Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2680

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Chapter 2680: Save Him Again

If it wasn’t for his luck, Cheng Fang would have been turned into a pulp by the fall.

Feng Wu was surprised after she examined Cheng Fang.

“He’s not dead,” Feng Wu said coolly.

“He’s not? You can save him, can’t you? Please help him! Please!”

Ling Hao and the other two boys begged Feng Wu.

Ling Hao said, “We know Cheng Fang hasn’t been the most polite person, but that’s because he has a crush on Ye Han. I think he’ll come around after this.”

Feng Wu smiled wryly.

She had never cared about what Cheng Fang thought of her. Her only concern was that she was running out of natural essence.

She had used it twice, and it would take her some time to recharge once she used it up.

She said, “I can help him, but I may not have enough natural essence.

“Yes, I have enough to save him, but if any of you get injured before I can replenish it, I won’t be able to help you.”

Shao Xiao nodded solemnly. “I choose to save him.”

His teammates made the same choice.

Feng Wu glanced at Huo Shan.

Huo Shan said impatiently, “I don’t like him because he was mean to Boss Wu. However… Forget it. I won’t protest!”


Ling Hao patted his shoulder. “That’s my man!”

Feng Wu shrugged.

Since they had all chosen to save Cheng Fang over themselves, Feng Wu wouldn’t stop them.

She was a little touched by their friendship.

Cheng Fang was severely injured, but Feng Wu’s natural essence could work miracles.

The time she spent on Cheng Fang was longer than what she had spent on Ling Hao and Wang Zhi together. It took her a whole 15 minutes.

“Done.” She looked slightly pale when she rose to her feet again.

Wang Zhi felt a little guilty and asked Feng Wu, “Are you alright?”

Feng Wu waved at him. “I feel drained. You’re pretty much on your own for the next 24 hours.”

The others all nodded, feeling guilty for what had happened.

Cheng Fang suddenly opened his eyes.

Everything was blurry at first, but his vision soon recovered.

He saw Shao Xiao, Wang Zhi and Feng Wu.

“Cheng Fang is awake!” Ling Hao cried out, ran to Cheng Fang’s side and helped him sit up.

Cheng Fang breathed in, but the chest pain he anticipated never came.

He was perplexed. “Is this hell? Are we all dead?”

“Oh, shut up!” Ling Hao smacked his head. “No one’s dead! We’re all alive!”

“That hurts!” Cheng Fang shouted in pain.

That also woke him up.

He looked at his teammates and then at himself.

“Holy crap!” he shouted.

He vividly remembered the fall. He had fallen on a tree halfway down, and then went on falling…

He also remembered how severe his injuries were.

He had been covered in wounds and couldn’t even move a finger.

But now…