Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2741

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Chapter 2741: Evil Deed

Shao Xiao said, “That’s because we’re in this circle.”

Lin Juncheng wasn’t convinced. “Does this circle really work?”

Shao Xiao glanced at him. “Why do you even ask? Why do you think we’re all squeezed into this circle?”

That made sense.

Lin Juncheng asked, “How does this circle work?”

Lin Juncheng patted him on the shoulder. “You weren’t here. The circle contains Boss Phoenix’s… thing…”

Lin Juncheng said, “Do you mean pee?”

Ling Hao said, “Yes. Don’t give us that look! It’s the most precious thing! The worms will do anything to avoid it!”

Lin Juncheng said excitedly, “Then Shan Jingfei is fine! Didn’t that bird pee on her head? The worms won’t attack her!”

Ye Hongxue snapped, “No, they will! Didn’t you see what Shan Jingfei did with our precious water? She washed her hair! She washed off the smell!”


What? Everyone was shocked.

They all looked at Shan Jingfei.

Ye Hongxue was right.

Shan Jingfei’s hair was damp and had obviously been washed.

“How can she be so stupid? That pee could have saved her!”

The worms were already on the two girls.

Ye Han screamed.

“Help me!”

Cheng Fang couldn’t bring himself to ignore her. He untied his belt, threw it at Ye Han to wrap it around her waist, and pulled her toward the circle.

Shao Xiao and the others helped him.

The circle was small, but it might be able to fit all of them if they stood very close.

“Shan Jingfei, catch!”

Someone else copied what Cheng Fang did and threw a belt at Shan Jingfei.

It was none other than Ye Hongxue.

She was angry at Shan Jingfei for her despicable behavior, but in a life and death moment, she chose to save the girl.

Although the circle would barely fit another person, Ye Hongxue thought they might be able to make a little room for Shan Jingfei.

However, something happened the next moment.

Shan Jingfei grabbed the belt and yanked.

Ye Hongxue was dragged out of the circle, while Shan Jingfei used the momentum to land in it.

Everything happened so fast that no one had time to react.

Ye Hongxue only realized it when she was outside the circle.

Her eyes widened while she was in mid-air.

She had tried to save Shan Jingfei.

How could Shan Jingfei do this?

“Ye Hongxue!” The others couldn’t believe their eyes.

Lin Juncheng was so furious that he wanted to push Shan Jingfei out of the circle.

Shan Jingfei said matter-of-factly, “She volunteered to help me. I didn’t ask for it? What now? Are you going to murder me?”

Ye Hongxue landed with a thump amidst the dense pack of worms.

Lin Juncheng went frantic.

He wouldn’t let anyone stop him, and charged out of the circle.

“Lin Juncheng, calm down!”

The others tried to stop him, but it was too late.

The last thing they saw was Lin Juncheng rushing toward the worms.

Everyone glared at Shan Jingfei.