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Qiqi agilely dashed through the camping barracks and cleverly avoided places where no guards were on patrol. Heavens really didn\'t disappoint her, even though her b.u.t.t was still in pain, she was still happy and excited to escape within the grasps of Liu Zhong Tian\'s power.

The sky was brimmed with darkness as the day became later, the surroundings pitch black, not even a spec of light could be seen. The ground was either shallow or high every time Qiqi took a step. Though dim, She navigated her way under the watch of the moon. Being out here this late at night, it was surprisingly calm and quiet making it extremely creepy and terrifying.

Qiqi felt the rustling of leaves behind her back giving her gooseb.u.mps. There can\'t be ghosts right?

She did not dare to take another step as she felt something approaching her slowly. Knowing that her guts were not that small but within this desolate place, there was not even a single shadow. Saying that she\'s not afraid was a lie. Her guts were about to burst out of fear.

Qiqi finally got the courage to turn around. She had her eyes locked into a pair of green eyes. It obviously belonged to a wolf! If it were a person, she could have tried something but at this instance it was a vicious looking wolf. Qiqi had lost the courage to do anything. An immediate regretful feeling grew onto Qiqi. When she left the barracks, why didn\'t she bring along any weapons?!

The wolf sat down and squinted its eyes like as if it was waiting for something. In no less than a minute, another pair of eyes appeared. Turned out that it was waiting its companion to come and share its prey. Qiqi imagined herself being devoured into bones in silence which made her shiver.

How could her luck be this bad, coming to Great Han just to become some wolf\'s prey. The remains of her white bones would be scattered in this desolate area and n.o.body would have thought that it an heiress like Qiqi would have such a tragic ending.

Qiqi timidly muttered, "Don\'t come near, I have don\'t have any meat!"

The two wolves stood and and growled. They were not praying before dinner right? Qiqi\'s feet became soft and wobbly, what if there were times when they were exceptionally hungry to the point not even the bones were left remained.

Without being able to control her fear, Qiqi constantly moved back. The wolf in the frontal direction dashed forward and the one behind it also dashed forward. Unaware, one leaped up and flew towards Qiqi. Qiqi was petrified and ran, unfortunately she crashed into someone. The heavens does not want to kill her ah, she was absolutely thrilled. Without too much thought, she held and clung herself tightly onto the person.

"Wolves, wolves! There are wolves! Help me!", Qiqi buried her face onto the man\'s chest and tightly kept her eyes shut.

The person had busied himself facing the wolves that approached closer, thus, there was no time to pay attention to Qiqi who had her arms held tightly around his body. He had no choice but helplessly hold her on one arm and the other drawing his sword against the ferocious wolves.

Qiqi felt heat upon her neck, something sticky had been splashed all over her. Followed by the heat of the moment, she heard a tremendous amount of weight fall onto the ground. The man pulled her to the back of him and retreated slowly. Qiqi alarmingly opened her eyes finding one dead and the other was left more fierceful upon seeing one of its own kind killed, it then pounced forward.

The person beside Qiqi took effort to push her aside hoping that she would not hinder him. Of course Qiqi would not let go and and tightly secured her arms around his neck as her whole body trembled in fear.

He let out a loud sigh and disregarded what was entangling his body. He then leapt forward, Qiqi felt a faint flash from the sword and in one slash the wolf was down.

"Dead? Its dead?" Qiqi took a peek and found the wolf shuddered a few times before it died, she was then rest a.s.sured.

"Let go, let go now!" The man pulled her hands away, Qiqi was forced away from his body.

Qiqi borrowed the moonlight to take a closer look of the person before her in surprise, it was the san w.a.n.gye, Liu Zhong Tian! His eyes were as bright as the wolves looking at her with extreme anger. Qiqi bewilderedly fell on her b.u.t.t then sprung up like a boiling teapot. "d.a.m.n it, that hurts like h.e.l.l!"

Liu Zhong Tian drew his sword away and approached towards Qiqi. Vice lieutenant Liu lead his men towards their direction, once their eyes spotted Qiqi their eyes were unbelievably wide open.

"Found him! Your Highness, he is a spy indeed! From the first look I knew I did not see wrong!"

"A what? A spy?" Qiqi was absolutely puzzled, how did she become a spy again. It was just running away, an escapist was also considered as a spy?

Liu Zhong Tian glared at Qiqi coldly, "Capture him back to the barracks for interrogation!"

"Hey! I am not a spy.."

n.o.body cared of what she had to say, and was again captured back to the barracks. This time she was completely tied up not knowing which b.a.s.t.a.r.d had kicked her b.u.t.t, the pain was certainly unbearable to the point of sweating.

"Kneel down!" Vice lieutenant Liu used force to push Qiqi down.

Qiqi secretly cursed and badmouthed Liu Zhong Tian. Wait until she is free, she would trample all over him and make him lick her shoes!