Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2697

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Chapter 2697: Captain Jupiter

Cheng Fang knew that Feng Wu wouldn’t come to his aid.

It felt like he had been walking forever.

When he thought he was going to die from exhaustion, he saw a dot of light in the distance.

Meanwhile, Feng Wu and her teammates were walking in silence. No one made a sound, and the air felt stifling.

Feng Wu suddenly stopped.

The others were perplexed.

Feng Wu frowned. “There’s trouble up ahead.”

The others asked, “What trouble?”

Feng Wu couldn’t say. All she knew was that the Magic Soul Vine was stirring in her sleeve.

The Magic Soul Vine came from the Dongsang Kingdom and would only stir when it detected people from Dongsang.

Feng Wu frowned at the realization.

If she was guessing correctly, the woman killed by the swordsman had come from the Dongsang Kingdom, while now, she had run into more Dongsang people.

The path went around a corner a few steps away.

There was a crossroad.

Feng Wu raised a hand, stopping the others.

The others stopped and looked nervously at her.

“I heard something,” Feng Wu whispered.

“Get ready for battle!”

The others tensed up.

By now, they trusted Feng Wu completely and did as they were told.

However, where was the enemy?

They waited and waited, but no one turned up. Perplexed, they all turned to Feng Wu.

There was a grave look on Feng Wu’s face.

She raised her Fallen Star Sword and stared at a wall.

The others looked at one another.

Where was the enemy? It was only a wall.

Was Feng Wu too on edge?

They were in a tunnel that was only wide enough for two people to walk side by side.

Feng Wu rearranged their positions.

She stood on one side of the tunnel, and her teammates stood on the other side about ten meters away from her.

Time crawled by.

Their minds began to wander, when something happened.

They saw shadows on the wall.

They were silhouettes of people.

There were at least five of them.

Was it another team?

But why were they inside the wall?

They were in fact in the formation. Were they friend or foe?

Feng Wu gave her teammates a warning look and took out some tear-inducing potion.

The others nodded and held their breaths.

They heard these people talking on the other side.

It sounded like gibberish.

Shao Xiao and the others were baffled. What was that language? They couldn’t understand a word.

But Feng Wu could.

That was the language of the Dongsang Kingdom.

Feng Sang hadn’t been there before, nor had she learned the language. However, she had refined the Magic Soul Vine, which was one of the most potent magical plants in Dongsang. Afterward, she could understand the language.

She listened to their conversation.

“We should stop talking in our own language. We need to blend in.”

“Takeno has a point. Our purpose is to infiltrate Junwu and obtain classified information. We were picked because we’ve studied their culture for years and can speak their language fluently. After we step out of here, we should behave like native people of Junwu. Remember that.”

“Yes, Captain Jupiter!”