Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2721

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Chapter 2721: Thief (4)

Shan Jingfei shook her head. “No, I’m not.”

Ye Hongxue asked, “So, you don’t understand the language I’m speaking.”

Shan Jingfei chuckled. “I bet I know more languages than you do.”

Ye Hongxue said, “In that case, listen carefully: Feng Wu is the one who earned these crystal cores, and she asked me to help her gather them. I’m giving them to her now. Understand? Do I need to repeat it for you?”

Shan Jingfei was still smiling. “Hongxue, I think you’re the one who doesn’t understand what’s going on.”

Shan Jingfei sounded like she thought everyone else was an idiot.

Where did she get that kind of courage?

What did she know that other people didn’t?

The others eyed her suspiciously and wondered what she was planning.

Meanwhile, Feng Wu had finished killing the Spirit Stone Worms. Hearing the argument, she came over to see what was going on.

She wanted to know what ridiculous thing Shan Jingfei was trying now.

Ye Hongxue frowned a little. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Shan Jingfei looked at Lin Juncheng and smiled. “Do you not know?”

Ye Hongxue asked, “What am I supposed to know?”

Shan Jingfei said, “I told Zeyu earlier that I might run into danger here, so I’m sure when he gave you the mission, that included the request to protect me and make sure I have enough crystal cores to become first.”

Ye Hongxue said, “No, he didn’t.”

Shan Jingfei said, “Yes, he did, but you forgot.”

Ye Hongxue said, “No, I didn’t. He only gave us one mission. We only needed to get 20 peak Class B crystal cores.”

Shan Jingfei said, “Maybe he gave you a second mission.”

Ye Hongxue said, “There was no such mission!”

Shan Jingfei said, “Maybe you weren’t the one who accepted that mission.”

She sounded very pleased when she said that.

Ye Hongxue frowned.

Shan Jingfei said, “Why don’t you ask your teammates? Maybe someone else might know.”

Ye Hongxue rolled her eyes at her.

Shan Jingfei said, “Maybe Zeyu even specified in the request that you should defeat whoever tries to pick on me.”

Ye Hongxue laughed. That was pure delusion!

Shan Jingfei sounded quite confident. “Hongxue, don’t laugh. I’m not making it up. Someone told me in person.”

“Who told you that?” Ye Hongxue was ready to slap someone.

Shan Jingfei glanced at Lin Juncheng.

Ye Hongxue didn’t know what to say. Was this girl dreaming?

Shan Jingfei pointed at Feng Wu and said viciously, “She offended me! I’m ordering you to kill her right now!”

Ye Hongxue was speechless.

She was astonished.

This girl had to be out of her mind!

Everyone gave Shan Jingfei strange looks when she pointed at Feng Wu.

Shan Jingfei frowned and gave Lin Juncheng a warning look.

Say something!

Lin Juncheng smiled bitterly. Why did they have to pick him?

“Didn’t you tell me that Zeyu gave you a second mission?” Shan Jingfei stared at him. “Tell everyone if it’s true!”

Lin Juncheng said hesitantly, “Can’t we just let it be?”

Shan Jingfei smirked.

Let it be? She had been humiliated! Of course she couldn’t let it be!

“Just tell us the truth! Wasn’t the second mission from Zeyu to follow my orders and get back at whoever offends me?”