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Wei Qiqi moved in Liu Zhongtian\'s embrace. She painfully grabbed onto Liu Zhongtian\'s arms, her expression was abnormally nervous, almost to the point of fear and craziness, "Bugs, there are bugs, I\'m scared, scared!"

"Don\'t be afraid! Qiqi, this Duke is here with you!" Liu Zhongtian lightly hugged her, caressing her shiny hair, until Wei Qiqi quietened down and no longer rambled. She comfortably laid in his embrace, breathing normally.

Liu Zhongtian was hugging the woman in his arms, gingerly placing her onto his own chest. He had never felt so satisfied before. This kind of gentle and comfortable feeling caused him to slowly close his eyes.

Just like this, the two of them snuggled with each other and spent a romantic night together.

Liu Zhongtian woke up early. He didn\'t dare to believe whatever happened last night was real. Maybe that was just a dream and he would return to reality. However, in actual fact, all those happened. The patches of bloodstains and the top-cla.s.s beauty still sleeping on the bed, as well as the arms that was revealed from outside of the blankets.

On the bed, Wei Qiqi moaned. She seemed to have woken up. Liu Zhongtian hurriedly walked over, looking concernedly at Wei Qiqi whose eyes were opened. Wei Qiqi\'s face was pale. She raised her head feebly. There was a sudden intense dizziness, making her body fall again. She used her hands to cover her forehead, looking miserably at Liu Zhongtian.

"Qiqi, are you feeling better?" Liu Zhongtian held her hand and looked at her concernedly. He was lost in thoughts. This woman was not only pretty, but spiritual as well, causing Liu Zhongtian to be unable to shift his gaze.

"I\'m dizzy, feeling weak…"

Wei Qiqi touched her cheeks and then looked at Liu Zhongtian. She seemed to have thought of something. She frantically grabbed the blanket and looked at Liu Zhongtian with horror on her face.

"You, you, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d?" She disbelievingly opened the blanket and saw her own naked body. She was somewhat frantic. When she discovered the bloodstains on the bed, she instantly cried. She furiously stared at Liu Zhongtian, "Liu Zhongtian! Why must you do that, you are so cruel towards me, how do you want me to face others in the future? You rotten egg…"

"What are you saying? Qiqi, you are this Duke\'s Royal Concubine. What happened between us is perfectly normal, how can you lose face? I only did what a man should do!" He embraced Qiqi, trying to calm the agitated her. Qiqi furiously pushed him aside, her eyes were full of embarra.s.sment and fury.

"Liu Zhongtian, I\'m going to kill you!" Qiqi suddenly stood up. The blanket slided off immediately, revealing a perfect figure, a shocking beauty. Qiqi\'s grief overridden her embarra.s.sment. Without her virginity, she didn\'t care about anything else. The naked body quickly jumped out of the bed.

Liu Zhongtian was somewhat shocked, not knowing what to do. His gaze was still on the naked Wei Qiqi. What a weird woman, could she intend to run out like this?

"Quickly wear your clothes, are you crazy?"

Liu Zhongtian was just about to hug Qiqi when he discovered something unexpected. Wei Qiqi crazily picked the sword hanging on the wall and unsheathed the sharp sword. She wielded the sword towards the unprepared Liu Zhongtian.

"I want to kill you! You dare to force me and do such a dirty thing to me!"

"Wei Qiqi, quick put down the sword!"

Liu Zhongtian dared not go forward and retreated a step. He stared at her in disbelief. She really was a cold-blooded beauty, to actually wield a sword and point at her own husband just because he did what a husband should do. He had never seen a naked swordswoman. It was really unique and creative. Only his Qiqi would do this.

"Since you are afraid of death, then you shouldn\'t have treated me like that. You seek this yourself, Liu Zhongtian. Wait for death, return me my virginity!" Wei Qiqi eyes were flickering with tears. How could he… she was heartbroken.

"You can harm me?" Liu Zhongtian laughed loudly, "I\'m scared that you\'ll hurt yourself!"

"You are facing death, yet still so arrogant!" Qiqi\'s sword tip advanced an inch. It was about to reach Liu Zhongtian\'s throat, yet he didn\'t move at all.

"You want to kill me because of the normal love between a Duke and Royal Concubine?" Liu Zhongtian\'s gaze shifted on Qiqi\'s body and he felt playful, "My concubine\'s figure is really good. Standing naked there, are you trying to tempt this Duke!"

Qiqi frantically looked at her body and blushed immediately. One of her hands subconsciously covered her chest. Liu Zhongtian\'s gaze then shifted downwards.

"You, you are… not allowed to look!"

"A woman standing like this in front of a man, he will see unless he\'s not a man. And this Duke is a man in his prime age…"

"Shut up!"

"Put down the sword and follow this Duke to the bed, I\'ll make you unable to hate me again…"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d Duke, you humiliate me, I hate you to death…"

Wei Qiqi decisively closed her eyes and pushed out the sword viciously. As long as this sword thrusts out, it would end everything. Kill this man who robbed her of virginity, let him pay for his actions. However Wei Qiqi was reluctant, could she really kill this Duke who had been through thick and thin with her?

