spiritual deity. Ning Yun-er nearly sat on the floor due to her being depressed. She repeatedly shook her head and ran back to her own room.

Ning Yun-er tightly shut the room door. Her face was pale, her hands trembling repeatedly. She originally thought that when the Duke had married an ugly woman, his mood would definitely be down. After a long time, his heart would lean towards her. Who would forsake a normal woman and want an ugly woman?

However now? That ugly woman turned beautiful in one night. The Duke probably knew about her change as well. To obtain the Duke\'s heart from now on was even harder.

Ever since she met the handsome Duke at ten years old, Yun-er was determined in her heart to marry no one else. After her father died in battle, Third Duke received her into the manor, making her elated. However after all that waiting, Han Yu appeared. The fortunate thing was that she was called into the palace. After that came an ugly woman who suddenly turned beautiful. Everything went back to square one.

Ning Yun-er sobbed quietly. Third Duke, why is it so hard to capture your heart? What must Yun-er do before you can be attracted to her? Ning Yun-er\'s tear filled eyes had a hint of sadness within. She sat quietly.

Wei Qiqi obtained from the butler one hundred taels of silver and hurriedly left the manor with Xiaotao and four guards. The butler didn\'t understand what the concubine was busy with the past few days. Though he had doubts he didn\'t dare to question. This playful Royal Concubine. As long as she didn\'t make a din, he was lazy to bother the Duke with these petty things.

Qiqi was just about to step out of the main door when Xiaotao caught up. She stopped Wei Qiqi, "Royal Concubine, please wear this!"

Xiaotao brought out a piece of cloth and covered Qiqi\'s face. Qiqi furiously pulled it down, "Xiaotao, what are you doing? It\'s not like I\'m a thief!"

"Royal Concubine, I\'m doing this for your good. With your looks now, there\'ll be many men tailing after you. If the Duke knows, don\'t think about coming out in the future…" Xiaotao looked at Wei Qiqi in grief. If the Royal Concubine doesn\'t go out, then wouldn\'t she have no chance of exiting the manor as well?

"Really?" Qiqi spread out the piece of cloth and looked at it. She put it on her face without hesitation. Looks like there was another piece of trouble with recovering her looks!

"That\'s right, Royal Concubine!"

"Xiaotao, I added a backseat on the bicycle. You sit on it, I\'ll bring you around!"

Xiaotao immediately clapped her hands happily and excitedly sat behind. Once the bicycle started moving, Xiaotao shouted and hugged Wei Qiqi, then laugh happily.

The bold Wei Qiqi actually bought a store and ran a women\'s business. The shop\'s name was "Seven Colors Beauty Salon!" The side of the store had a big advertis.e.m.e.nt writing "Beautiful women walk out of here!"

It was really a grandiose and fashionable salon. The moment it opened, the vain women from Chang-an main street ran over to take a look at it. They were gossiping and discussing. There were even prost.i.tutes from brothels rushing forth. Just what was so incredible here?

Wei Qiqi was running a business that deals with cosmetic products, cleaning products, women\'s facial, hair solutions etc. It was only the first day and the four guards were extremely busy. Their main responsibility was to follow Qiqi\'s requirements and make products: soap, fragrance products, showering products, shampoo, hairdye, vegetable and fruits facial, milk bath, feet manicure, skin products etc…

The four guards were busy from morning till night. Wei Qiqi was teaching them how to produce at one side and serving the customers on the other side and receiving the silver. When the sky was darkening, the products were still not enough to meet the demand. Many women were rejected out of the door.

"Wa! Wa! I\'m rich!" Wei Qiqi grabbed the silver and started laughing out loud. Her dream of being a wealthy woman was not far off. She could rely on her own hands to make a living. Wei Qiqi is forever a lady boss.

"Royal Concubine…" Xiaotao frantically ran to Qiqi\'s front.

"Don\'t call me Royal Concubine, call me Wei Qiqi!"

"Xiaotao doesn\'t dare to call your real name."

"Then call me Boss Qi, call me Royal Concubine only when we return to the Duke\'s manor!"

"I understand. However, there\'s a bit of trouble. It is dark. The Duke seemed to say that you should return early!"

"Oh s.h.i.t!" Wei Qiqi suddenly thought of that. d.a.m.nit, she was busy till she forgot. She would probably get a severe scolding when she got back. Qiqi hurriedly pulled the bicycle and shouted loudly, "Close the doors, close the doors!"