Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2745

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Chapter 2745: No Hope

Zuo Qingluan shook her head at Gongsun Mu. “Mr. Gongsun, please don’t rush the elder. I know you think you know a lot about formations, but solving them requires a lot of time!

“Moreover, this is a Level 8 formation and is especially difficult. It’s about as complicated as the one in the War Academy.

“If this one can be solved so easily, so can ours. Of course that can’t be the case.”

Zuo Qingluan kept emphasizing how complicated this formation was.

Gongsun Mu shook his head and sighed. “I’m just worried about the students inside, especially Feng Wu. Our school will be in a lot of trouble if anything happens to her.”

Mr. Wang of Class D snapped, “Mr. Gongsun, you shouldn’t make that claim. Feng Wu is just an ordinary student. Losing her won’t make a difference.”

Gongsun Mu glared at him. “You know nothing!”

Mr. Wang asked, “Does she have connections that I don’t know of?”

Gongsun Mu nodded. Imperial College couldn’t afford to offend that person.

“Who is it?” Mr. Wang was intrigued.

Zuo Qingluan had a bad feeling, and she stared at Gongsun Mu.

Gongsun Mu shook his head, not intending to reveal the secret.

Mr. Wang tried to goad him. “You don’t know, do you?”

Gongsun Mu frowned. “It’s His…”

Zuo Qingluan’s stomach lurched.

Fearing that Gongsun Mu would tell the truth, Zuo Qingluan cut him off. “Our top priority is to save them, and the rest can wait! Connections don’t matter! Everyone in Imperial College is treated equally!”


Both Zuo Qingluan and Gongsun Mu were vice chiefs. Although Zuo Qingluan was far less capable, she was from an influential family, which put them on the same level in status.


When Zuo Qingluan used a harsh tone, Mr. Wang didn’t dare speak.

Everyone turned to Elder Mei again.

“Is it still sealed?”

“It’s been a whole day…”

Mr. Duan, who had gone back to do some research, came back at that moment, looking rather pale.

The others asked what was going on.

Mr. Duan frowned. “I looked through some records of the Secret Essence Mine and noticed a serious problem.”

“What is it?” the others asked.

Mr. Duan showed them an ancient book. “Look. It says that in order to clean up the filth in the mine, small Spirit Stone Worms were put inside.

“Here’s something on the worms. They don’t need any light; they feed on spiritual stones and can live for hundreds of years.

“They can reproduce at a terrifying rate.

“If I’ve guessed correctly, the Secret Essence Mine is full of Spirit Stone Worms.”

Mr. Yang asked nervously, “What about the students inside…”

Mr. Duan turned pale as well. “I think they’re…”

It had been a whole day; there was no way they could survive in the mine.

Everyone turned slightly pale.

“There are 80,000 tunnels inside.” Mr. Duan sounded desperate. “We don’t have any hope of seeing those students again.”