Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2673

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Chapter 2673: Deception

However, Shan Jingfei had calmly accepted the truth and walked away.

That could only mean one thing.

She already knew that Feng Wu was better than she was!

But when?

When had she started acting strange?

When Xin Zhixuan searched her memory, she realized in surprise that Shan Jingfei’s behavior changed after Mr. Yang summoned her the day before Feng Wu came to Class B.

How did Feng Wu get into Class B? She had to have defeated some existing members of the class…


Xin Zhixuan suddenly had a shocking realization

Could that person have been Shan Jingfei?

It was hard to believe, but it was also the only possibility!

Xin Zhixuan almost couldn’t contain her excitement in the short period that Shan Jingfei was away.

If that was the case…

She pretended she knew nothing when I mocked Feng Wu. She made me look like a clown!

Xin Zhixuan was furious.


But she soon fought back her rage and looked as calm as she could manage.

Shan Jingfei came back a few minutes later.

She was smiling, light on her feet, and in a good mood.

Xin Zhixuan asked, “Feifei, do you think it’s possible that Feng Wu is more capable than you are?”

Shan Jingfei smiled. “So what if she is? I’m not afraid of her.”

Was she admitting that Feng Wu was better than she was?

Xin Zhixuan didn’t want to give up yet. “Feifei, did Feng Wu get into Class B after she challenged you?”

She was trembling inwardly when she asked that question.

Shan Jingfei’s face darkened, and she scolded Xin Zhixuan. “Don’t ask about things you don’t understand!”

Xin Zhixuan was disappointed.

She knew Shan Jingfei well enough to see that the girl would have denied it already if it wasn’t true.

Xin Zhixuan was angry from the embarrassment.

She felt like a clown and flushed.

Being as self-centered as always, Shan Jingfei didn’t detect the change in her friend’s mood.

She was still immersed in complacency. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely be first this time.”

Ye Han’s eyes lit up. “Can you change the data in the system?”

Shan Jingfei rolled her eyes at Ye Han. “If I could do that, do you think I would still be here?”

Of course, she wouldn’t. Ye Han was disappointed.

Shan Jingfei smirked. “Qiu Zeyu will give me a hand.”

“Is he coming here to help us?” Xin Zhixuan knew that Shan Jingfei talked to Qiu Zeyu via a communication device.

The range of that device was limited to school grounds.

Thousand Nights Forest was within that range.

“He’s too busy to come out here, but he’ll send someone.” Shan Jingfei added, “They’re students of Class A.”

Ye Han looked at her in amazement. “Students? More than one?”

“Of course!” Shan Jingfei said proudly. “A Class A team is on a mission nearby, so Zeyu asked them to give me a hand.”

“Qiu Zeyu cares so much about you!” Ye Han said.