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Chapter 1: Harmful Curse From Thailand

The 17 year old Wei Qiqi is the sole heiress of Wei’s Corporate Property. This little missy has constantly been seeing the same dream whereas it is sweet yet equally terrifying.

Terrifying cause: immeasurable amounts of yellow parasite insects crawled onto her body, up onto her head, eating away her flesh and crawled down deep under her skin. She could not withstand the pain.

Sweet and euphoric cause: a tall and handsome man appeared, wrapped his arms around her, cuddled her in the midst of the vast desert. With a soft touch he pressed his lips down onto hers, this pa.s.sionate and hot kiss setted off a strong wave of l.u.s.t..

It was a horrifying yet romantic dream that intertwined with each other. However, before she settled off to bed this had left her troubled and perturbed. Nevertheless, she still waited for the man in her dreams. Qiqi was unaware of what this might suggest. However, this devastating nightmare foreshadowed a deadly curse from Thailand.

* * *

In the village of "Xia Jiang Tou", an infamous village known throughout Thailand, there inhabited an old witch by the name of Cao Gui Po who awaited for the arrival of a charming long haired Chinese woman over 50 years old.

Within an ancient , countless yellow parasite insects slithered, wriggled and weaved upon each other which lead people to become nauseous and feel disgusted by its vulgar appearance once one\'s eyes are set onto it. The witch picked up a venomous insect out of the vessel, extended her arm towards the attractive long haired woman beside her.

"This parasite (worm) has the ability to take absorb energy within its surroundings. This way, things will be accomplished. Mrs Wei, have you brought that girl\'s blood yet?"

"It\'s here!" The mysterious woman took out a small bottle and handed it over to Cao Gui Po. She took a glance and laughed sinisterly.

"My calculations aren\'t wrong, once she\'s gone there\'s no way returning!"

"Send her a bit further away, I loathe that girl! Turn her fortunes into misfortunes, the most wisest choice is to send her to the era of a never ending war!"

Cao Gui Po flashed an eery glance at the woman, "Five hundred thousand gold, has the money been prepared?"

"Here, here, I brought it. Cao Gui Po, I don\'t want her to live a comfortable life in that era, is there another way to add one more mishap (tragic curse)?"

"Of course, there are lots of ways, especially when dealing with a puny little girl. What do you think is the most essential thing to a girl?

The woman stroked her chin, her lips widened to a vicious smile, "One\'s appearance…"

"That\'s another five hundred thousand gold!" Cao Gui Po firmly held out her palm.

"It will be yours, as long as you do it well!"

The woman eyed the vessel filled with venomous insects, with a bit of discomfort she asked, "These venomous insects won\'t die half way giving that girl an opportunity to return?"

Cao Gui Po spat on the ground with a hideous expression, "That won\'t ever happen. However, there’s a way to restore her appearance!"

Nervousness drowned deeply into the woman\'s body making her exceptionally anxious, "There\'s a remedy?!"

"Yes, if there\'s an overturn of fate where she gives her first night to the one that truly loves her, then her beauty would completely be restored!"

"Haha! She, a girl without any charms and exquisite beauty, how can one truly love her, such wishful thinking!" The lady took out a thick envelope filled with cash out of her leather bag, "Then use those two curses! I want her to completely disappear from this world and live in the wheel of despair and hardship for eternity…"

The woman glared relentlessly at the two disgusting venomous insects in the ancient vessel box, she could not help but laugh on the inside. Wei Qiqi, if you want to blame then blame yourself for being the sole successor of the Wei family. I am only a stepmother, I will definitely help my daughter take back what truly belongs to her…