Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2706

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Chapter 2706: Explosion

When Feng Wu threw her teammates out of the way, she became the person closest to the explosion.

She coughed, and smoke came out of her mouth.

A thick layer of ash covered her back.

It was a result of the explosion.

Luckily, she was wearing the soft armor which Jun Linyuan had given her, and the flames couldn’t burn through it. However, her exposed skin was red and swollen, and the pain made her frown.

She ignored her injuries. Instead, she ran to her nearest teammate and helped him to his feet.

“Wang Zhi, how are you?”

Wang Zhi was almost suffocated by the smoke, but Feng Wu’s voice roused him from his stupor. He waved at Feng Wu and said, “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

Feng Wu nodded and went to check on the others.

Luckily, their injuries were all superficial.

Shao Xiao said, “Fortunately, we’re all alive.”

Huo Shan patted his chest, still feeling shaken. “Does life mean nothing to the people of the Dongsang Kingdom? As if one explosion wasn’t enough, all five of them blew themselves up! What was going on in their minds?”

Wang Zhi said, “Their spiritual essence was blocked. How did they do it?”

Everyone looked at Feng Wu in confusion.

Feng Wu smiled wryly. “The people of the Dongsang Kingdom are as dauntless as they’re said to be. They injected themselves with an explosive potion before they set out. The tiniest amount of spiritual essence can set off an explosion.”

“That sounds ruthless.” Shao Xiao rubbed his nose. “They weren’t afraid of death, and they tried to bring us down with them.”

Ling Hao said, “You don’t say. The three people we weren’t able to interrogate took their lives as well.”

Feng Wu said, “I think they pre-set when the explosion would happen.”

All eyes were on Feng Wu.

She added, “I thought at first that they set off the explosion because their spiritual essence recovered a little. However, the other three men killed themselves, too. It then occurred to me.”

She took a deep breath. “They knew they couldn’t get away after we stopped them from taking the poison, so they switched to ‘ready-to-explode’ mode.”

Everyone sucked in their breaths.

“They were so decisive,” Ling Hao said, still sounding terrified.

Feng Wu said, “That’s why their spies keep infiltrating the Junwu Empire, but only very few of us can infiltrate the Dongsang Kingdom.”

Everyone nodded, agreeing with her.

“Wait!” Shao Xiao cried out. “If they were impersonating Du Le and his teammates, does it mean the real people are…”

Feng Wu was frustrated. She had been too busy asking about the organization and had forgotten about Du Le.

Luckily, she had found out about Mu Yan and the fact that she was in Mulberry City. It wouldn’t be too difficult to get information about the real Du Le.

Shao Xiao asked, “What should we do now? Should we go back to the academy and notify the teachers?”

Ling Hao shrugged. “Those people blew themselves up. They’re a pile of ash now. What can we say?”

Shao Xiao turned to Feng Wu, feeling that she would have an idea what to do.

Feng Wu nodded. “I’ll talk to Mr. Gongsun about it.”

The others were surprised that Feng Wu knew Mr. Gongsun.