Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2675

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Chapter 2675: Encounter

To their surprise, the ground started shaking when they were about to leave.

They all lost their footing.

What was going on? Everyone was shocked.

The ground cracked open before they realized it.

“Fall back!”

Shao Xiao shouted.

He quickly jumped to one side.

The others followed suit.

However, the ground was opening up too fast.

The cracks were opening up in all directions.

“Run! Now!” Everyone panicked and shouted.

But they weren’t quick enough.

Human strength seemed so petty in comparison to the force of Nature.


Cheng Fang screamed.


He had been poisoned twice, so he was the weakest and slowest member of the team.

As a result, he was the first to fall into the crevice when the ground opened up.

“Cheng Fang!”

The other members of the team went pale and tried to grab him.

But they were too late.

They could hear Cheng Fang’s scream as he fell.

They didn’t have time to weep because they weren’t out of danger either.

Not even close.

More and more cracks were opening up.

They weren’t fast enough to outrun them all.

Before long, another disaster took place.

“Help me!” Ling Hao shouted.

A vine appeared in Feng Wu’s hand when Ling Hao fell.

It immediately stretched out, wrapped around Ling Hao’s wrist, and pulled him back up in a whoosh.

Ling Hao was ghastly pale.

Still in shock, he said to Feng Wu, “Feng Wu, thank you…”

However, he heard another scream before he could finish.

Turning around, he saw Wang Zhi.

He panicked.

Wang Zhi was falling!

In a split second, another vine wrapped around Wang Zhi’s waist.

Ling Hao let out a breath of relief.

But he wasn’t relieved for too long because it was Shao Xiao’s turn.

He began to fall.

Ling Hao thought he was going to lose his mind.

Feng Wu wasn’t a Spiritual King. She was already helping two people. There was no way that she could help a third one.

He was sure that his team leader was going to die.

Wang Zhi felt the same.

To their surprise, Feng Wu produced a third vine.

It wrapped around Shao Xiao’s right ankle and pulled him back.

The three boys let out breaths of relief and stared at Feng Wu in astonishment.

How capable was she that she could stop all three of them from falling at the same time in a critical moment like this?

They had always assumed that Feng Wu was only slightly better than they were. It was only now that they realized the disparity in their capabilities.

“Feng Wu…” Shao Xiao tried to say something.

Feng Wu finally brought the three of them to a safer zone, where they stood on solid ground once more.