Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2716

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Chapter 2716: Critical Moment (3)

“If we hadn’t followed you, we would never have walked into this tunnel!

“And if we hadn’t walked into this tunnel, we would never have run into so many worms!

“It’s all your fault! You’re going to get us killed!”

Cheng Fang was dumbfounded. “I…”

Shan Jingfei said, “Your paper crane can’t be trusted! We shouldn’t have followed it!”

Cheng Fang tried to explain. “We can trust it! It knows the way! Feng Wu gave it to me and told me I could lead you out of the cave if I just followed the bird. We can get to the formation core…”

Shan Jingfei smirked and glanced at Ye Han.

Ye Han immediately slapped Cheng Fang.

Cheng Fang was shocked. “Ye Han, you…”

Ye Han was furious. “Cheng Fang, you idiot!”

Cheng Fang didn’t know what he had done wrong.

Ye Han said, “Did you say Feng Wu gave you the paper crane? Have you forgotten the grudge she holds against us? How can you trust her?

“Fine, you can trust her if you want to, but why did you bring us into it?

“That paper crane can lead us out of here and take us to the core? Do you even hear yourself?

“Feng Wu hates Shan Jingfei and me. She would kill us at the first opportunity! She wouldn’t lead us somewhere safe!

“Plus, she’s only human! She can’t predict where we are, nor does she know the core!

“If she finds the formation core, she’ll let that paper bird take us in the opposite direction! She’ll send us to some worm nest!

“She doesn’t know where the core is, she’s simply making things up!

“In a word, she’s evil!

“You didn’t tell us in the beginning that the crane came from Feng Wu!”

Cheng Fang was overwhelmed by everything she said. “I wanted to tell you, but you would shout at me as soon as I mentioned her name…”

Ye Han said, “You knew it, then. Cheng Fang, can’t you tell that Feng Wu wants to kill us? You’re her accomplice!”

Cheng Fang was almost in tears. “No, it’s not like that. Feng Wu really can…”


Ye Han wanted to choke him.

Xin Zhixuan frowned. “Stop it! Help us with the worms! We can’t hold them back much longer!”

Xuecheng Team was resting, and the remaining six people in the group weren’t nearly as capable. They had to work together just to fight off one worm.

Luckily, the tunnel was narrow, and the worms could only come in one at a time. Otherwise, they would have long been dead.

It was easy to fight off the worms at first, but there were so many of them.

Killing one worm didn’t make any difference.

When one fell, another would take its place.

The worms learned from their failure.

The worm at the front would push the dead body back so that the other worms could chew on it. It would then have direct access to human flesh.

Yes, in their eyes, humans were no more than lumps of fresh meat.

15 minutes passed in that way.

Ye Han screamed.

A worm had snatched her sword.