Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2663

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Chapter 2663: The Girl Who Came Out of Nowhere

Feng Wu had heard that even the weakest students in Class A were Level 6 Spiritual Lords.


The lion was so ferocious that the five people couldn’t hold it back.

Ye Hongxue was smart. She winked at her teammates, and they soon created a formation in the shape of a star.

Feng Wu nodded. That formation could amplify a cultivator’s capability by 50% and was very helpful with killing moves.

The lion was powerful, but with the amplification, the team could take it down.

It was incredible!

Together, the five members soon suppressed the lion.

Everyone thought they would soon kill the beast, but it suddenly went berserk.

It was like a wildfire.

Surging flames almost touched the sky.

The lion roared.

The soundwave and the flames threw all five team members off balance.

They lost all hope.

At such a critical moment, the lion had gone berserk.


“Run!” Xue Hao, the team leader, shouted at the top of his lungs.

But where to?

Everywhere they turned, there were flames and heavy smoke.

The lion’s energy had them trapped as if they were in a cage.

They froze on the spot and couldn’t move a muscle.

The lion was furious.

The team had blinded it in the right eye with the formation, and countless tiny bloody cuts covered its body.

However, the lion was enormous, and the wounds couldn’t affect it in the slightest when it was in this berserk state.

The lion was an intelligent beast.

The Magic Vine Beasts were only Class B, but they were already so intelligent, let alone a Class A lion.

There was a malicious look in its eyes as it stomped on the ground. Flames filled the pit, and there were sparks everywhere.

Ye Hongxue was the closest to the lion.

“Hongxue, run!” her teammates shouted.

Ye Hongxue tried to run away, but she couldn’t move a finger, let alone rise to her feet.

The lion was already in front of her.

It raised its giant paw.


The team members screamed.

“We survived Peace Grassland – are we going to be killed by a beast now?!”

“So many of our friends died, and we only killed a few Dongsang soldiers!”

“I don’t want to die now! I want to kill more enemies!”

No matter what they thought, the lion wouldn’t spare their lives now.

The lion roared and charged at the team.

It was going to trample Ye Hongxue.

It was going to trample all five humans.

Feng Wu made her move when the five people lost all hope.

No one saw how she did it.

The giant lion simply fell to the ground.

The impact sent sparks and ash flying.

The air was filled with dust.

Ye Hongxue stared at their savior in disbelief.

The girl wore a red dress and was more beautiful than anyone she had ever met.