Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2693

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Chapter 2693: 80,000 Underground Tunnels

Ye Hongxue’s face darkened.

Shan Jingfei lost her temper because she was worried that the other team would really switch sides. Feng Wu had a strange ability to make people follow her. It had been the case with Shao Xiao and his team.

At that thought, Shan Jingfei ran back to Ye Hongxue and shouted at Feng Wu. “Do you want to steal them as well? They’re from Class A! They won’t follow you just because you try to recruit them! Don’t make me laugh!”

She then turned to Ye Hongxue. “Hongxue, let’s go.”

Ye Hongxue gave Feng Wu a regretful look. After what Feng Wu said, they had to follow Shan Jingfei.

Ling Hao and the others only came back to themselves after Shan Jingfei and her team left.

“Did I hear correctly?” Ling Hao was surprised. “Feng Wu, did you save their lives?”

Shao Xiao was equally surprised. “They’re Xuecheng Team, which is one of the top teams in Class A. Xiao Wu, did you save them?”

Feng Wu nodded. “Anything wrong with that?”

“Of course not,” said Ling Hao. “Ye Hongxue said so, and of course, we believe you. I just find it hard to imagine…”

Everyone was astonished.

“Feng Wu, you have to understand: Before we came here, we thought you were one of the weakest students in Class B. Do you remember? I was shamelessly telling you that I could let you tag along, and help you out.”

The thought made Ling Hao blush.

“But you kept showing us your capability along the way. You defeated the Magic Vine Beasts and demonstrated that you’re a Supreme-level medicine refiner. Amidst everything else, you also helped Xuecheng Team. We’ve also just learned that you got into Class B by defeating Shan Jingfei, and you’re in fact the top student in our class. We need some time to digest everything.”

It could be so stressful being on the same team as Feng Wu.

Feng Wu said grumpily, “Digest it while we walk. This Secret Essence Mine is big. There are 80,000 underground tunnels, and we can easily get lost. Be careful.”

Shao Xiao said, “I have some rope. Let’s tie it around our waists. That way, if something goes wrong, we won’t be separated.”

After that, Feng Wu led the team, and was followed by Huo Shan, Ling Hao, Wang Zhi, Cheng Fang, and Shao Xiao.

They all tied the rope around their waists so that no one in the team would be separated.

“80,000?” The idea made Ling Hao want to die. “Can we get out?”

They all looked at Shao Xiao because he was the one who had brought up the 80,000 tunnels.

Shao Xiao said, “I don’t have a map, but even if I did, it’s still easy to get lost in a dark cave like this. I don’t know what we should do.”

They all looked at Feng Wu.

She was going to be their savior.

Feng Wu smiled. “We’ll get out.”

Ling Hao said, “But how? On the surface, we can use the sun, the growth rings on tree stumps, or flowing water to figure out the direction. How do we know where we’re going in such narrow tunnels?”

Feng Wu said, “Do you know who that swordsman is?”

Everyone shook their heads. Ling Hao asked, “Do you?”

It was a familiar face, but Feng Wu couldn’t recall who he was. She shook her head. “I don’t, for now. However…”