Qiqi thought of the battle in the desert, thinking of how Liu Zhongtian risked his life in the vast desert twice, searching bitterly for her. She thought of how he carried her out of the desert back to camp. She thought of how he sucked the poisonous blood out. She thought of how he attended to her gingerly. The sword suddenly went feeble. She thrusted the sword with a complicated emotion in her heart.

Then she felt a pain in her wrist. The sword left her hands and her body was tightly hugged.

"Your stance is not firm and you have wild thoughts. This is a military taboo, my Royal Concubine!"

Liu Zhongtian\'s voice was hoa.r.s.e. He touched Qiqi\'s body lightly. The naked beauty in his arms caused his inner self and body to feel a scorching torment.

Liu Zhongtian felt touched. Wei Qiqi didn\'t really want to kill him. When that sword pierced over, it didn\'t have strength at all. She must be reluctant. Haha, that meant that Wei Qiqi has feelings for him. She was just feeling shy and furious.

Wei Qiqi was indeed feeling shy and furious. She quickly shook free of Liu Zhongtian and ran back to the bed, covering herself with the blanket. Looks like she wasn\'t his match in martial arts. The most important part was that she was angry with herself. Why was she reluctant to kill this man who stole her virginity? Could she really like this ancient fogey?

Wei Qiqi forcefully bit her fingers. The thing that happened last night was really hard for her to accept. How could Liu Zhongtian do that?

"You are the Duke, yet your words don\'t count. Rotten egg, b.a.s.t.a.r.d, lecher, dishonest!"

"This Duke is a man. After marrying you, everything that happened is normal!"

"We signed an agreement, you didn\'t abide to it!"

"Agreement? You are speaking about that!" Liu Zhongtian suddenly laughed loudly. He returned to his room and came back quickly. He carried the scroll and went to Wei Qiqi\'s front.

"Yes, this!" Qiqi extended her arms to take it, the blanket on her body nearly sliding off. She had to hold the blanket, not daring to grab the scroll anymore.

"Haha! Wei Qiqi, I didn\'t break the agreement, listen to my explanation!"

Liu Zhongtian opened the scroll and laughed lightly, he slowly read, "Achieving the unity, man can be reborn. Accompanying in the night, accompanying the ruler in the room!"

"You promised me, you went back on your words. You are a Duke, how could you go back on your words!" Qiqi said furiously.

Third Duke pa.s.sed the scroll to Qiqi\'s front, "This is a poem that hid the head and tails. I\'ll explain to you. The hidden head is people having s.e.x, the tail is to serve the ruler for life! Which is to say, Wei Qiqi at 17 is an adult already. You should have s.e.x with me and serve me for life, never separating. I only abided by the agreement last night, not going against the agreement."

"You!" Wei Qiqi took the scroll, almost stunned. Why did she not notice this back then? Third Duke was really too cunning. He had planned all this, yet she had believed him wholeheartedly.

"Don\'t act like this anymore. It is destined that you\'ll be my concubine. Ever since picking you up on the battlefield, you have been tempting my heart…" Liu Zhongtian suddenly lifted Qiqi\'s chin, focusing his eyes on hers, "The you now is causing people to pity and love you. Could it really be my fortune built from three lives, to actually send such a concubine to me!"

"Liu Zhongtian!" Qiqi twisted her chin away, angrily pushing Liu Zhongtian aside. She hurriedly picked up her clothes, looking at Liu Zhongtian with embarra.s.sment and anger, "I\'ll remember the things that you did to me today! Don\'t even think of touching me ever again!"

"Qiqi!" Liu Zhongtian held Wei Qiqi\'s arms, lightly pulling her to his body, "Last night, I admit that I was a bit anxious. You kept rambling about leaving the manor. I\'m only afraid of losing you. Furthermore I\'m a man who couldn\'t withstand your temptation… now that you are my woman, don\'t make a fuss anymore. This Duke will love you forever."

"I don\'t need your love, I want freedom!"

"The freedom you want? It doesn\'t have to mean leaving me and the manor. I can satisfy whatever you want! As long as you don\'t think about other men and only have me in your heart, staying by my side forever!"

Wei Qiqi thought of Concubine Han Yu. Maybe when it came to feelings, the Duke was a poor man. The pain of losing his loved one caused him to be heartbroken. However no matter what, Qiqi couldn\'t be someone\'s subst.i.tute. Neither was she a tool to vent on. She was a modern era woman. She must find a man who truly loved her and that she could love. She wanted to carve out her own destiny in Great Han.

However, against the forceful Third Duke, Qiqi had to protect herself, not giving him any chance like last night to possess her, s.n.a.t.c.hing her precious first time.

In the Great Han, the skies belonged to the Liu Family. Third Duke Liu Zhongtian\'s power and fame was only beneath one man. She couldn\'t resist him for long, hence the best way was to live peacefully with him. At least now she still needed a place of refuge. When her wings hardened, she could leave without a trace and live her own fairytale-like free life.